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  • The Next Decade - Looking Ahead With Confidence
    by R. Venkataraman July 13, 2015 13:26 IST

    While we continue to invest in technology, our focus on award-winning research and unbiased advice remains one of the key differentiators.

  • Time is Money: Reliving the Priceless Decade
    by Nirmal Jain July 13, 2015 12:31 IST

    Our values continue to drive our behaviour of growing with absolutely no compromise on integrity, fairness and transparency. We look forward to relive the same vision and values in the coming decade.

  • Iranian straw can break the camel’s back
    by Hitesh Jain July 09, 2015 12:04 IST

    On Greece front, the crisis has escalated, wherein the nation has voted a ‘No’ in the referendum, rejecting the creditor’s demand of spending cuts in exchange of a bailout deal. European officials are not pleased with the outcome, as they wanted the incumbent Greek regime to conform to their demands.

  • Work-in-progress. We must give the Government more time
    by Amar Ambani July 07, 2015 09:01 IST

    Excerpts from interview on the Government so far, featured in the Economic Times cover story.

  • The rage is on! Action to shift to mid-caps, small-caps
    by Pritesh Mehta July 02, 2015 08:52 IST

    If bulls are able to cement their position above the breakout levels of 8,450 for at least four trading sessions, we could see index get into a turbo mode. In a bull markets, corrections are more unrestrained. However, recoveries tend to be equally swift. For Nifty to attempt previous highs, spring bottom (support of 7,950) needs to be defended.

  • Greek Drama: Unfolding of Drachma
    by Hitesh Jain June 30, 2015 09:07 IST

    In fact, ‘Grexit’ will be eventually construed bullish for the entire Euro region, as market participants will realise that departure of Greece implies no more bailout and no more debt burden. Forget repayment of loans, the stressed nation was not even able to service its debt. Time is of credence that bailout money has failed to solve the structural woes, unless Greece treads on the path of serious financial prudence, which eventually entails cut in fiscal spending.

  • FMC/SEBI merger: Marriage a saviour!
    by Hitesh Jain June 19, 2015 10:26 IST

    On the exchange front, stock and commodities exchange will have the luxury in encroaching each other’s domain.

  • Random Ramblings: Don’t lose hope!
    by Pritesh Mehta June 18, 2015 15:11 IST

    With strength in Oil & gas and pharma sector, the decline in Nifty has got arrested while broader index like CNX 500 is yet to confirm a bottom (though the selling pressure has stopped). Hence the composition of Nifty turns out to be better in assisting quick recovery and we feel that the stage is set for the key indices to surge higher towards 8,400.

  • Equity markets falling: Should you invest in debt?
    by Hitesh Jain June 11, 2015 15:26 IST

    Volatility in the equity markets makes it imperative to hunt for an avenue, which provides capital protection. Reserve Bank of India has already announced measures to lure retail investors towards government bonds. Retail individual investors would be provided direct access to both primary and secondary market platforms without any intermediaries.

  • Random Ramblings: Bulls defy Sell in May adage!
    by Pritesh Mehta May 30, 2015 15:32 IST

    The old adage Sell in May seems to have been ignored largely in second half of the month as the market left behind the carnage of March & April. . A move above the downward sloping trendline (above 8,550) would prove to be icing on the cake and market looks poised to see further build up after the gains of May.

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