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Your Company is in the process of development and service of various tax compliance software such as e-filing of Income Tax Returns Software for individuals and corporate bodies, e-filing of Tax Deducted at Source (e-TDS) software for corporate and also in the process of developing GST Software for filing and management of GST for both Individual and Corporate. The company is in the process of development of Hospital Management Software (HMS) and Cloud Resource Management (CRM).

The Hospital Management software has wide application in the health care Industry for day to day operation, management data storage and retrieval which would make the patient care delivery system a seamless one. The transition would be to a smooth, efficient and paperless environment with ultimate result in patient satisfaction.

Our e-TDS software is being used in some of the Banks in India and most likely once the software reaches its final stage, would find application in other Banks/FIs.

Risk and Risk Mitigations:

In Growing dynamics business situation, new entrants into the market and competition will continue to exert pricing pressure undermining industry profitability. Strategic positioning and generating higher level of economic value by continuing to build IP and offer value added services around verticals and add-ons is mandatory.