Mercury Trade Links Ltd Management Discussions.

MERCUSY TRADE LINKS LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010 MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS FINANCIAL RESULTS YEAR ENDED YEAR ENDED 31/03/2010 31/03/2009 Rupees Rupees Gross Income 3,64,156 65,154 Less: Expenditure 80,573 78,734 Profit/(Loss) before Tax 2,83,583 (13,580) Less : Provision for Taxation Current Tax 40,000 0 Deferred Taxation (287) (295) Profit/ (Loss) after Tax 2,43,870 (13,285) Balance profit brought forward from previous year 31,91,766 32,05,051 Surplus carried to Balance Sheet 34,35,636 31,91,766 PERFORMANCE: The performance of the Company remained subdue, due to high volatility in the Capital Market and therefore Company could earn reasonable income on its investments. During the year Company has earned a net Profit of Rs.2.44 Lacs (Previous year Net Loss of Rs. 0.14 Lacs). The outlook for coming year looks normal and your Directors are hopeful of achieving better results in future.