NMS Resources Management Discussions


The Companys operations span across various business segments comprising of Trading and Consultancy Services in the field of Contractual Services like Civil Construction, Pre-Engineered Buildings, Skill Development, Financial Consultancy, Engineering Services & Publication, manpower hiring and Advertising.

The Company has significant presence across India. The vast experience of the Directors of the Company in the sector of Civil Construction, Banking, Finance, Engineering& Advertising Services is an added advantage for the Company. The management of NMS understands the frequent modulations in the field of construction industry and hence take up the projects engaging different technologies like pre-engineered buildings, monolithic, EPS and LGSF along with RCC frame structure.

The economy of the China is going through the down trend. Housing, manufacturing, automobiles, all sectors in China is going through the negative phase. On the other hand India has become the most favoured nation and attractive destination for the foreign investments and manufacturing. Now the India has become the fastest growing economy of the world and industrial revolution has just begun. We the NMS looking this as a big opportunity and ready to expand our presence PAN India basis by providing our full services and consultation to establish new industries in India.

We are committed to provide high quality work that meets International standards. At all stages of our work, we stay in close touch with our clients to ensure the work progress in accordance with their expectations.


The Service sector is not only a dominant sector in Indias GDP, but has also attracted significant foreign investment flows, contributing significantly to exports as well as providing large-scale employment. India needs adequate Infrastructure, Research & Development and Skill Development.


There are many players in the market providing consultancy in the field of finance, accounting as well as taxation.

Todays financial firms face unprecedented pressure to cut costs and improve capital deployment- while fighting financial crime, improving operational and cyber resilience, and meeting evolving regulations.

Costs for compliance are very high, and financial institutions should frequently restructure, to keep in compliance and future-proof the enterprise. Most institutions struggle to balance compliance and operating concerns with their need to craft a strong reputation as a desirable employer and good corporate citizen.

Initiatives Taken By the Company

After deep analyzing the present world scenario after the endemic of Covid-19, The company is giving its best efforts to flourish its business and works. It has a strong perception that the business will grow in upcoming years. The company has launch its own Online Skill Education Platform with name and style of NMSkar, NMS (Kaushal And Rozgar).

The company has successfully signed various MOUs and agreement with its well-known clients for supporting and developing the infrastructure to EV charging stations, battery Swapping business, infrastructure development and arranging the human resources. Further company is providing financial, infrastructure and development consultation to establish new entities in India.


Presently the company has seven subsidiaries, expert in their core field of business with vast knowledge of key management. The Indian economic situation is at upward trend but due to Russia and Ukrain war prices of the commodity has been increased substantially, which is impacting the cost factor of service industry. However, the company and management is still in view that even after the high cost or inflation, development and progress will continue with high pace.