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Scheme Name NAV(Rs.) 1m % 3m % 6m % 1y % 3y %
BHARAT Bond FOF - April 2025 - Regular (G) 10.22 [0.35] 0 0 0 0
BHARAT Bond ETF - April 2025 1,022.18 [0.35] 0 0 0 0
BHARAT Bond ETF - April 2023 1,106.99 [0.16] 0 0 10.45 0
BHARAT Bond FOF - April 2023 - Regular (G) 11.05 [0.15] 0 0 10.29 0
Edelweiss Govt Securities Fund (G) 18.95 [0.04] 0 0 13.35 0

Contact Information

Registered Service Centre
Edelwiess House,
Off.C.S.T. Road,
Kalina, Mumbai - 400 098.
402,Third Eye 1 Near Panchvati Circle
Phone : +91 022 40933400 Phone : 079-44218800
Email : emfhelp@edelweissfin.com Email : investor.amc@edelcap.com
Website : www.edelweissmf.com Website : www.edelweissmf.com

Edelweiss Mutual Fund

Edelweiss Mutual Fund

Edelweiss Asset Management Limited, a subsidiary of Edelweiss Capital Limited (ECL) is the asset management company acting as an investment manager to Edelweiss Mutual Fund (EMF).

Edelweiss Capital Limited is one of the leading and fastest growing financial services company in India. Founded in 1996, Edelweiss Capital including its subsidiaries offers a wide array of multi-line solutions including Investment Banking, Institutional Equities, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Private Client Business, Insurance Brokerage, Wholesale Financing and Treasury Operations.

Edelweiss Asset Management Limited constitutes a team of experienced professionals from the Financial Services industry. The management team is highly qualified and carries a rich experience of working in the mutual fund industry and finance related areas.

Edelweiss Asset Management Limited will follow a research based and process oriented investment approach. Edelweiss Asset Management Limited will observe the highest ethical standards while deploying investors’ monies and servicing investors and dealing with business partners.

Sponsor: Edelweiss Capital Limited
Trustee: Edelweiss Trusteeship Company Limited (ETCL)
Investment Manager: Edelweiss Asset Management Limited.Statutory Details: Edelweiss Mutual Fund, a trust set up under the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and registered as a Mutual Fund with SEBI bearing SEBI Registration No. MF/057/08/02 dated April 30, 2008.

Summary of Schemes
No of schemes : 112
Corpus under management : Rs. 45909.3141 crs. (as on 31-Dec-2020)
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