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Agriculture Newsletter - December 03 to December 07, 2012

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai |

The average All India Retail Price of sugar in the domestic market during the last month of October, 2012 were stable and are in the range of Rs. 39 to 40 per Kg. Sugar Production in the current sugar season 2012-13 is estimated to be sufficient to meet the estimated consumption requirement.

Top Stories 

Global food production will be even more unpredictable

This summer, record temperatures and limited rainfall parched vast areas of U.S. cropland, and with Earth's surface air temperature projected to rise 0.69 degrees Celsius by 2030, global food production will be even more unpredictable, according to new research conducted by the Worldwatch Institute (www.worldwatch.org). Although agriculture is a major driver of human-caused climate change, contributing an estimated 25 to 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, when done sustainably it can be an important key to mitigating climate change, write report authors Danielle Nierenberg and Laura Reynolds.


Because of its reliance on healthy soil, adequate water, and a delicate balance of gases such as carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, farming is the human endeavor most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. But agriculture's strong interrelationships with both climatic and environmental variables also make it a significant player in reducing climate-altering emissions as well as helping the world adapt to the realities of a warming planet.


"The good news is that agriculture can hold an important key to mitigating climate change," said Reynolds, Worldwatch's Food and Agriculture Research Associate. "Practices such as using animal manure rather than artificial fertilizer, planting trees on farms to reduce soil erosion and sequester carbon, and growing food in cities all hold huge potential for reducing agriculture's environmental footprint." Read more…

Sugar prices stable in October: Govt

The average All India Retail Price of sugar in the domestic market during the last month of October, 2012 were stable and are in the range of Rs. 39 to 40 per Kg. Sugar Production in the current sugar season 2012-13 is estimated to be sufficient to meet the estimated consumption requirement. As such, no announcement of export of sugar during current year (Oct., 2012-Sept., 2013) has been made so far.

The Government during the months of July, 2012 to September, 2012 has taken following measures to control price of sugar in domestic market:-

The unsold non-levy quota of about 2 lac tonnes from April to June quarter was allowed for sale in the open market upto 14.08.2012 on 13.07.2012;

Sugar mills have been directed to sell at least 70% of July-September quota by August, 2012 vide order dated 24.07.2012. Read more…


CCEA approved continuation of unrestricted export of wheat and non-basmati rice

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the continuation of the unrestricted export of wheat and non-basmati rice, in view of the adequate availability of wheat and non-basmati rice in the domestic market. The proposal was moved by Department of Commerce. 

This will enhance export competitiveness of rice and wheat gaining access in international markets and foreign exchange earnings for the country and adding valuable foreign exchange.

Domestic News

NCDEX collaborates with IIM A to offer Commodity Training Program

NCDEX, India’s leading agricultural commodity derivatives exchanges has collaborated with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad to offer a management program for senior executives on “Commodity Risk Management”, from December 7-9, 2012 at the IIM Ahmedabad campus.


With the global markets witnessing a period of sustained volatility of commodity prices, managing commodity risk has emerged as a key issue in today's economy. Commodity price volatility not only threatens the survival of individual companies, but also puts entire markets and industries at risk. Passive dealing of such risks is therefore no longer an option. This program throws light on how corporates and commodity value  chain participants’ can successfully navigate the current commodity market situation by embedding effective risk management throughout their organizations.


This program will provide senior management an exposure on the nature and extent of such risks at their firms and the tools that enable these risks to be managed effectively.  The focus of the program will be to take cognizance of the risks and enable the establishment of appropriate risk policy that can lay down the level of exposures permitted at an operating level, with necessary controls and reports to ensure the same. Read more…

ABCA offers new micro ingredient solutions to Indian poultry and feed industry

ABCA, a division of AB Agri, the Agricultural Group of Associated British Foods plc. (ABF) is participating at Poultry India, India’s premium poultry exhibition, to be held from November 28 to November 30 in Hyderabad. Poultry India is an exciting and ideal platform to introduce ABCA to the Indian market. The company is dedicated to providing the animal nutrition and livestock industry with a professional service in India and other Asian countries.

The livestock industry in India is the second largest contributor to gross domestic product (GDP), after agriculture, and accounts for 9 percent of the total GDP. With a growth in affordable population and increasing feed demand, it is important to increasingly use modern techniques and scientific formulations to enhance animal productivity.

The objective of ABCA is to offer poultry and feed producers in India a new range of innovative, reliable and sustainable feed ingredients that improve poultry performance through better nutrition and health, leading to improved return on investment. Progressive research and development of innovative new products are all central to uncovering enhanced nutrient utilisation by farm animals. Through sharing the technical resources of nutrition and management advice, ABCA works together with poultry companies to produce safe, healthy meat and eggs in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. Read more…

4 Indians win Monsanto Beachell-Borlaug International Scholarships for Rice & Wheat

Four young Indian agriculture students have been awarded the prestigious Monsanto Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program (MBBISP) Research Fellowships for 2012 encouraging new plant breeding research for rice and wheat production among young scientists. The four Indian winners are Amandeep Kaur from Punjab University, Navdeep S Jamwal from CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, Bharathi R. Ramadoss from Tamil Nadu University, and Bharath Reddy from Texas A&M University.


Amandeep Kaur’s rice research is focused on stabilizing rice bran oil to avoid rancidity of oil at Punjab Ag University in collaboration with the University of Maine, USA. Navdeep Jamval’s wheat research is focused on improving drought tolerance and rust resistance in wheat at CSK Himachal Pradesh Ag University in collaboration with the University of Leicester, UK. Bharathi Ramadoss’s rice research is focused on optimal glycemic index in rice at Tamil Nadu Ag University in collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Bharath Reddy’s wheat research is focused on enhancing yield potential of hard red winter wheat at Texas A&M University, USA in collaboration with CIMMYT, Mexico and Turkey. His earlier research on plant physiology and water use efficiency in sorghum will provide valuable information and experience. This year’s 14 recipients from seven different countries include the United States, China, Iran, India, Thailand, Mexico and Tajikistan. Read more…

BioFach India: 2012 Organic Expo concludes on a high note

Organized by Nurnberg Messe, The Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka and the International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA), BioFach India 2012 consists of 163 exhibitors  with 91 Private exhibitors and 16 International exhibitors along with 8 State Pavilions, which comprise Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Mizoram, came to a close after three fascinating days that served as an eye-opening experience for many about the organic industry.

Manoj Kumar Menon, Executive Director ICCOA, stated that “We are extremely content on the successful note with which the Organic Show is concluding today with more then 7000 foot falls in last three days.  Our aim to support and popularize the Organic sector is also a stock-taking occasion where all practitioners gather to exchange best practices and explore ways and means to harmonize various interests while promoting transparency and accountability in the sector.  He further commended the efforts of experts and participants from major companies for participating in the meet and welcomed and stressed the importance of the Organic Sector that has a huge positive impact on local companies and their ability to compete and innovate globally. "We, at the ICCOA, and through our cooperation and positive partnership with the Government of Karnataka, The Department of Agriculture and Nurnberg Messe aim to expand the benefits, increase cooperation and further exchange of experiences, ideas, projects and various capabilities, that inspire the ambition of organizations and individuals to accelerate the development of their trade and economic responsibilities and upgrade their value." Read more…

International News

FAO helps Somalis to cash in on livestock waste

Suweisra Mohamed waves a thick dry camel bone with an assuring smile. "This is now worth lots of dollars," she says, brandishing the dense and neatly cut camel thighbone.  

At 47, Suweisra, an unrelenting Somali woman, has finally discovered what she describes as a hidden treasure in piles of Somaliland's waste. In fact, piles of decomposing animal remains litter the environs of every slaughterhouse across the Horn of Africa country. 

"Until now, we used to throw away these bones, which were useless to us," she said. "But now I know that we have for many years been throwing away money, a lot of it."  

She is the Chairperson of the Somaliland Meat Development Association, a local organization that brings together up to 40 women and men in Somalia's semiautonomous region of Somaliland, located on the coast of the Gulf of Aden. Read more…

FAO is changing to face today’s challenges: Jose Graziano da Silva

Addressing the opening session of the governing Council, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva thanked Members for their ongoing support to transformational changes in FAO, which allow the Organization to move forward with renewed focus and purpose.

In his statement, the FAO Director-General said that FAO needed to adapt to face the multidimensional challenges of today and explained what the proposed changes meant to the Organization.

"We are starting to move from a project approach to a programme approach. We are breaking down institutional silos and promoting synergies across the Organization. We are breaking down the separation between FAO's work on knowledge and operations. We are doing away with the artificial separation between emergency, rehabilitation and development. And we are opening FAO to work better with partners," said Graziano da Silva.

According to the Director-General, a recent partnership launched by the African Union and FAO, with the support of Instituto Lula, embodied the "spirit of the changes" that were being made in FAO. Read more…



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