Britannia launches NutriChoice ‘Diabetic Friendly’ Essentials

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The WHO predicts diabetes and cardiovascular disease will drain the Indian economy of Rs. 100,000 crores (USD 23 bn) each year by 2015

One in 8 Indian adults either has or is at high-risk of diabetes. According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas 4th edition, India has the second highest number of people with diabetes at 5 crore (50 mn ) adults. In addition to this, 4 crore (40 mn ) Indians have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), which means they are at high-risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Some key diabetes facts underlining the serious impact of diabetes in India are:

Due to South Asian ethnicity, Indians are genetically predisposed to diabetes. Therefore, people with type 2 diabetes should not be blamed for their condition.Diabetes affects Indians a decade earlier than Europeans.

The prevalence of diabetes in urban areas is twice as high as rural areas.

Britannia Industries Limited, one of India’s leading food companies, has over the last 2 years demonstrated significant initiatives in the Health and Wellness space. Its work spans from creating products rich in nutrition to building awareness and advocacy for Healthy Living by touching themes such as Iron Fortification among children, and now, Diabetes Management in adult population.

Lifestyle management in Diabetes needs to cover regular physical activity, disciplined medication and a balanced diet that should also include Healthy Snacking. Experts say that a healthy snack in between meals can help in keeping blood sugar levels stable. Britannia’s interactions with consumers and experts suggested that there is no snack in the Indian market that is enjoyable, convenient and suitable for people with diabetes to include into their diet. 

'Sugar free' is not enough. Besides helping cut sugar intake, a Diabetic Friendly snack must also ensure that it does not create extreme swings in blood sugar levels. It is against this urgent need that Britannia has created NutriChoice Diabetic Friendly Essentials, the First Ever ‘Diabetic Friendly’ snack in India to meet the nutrition and taste needs of a person with diabetes, providing enjoyment of diet, feeling of satisfaction and feeling active for longer.

Says Vinita Bali, Managing Director, Britannia Industries Ltd., “NutriChoice is our flagship Health Brand and has launched several innovative products like Hi Fibre biscuits and 5 Grain biscuits to meet the health and lifestyle needs of emerging India. 

Diabetes is posing a serious lifestyle challenge needing immediate attention and NutriChoice is committed to building awareness for diabetes prevention & management, and creating expert products than can be included in the lifestyle of a person with diabetes. We are looking forward to have the Britannia NutriChoice Diabetic Friendly Essentials range put back the enjoyment of eating into the lives of diabetics.”

Britannia NutriChoice ‘Diabetic Friendly’ Essentials – Key Facts:   

Zero added Sugar – High Sugar is an important risk factor in diabetes. These products contain no added sugar.

Zero Cholesterol – A person with diabetes is more likely to have cholesterol abnormalities that can lead to cardiovascular diseases. These products contain 0% cholesterol.

Zero Trans Fat – Trans Fats tend to raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This range contains 0% Trans Fat and has at least 25% reduced fat compared to most other available cookies/snacks.

Extra Dietary Fibers – The products contain a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibers that are reported to delay glucose absorption and prevent extreme swings in blood sugar levels.

Complex Carbohydrates – Considered healthier because they are digested by the body slowly, providing a steady source of energy. Oats and Ragi contain Complex Carbohydrates.              

The NutriChoice ‘Diabetic Friendly’ Essentials range has been introduced in 2 variants – Oats Cookies and Ragi Cookies in 2 pack sizes priced at Rs. 25/- and Rs. 50/- respectively.

“There is mounting evidence showing that diabetes and its complications are threatening India’s economic progress and development. The World Health Organization predicts diabetes and cardiovascular disease will drain the Indian economy of Rs. 100,000 crores (USD 23 bn) each year in lost national income by 2015,” says Dr. Shaukat Sadikot, President – Diabetes India and Vice President – International Diabetes Federation. He adds, “Diabetes is no longer merely a condition that usually affects only the rich and elderly. 

Due to sedentary lifestyles, mass urbanization and changing diets, diabetes is affecting people at a younger age. Additionally, Diabetes is also considered to be at the centre of the metabolic syndrome that encompasses other disorders such as Obesity, Cardiovascular Health and Hypertension.” Dr. Sadikot points out that a few simple lifestyle practices can help in diabetes prevention.

For example, if one’s waist size in more than 90 cm, the person is 5 times at risk of contracting diabetes and must get hielf checked at once. Similarly, if the family has a person with diabetes, the other adults in the household are likely to be predisposed to the condition and must get checked for blood sugar levels.

Along with the launch of the Britannia NutriChoice ‘Diabetic Friendly’ Essentials range to coincide with World Diabetes Day on November 14th, Britannia is also undertaking significant awareness building about diabetes management.

Britannia NutriChoice wants to educate people that diabetes is a complex problem but the solutions and lifestyle choices are not difficult to adopt,” says . Anuradha Narasimhan – Category Director, Health and Wellness, Britannia Industries Ltd. NutriChoice is proud to partner with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government in India, in its effort to build awareness around Diabetes as part of the Diabetes Blue Fortnight program. 

In a unique initiative, NutriChoice is exclusively powering the Blue Monument Lighting Challenge where several monuments around the country will be lit in Blue to raise salience for the issue of diabetes. Blue is the color of the Blue Circle – the global symbol of diabetes. 

This activity is extremely popular across the world and unique because it brings citizens and organizations crusading for diabetes awareness together. Says, . Narasimhan, “Britannia is very happy to bring this initiative to India for the very first time. This year’s program includes renowned monuments like the Akhshardham Temple and the Lotus Temple in Delhi. Approximately 25 monuments/renowned buildings will go Blue on the evening of 13th November.”

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