Start-up realty tech firm announces World Brokers Day on June 9

Realty Redefined is a young organization driven to empower this broker fraternity with tech-based options that would up their game.

May 04, 2015 05:05 IST India Infoline News Service

With the aggressive advent of real estate portals, the average real estate broker is under threat of losing business to the ease and convenience available online to the metro home-buyer today. Realty Redefined is a young organization driven to empower this broker fraternity with tech-based options that would up their game.

The real estate market has shown tremendous growth in the last decade. While this provides great opportunity to the individual intermediary, there is a huge gap in the service expectation of the customer and what is provided by the typical broker. Increasingly, customers find the comfort of browsing through choices in the comfort of their homes, available online, more attractive.

Nirav Gosalia, Harish Patel & Mayank Vora founded the company ‘Realty Redefined’ in 2008.   Realty Redefined is set to become a platform that a vision to help evolve and organize the broker community.  They believe in helping the brokers provide real value to their customers, and in turn earn respect along with revenue, i.e. transforming Brokers to Consultants.

Despite the size of the fraternity, the broker community is yet an unorganized work force, and has gone fairly unrecognized. As a first step to recognize and honour the role of the real estate broker, Realty Redefined is celebrating World Brokers Day on June 9th. The day would be celebrated annually to recognize brokers among the real estate industry and bring consciousness for a need to evolve as an organized and respected community.

One of the first products of Realty Redefined, to be unveiled on World Brorkers Day, is a real estate software solution called RSquare, which aims to make lives of real estate brokers more organized. This application will empower real estate agents and consultants with technology that helps offer a superior and simplified solution to their customers.

RSquare is an innovative platform for real estate brokers that provides them a suite of tools to maximize their conversions and revenue, build a strong brand and credibility and provide excellent service to their end users. The application is extremely easy to use and the broker can access it via his mobile phone or his desktop. Through the pilot alone, RSquare has implemented and provided services to about 800+ customers till date, and managed 2 lacs+ properties with an implementation success of 92%.

Nirav Gosalia, Co-Founder, Realty Redefined, said, “As technology erupts and disrupts the existing fabric of any society, it becomes necessary for its stakeholders to update and upgrade themselves, redefine their role in the new framework. We at Realty Redefined believe that technology is an enabler and facilitator, to be judiciously used by all the stakeholders to offer a stronger value proposition and not an end in itself.”

Realty Redefined, established by three budding entrepreneurs, Harish Patel, Mayank Vora and Nirav Gosalia, is set to re-classify the structure of the real estate sector in India with its innovative tools for developers and the agent fraternity.

“Developed countries of the world have accepted technology and have ensured social and economic inclusion of all stakeholders. For instance, customer relationship management tool has been used by the brick-and-mortar real estate brokers in the US to service their clients and overcome the threats posed by the online portals. Their Indian counterparts must also take a cue from the developed world and gear up to reinvent themselves,” said Mayank Vora, another Co-Founder, Realty Redefined.

According to the third Co-Founder Harish Patel, “World Brokers Day will have a full day seminar with participation from real estate agents and attendance by the most respected names in the real estate industry. It is a step to recognize and organize this community, and the need to re-position them as `Consultants’ in the changing paradigm with advent of e-commerce.”

Apart from RSquare, Realty Redefined also has a product called RQube which is an ERP platform for developers to manage their entire project life cycle from lead generation to possession. It has various modules like lead, booking, purchase, engineering etc.

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