Housing growth represents health of economy: Venkaiah Naidu

We are bound to keep our promise of Ek Bharat- Shreshtha Bharat subsequent to the mandate of LokSabha 2014 says Naidu

July 03, 2014 12:42 IST | India Infoline News Service

Union Urban Development, HUPA and Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidus address at the conclave of Ministers of Urban Development from states and UTs in New Delhi

Ladies and gentlemen

Its a pleasure for me to welcome you all in this event on a momentous juncture of the future of human habitat in India. The idea of looking into the opportunities and challenges of Urban Governance and Housing for All is very significant when we aim to eliminate any form of residential vulnerability by the time of celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of our independence.


We are bound to keep our promise of Ek Bharat- Shreshtha Bharat subsequent to the mandate of LokSabha 2014. We are here to ensure Quality life for all. To fulfil the dreams of these countrymen we pledge Inclusive and Sustainable Development. 

  • Thirty 3% of our citizens are already residing in urban areas. 18% of Urban Population lives in slum, in some major cities it is close to 31%.
  • We must make cities planned hubs for economic growth.
  • Unplanned Quasi Towns are often peri-cities.
  • Still, almost 30% of urban households do not have tapped water. Dependence on tube/borewell has increased not desirable.
  • 22.5% Urban Households do not have Bathroom.
  • Only 44.5% Urban HHs have closed drainage.
  • 18.6 % of the Urban households do not have latrine facility within premises.
  • These are all worrisome and challenges before us.

Cities in India contribute more than 60 per cent to GDP, they should become symbols of efficiency.We look towards urbanisation as an opportunity. This opportunity can be made a great success by:- 

  1. GIS based Regional Urban Planning. Prepare/ Review Master Plan for all cities/ LPAs. Satellite imagery based mapping for each cities.
  2. Efficient infrastructure development Roads, flyover and effective Urban Public Transport
  3. Solid Waste Management.
  4. Aim at ZERO land fill for waste Save precious land and environment.
  5. Waste to Wealth. Conversion of green waste to Manure, construction waste to bricks and sand.
  6. Clean and Green Cities
  7. Efficient use of Energy including Solar Energy.
  8. Recycling of water for optimum utilisation. Rainwater harvesting
  9. Peoples participation in managing Public spaces, utilities.
  10. Accountability of Govt. Officials. Encroachment/Illegal construction to be checked in beginning itself. Hold concerned office responsible.
  11. Transparency- Signboards having project information to be displayed.
  12. Enlist & Protect Natural Resources: Water Bodies, Boulevards, Hillocks, Marshy/ Grassland.
  13. Enable & Facilitate the city to exploit its economic potential!
  14. Tourist city.
  15. Education city.
  16. Health city.
  17. Holy city.
  18. Business city.
  19. Industrial city.
  20. Nature city.
  21. Inclusive zoning (Old age homes, orphanages, working womens hostels, night shelters etc.).
  22. Dedicated cycling Tracks.
  23. Metro Railways have induced spread of economic activities. TOD Policies can generate resources for City Infra projects: E.g. Surat Ring Road.
  24. Capacity building of Municipalities.
  25. Transit Corridors (Metro/ Mono Rail, BRTS, Ring Road) attract economic activities.
  26. Tap land-based financing sources along Transport Corridors.
  27. For Example. Conversion charges, betterment charges, Periodic revision of property guidance value, esp. Along Transit corridors, impact fees, development charges.
  28. Prepare city-wide inventory of land assets
  29. Put in place a transparent and accountable mechanism for monetisation of public land with attention to the poor.
  30. Transit Oriented Development Policy, Parking Policy and Advertisement Policy: For Planned development of cities, while yielding revenues too.
  31. Bring Peoples Service Guarantee Act on the lines of Madhya Pradesh government. People will pay taxes happily.
  32. City wide street vendors survey for identification and develop city street vending plans by providing infrastructure.
  33. Slum Free City Plan of Action (SFCPA) is the need of the hour.

To achieve all these objectives the Team India (centre as well as all states) has to work together. And we have to change our mind set and do Out of box thinking.

An offshoot of rapid urbanisation in India is the huge shortage of around 19 million houses. It is projected to reach 30 million by 2022. The resource requirement to tackle such a shortage is obviously substantial. We must plan how to achieve it.


Affordable Housing is the need of hour which cannot be overlooked now. Housing growth is a parameter of Health of economy of the country. Housing for All by 2022 is one of the top most priority of our Govt. It is also a dream project of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra ModiJi.


This needs large scale intervention and commitment of resources in terms of finances, land, and technical manpower alongside construction material. Considering the scale and complexity of this issue it is imperative that all important stakeholders come together and brainstorm for identifying approaches and strategies to achieve this goal in a holistic and comprehensive manner.


You are aware of the fact that 95% of this shortage we spoke about is in the EWS/ LIG segment. Hence the solution should also prioritise the specific needs of the disadvantaged community.


Housing for all will not only provide houses but it will create huge employment opportunities also. A new idea of having the ESCROW Account by which revenue generated by enhanced housing activity can be invested back in the same sector. Other ideas were interest subvention, PPP etc. We have success stories in States like Gujarat and Maharashtra in affordable housing. Learnings from these success stories can be scaled up at National level. Some of the action points on which I would like to have your valuable inputs are:

  • Real Estate Regulation Bill
  • Automated (online) Single Window Approval Systems
  • Fast Tracking of Approvals of Housing Projects
  • Involvement of Public and Private Sectors

Since we seek to bring about a paradigm shift, towards policy making in general and urban governance in particular, we wanted to reach out to you as our significant partners for ideas and strategies. Our aim is to collaborate with multiple stakeholders including Urban Local Bodies, private sector, corporate houses under CSR activities, civil societies, community and financial institutions towards reaching our goals of Housing for all and effective urban governance.. I would like to request all of you to deliberate and arrive at a broad consensus on the road map to develop policy and support frameworks for encouraging and ensuring good urban governance and housing for all. Please feel free to share your suggestions to give shape to this road map.


There is no single fit all formula. We have to innovate and find localised solutions also.


Poverty alleviation can be achieved only through Skill development and skill upgradation. SHGs have a major role to play in this field.


Development of 100 Smart Satellite/Twin Cities.


We are on the verge of embarking on a path breaking effort for creating a vibrant urban India. This can only be achieved with the states partnering us. We need to build systems and institutions which maximise the potential and harness the resources through enhancing participation, accountability, transparency, equity, efficiency and effectiveness at all levels.


I sincerely hope that together we can take up challenges and facilitate the change required in our cities to make them land of opportunities for all. A Draft National Declaration incorporating the consensus on Housing and Urban Rejuvenation, incorporating all your valuable inputs, may be adopted today. This Declaration would serve as a guiding light on our journey towards this goal, giving the parameters for our combined efforts and long-term policy perspectives. 


I am open to new ideas on Urban Governance, Housing and other Government programs. We have to work as a team for the development and growth of our Nation. I extend my best wishes for the success of this event.

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