Principal Mutual Fund (formerly known as IDBI-PRINCIPAL Mutual Fund) has been constituted as a Trust in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 (2 of 1882). The Mutual Fund is registered with SEBI under Registration No. MF/019/94/0, dated December 13, 1994. The underlying objective of Principal Mutual Fund is to mobilise savings from the public, provide investment expertise to achieve optimal returns on their investments.

The Fund was initially set up by Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) in 1994 by execution of a Trust Deed dated November 25, 1994, under which IDBI was the sole Settlor, Subsequently, on March 31, 2000, Principal Financial Services Inc. USA became the deemed sponsor (along with the IDBI) by acquiring 50% stake in IDBI-PRINCIPAL Asset Management Company Limited. In June 2003, Principal Financial Services Inc. USA became the sole sponsor by acquiring 100% stake in IDBI-PRINCIPAL Asset Management Company Limited, through its wholly owned subsidiary Principal Financial Group (Mauritius) Limited (Principal Mauritius). Principal Mauritius has become the sole settlor of the Fund. Name of the Asset Management Company was changed to Principal Asset Management Company Private Limited, to reflect the change in ownership.

In May 2004, Principal admitted two Public Sector Banks - Punjab National Bank and Vijaya Bank into the venture.

Accordingly, Principal Mauritius, Punjab National Bank and Vijaya Bank have 65%, 30% and 5% respectively of all the rights, title, interest and obligations as co-settlors to Principal Mutual Fund.

Sponsor: Principal Financial Services Inc.,USA[through its subsidiary Principal Financial Group(Mauritius)Ltd
Trustee: Principal Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd.
Investment Manager: Principal Pnb Asset Management Company Private Limited. Statutory Details: Principal Mutual Fund, a trust set up under the provisions of the Indian Trust Act, 1882 and registered with SEBI bearing Registration No. MF/019/94/0 dated December 13, 1994.
Summary of Schemes
No of schemes : 160
Corpus under management : Rs.4848.1111 crs. (as on 30-Jun-2014)
Balanced Funds (8) | Equity Funds (28) | Fixed Maturity Plans (62) | Gilt Funds (6) | Global Funds (4) | Income Funds (6) | Liquid Funds (14) | Monthly Income Plans (12) | Short Term Income Funds (8) | Ultra Short Term Funds (12)

AUM Trend


Top 5 Funds

Scheme Name NAV(Rs.) 1m % 3m % 6m % 1y % 3y %
Principal Global Opportunities Fund - Direct (G) 23.6 3.0 8.7 10.2 12.0 NA
Principal Global Opportunities Fund (G) 23.5 2.9 8.6 10.0 11.6 8.6
Principal Index Fund - Direct (G) 53.5 2.2 16.7 28.6 35.8 NA
Principal Index Fund - (G) 53.1 2.2 16.5 28.3 35.1 12.6
Principal Debt Savings Fund - MIP-Direct (G) 26.5 1.1 4.4 7.1 9.7 NA

Contact Information

Exchange Plaza, 'B' Wing, 2nd Floor,
NSE Building, Bandra Kurla -
Complex, Bandra (East),Mumbai 400051.
Phone: 022 - 6772 0555
Service Centre
Apeejay House, 5th Floor,
3 Dinshaw Vachha Rd,
Churchgate, Mumbai - 400 020.
Phone: 022 5659 0333 / 2202 1111.


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Key Information

Incorporation Date : 20-Nov-1991
Total Assets Managed (Cr.) : 8,945.64
Trustee/s : Ned Burmeister
Chairman : N/A
CEO / MD : N/A
CIO : Rajat Jain
President : N/A
Director/s : Rajat Jain
Compliance Officer/s : SudhinChandra Padhye
Investor Service Officer/s : Mr.Hariharan Iyer
Fund Manager/s : Mr. Gruvinder Singh Wasan

Other Information

Auditors :  N/A
Registered Office : Exchange Plaza, 'B' Wing, 2nd Floor, ,NSE Building, Bandra Kurla - ,Complex, Bandra (East),Mumbai 400051.
Contact Nos : 022 - 6772 0555
Fax : 022 - 22044990
Email :
Website :