Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit

Marketing 3.0, or "the human-centric era," advocates that people should not be treated as consumers, but as human beings who are active, anxious, and creative

March 10, 2014 11:24 IST | India Infoline News Service

Title: Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit

Authors: Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, Iwan Setiawan

Pages: 208; Hardback

Price: US $ 24.95

Release Date: April 2010
                     Exclusive to Times Group Books

Published: May 2010

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

In writing the book’s foreword, President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, says, “Marketing 3.0 relies heavily on the marketers’ ability to sense human anxieties and desires, which are rooted in creativity, culture, heritage, and the environment.”

Marketing 3.0, or "the human-centric era," advocates that people should not be treated as consumers, but as human beings who are active, anxious, and creative. 

In this new book, MARKETING 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit (ISBN: 9780470598825), Philip Kotler and his coauthors explain that customers are no longer isolated but are connected. They are no longer unaware but are informed. They are no longer passive but are active. They want to play a role in value creation. They want to communicate with others about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with product and service brands. 

Over the years, marketing has evolved through three stages. While many of today’s marketers still operate in previously ascribed modes of marketing 1.0 and 2.0, the greatest opportunities will come to marketer who alter their modus operandi to marketing 3.0.

  • Marketing 1.0, or "the product-centric era" was that stage where companies appealed to the mind of customers by providing rational arguments why the customer should buy their product.
  • Marketing 2.0, "the customer-centric era" was the new stage where companies tried to connect emotionally with the customers so that their preference would be based on a mind and heart connection with the company.
  • MARKETING 3.0 is the latest stage where companies are seeking to connect with the customers' spirit in this age where customers want the company to assume more social responsibility for the issues that concern all of us (environment, poverty, disease, drugs...).

MARKETING 3.0 addresses the importance of recognizing the human condition in marketing any product or service. Companies such as S.C. Johnson and Timberland, are creating products, services, and company cultures that lead, inspire, and reflect the values of their customers. In an age of highly aware customers, companies must demonstrate their relevance to customers at the level of basic values.

MARKETING 3.0 will help readers get to the next level of marketing.

About the Authors:

Philip Kotler (Chicago, IL) is the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, and one of the world's leading authorities on marketing. His writing has defined marketing around the world for the past forty years. The recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees from schools all over the world, he holds an M.A. from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. from MIT, both in economics. Kotler has an incredible international presence --his books have been translated into approximately twenty-five languages, and he regularly speaks on the international circuit. 

Hermawan Kartajaya (Jakarta, Indonesia) runs MarkPlus Consulting, the largest marketing consulting firm in Indonesia, and is coauthor with Kotler of several books. 

Iwan Setiawan (Jakarta, Indonesia) is a business writer and senior consultant at MarkPlus Consulting, where he consults for clients on marketing strategies.

About the Wiley:

Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. has been a valued source of information and understanding for over 200 years, helping people around the world meet their needs and fulfill their aspirations. Since 1901, Wiley and its acquired companies have published the works of more than 400 Nobel laureates in all categories: Literature, Economics, Physiology/Medicine, Chemistry, Physics and Peace.

Our core businesses include scientific, technical, medical and scholarly journals, encyclopedias, books, and online products and services; professional/trade publishes books, subscription products, training materials, and online applications and websites; and educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students and lifelong learners. Wiley's global headquarters are located in Hoboken, New Jersey, with operations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. The Company's website can be accessed at http://www.wiley.com. The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbols JWa and JWb.

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