Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire.

Happy people tend to live in homes they can afford. The recession may have given a natural reason to stop acting rich. But Thomas J. Stanley, author of Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire, suspects that frugality, if any will soon be forgotten.

March 10, 2014 11:24 IST | India Infoline News Service

Title: Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire.
Author: Thomas J. Stanley
Pages: 274 Hardcover
Price: US $26.95
Published: September 2009
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The book details how the less affluent have fallen into the elite luxury brand trap that keeps them from truly acquiring wealth.

How to live rich without spending more? That’s not something which may really please many aspirants. But the author puts wealth in perspective with the book and explains how to stop the destructive cycle of spending lavishly.

The book says being rich means more than just big houses and luxury cars. A case in point is the fact that the most popular make of car among millionaires is a Toyota and not BMW or Mercedes.

Only 5.7% of all millionaires surveyed nationally paid $1,000 or more for their most recently acquired suit

Sample the other highlights:

  • Real millionaires pay about $16 (tip included) for a haircut at a traditional barbershop
  • Nearly 4 in 10 millionaires surveyed buy wine that costs around $10
  • Sixty-four percent of all real millionaires have never owned a second house – not even a rustic log cabin in the woods
  • The proportion of Americans who owned boats in 2006 exceeded the proportion who left an estate of $1 million or more in 2007 by a ratio of nearly 5 to 1
  • In the U.S., there are nearly three times more millionaires living in homes that have a market value of under $300,000 than there are living in homes valued at $1 million or more
  • The number one preferred brand of shoes worn by millionaire women is Nine West and their favorite clothing store is Ann Taylor--with the Gap and Costco not far behind
  • Most real millionaires eschew Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer timepieces in favor of Seiko watches
  • Those who give away larger portions of their income to charitable causes end up accumulating more wealth.

If you spend in anticipation of becoming rich, you are unlikely ever to become truly wealthy. One of the chapter’s title says it all – All that Glitters is not a Millionaire’s Goal!

Thomas Stanley reveals the results of a major survey which uncovers the sharp differences between the spending habits of real millionaires versus those who are just "acting rich."  It turns out that the big spenders aren't who we thought they were. The "aspiring rich" far outspend real millionaires, who rarely spend above their means regardless of the extent of their wealth. As a result, they’ve mortgaged their future on an illusion.

Funeral directors, for example, are better at accumulating wealth than doctors even though their income ranks well below doctors. 

Live in an upscale neighborhood and you will spend more on everything from your car to your haircuts. 

The book may make sense but it should catch the eye of those who need it.

About the Wiley:

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