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Changing the way we live Indian Changemakers for a better tomorrow

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai |

Discovery Channel’s CHANGEMAKERS: ASIA puts the spotlight on Asia, including India and takes a look at some of the issues along with some of the innovative projects emerging from the region that will help combat climate change

Climate change is apressing issue that affects countries and populations across the globe, but areyou aware of what is happening in your own backyard? We keep hearing thatglobal warming is unstoppable and Asia has itsfair share in emission of green house gases. Discovery Channel’s Changemakers: Asia puts the spotlight on Asia, including India and takesa look at some of the issues along with some of the innovative projectsemerging from the region that will help combat climate change.


The three-partseries CHANGEMAKERS: ASIA willair every Tuesday at 8 pm from 15th September.  


The Dragon and Tiger economies of Asia have roared onto the world stage. Powering throughtheir own industrial revolutions, it seems as if they are about to wreak untolddamage on the already-fragile climate. With over half of the world’s populationnow living in the region, the battle against global warming is slowly beingwaged – and led – by Asians.  Our Asianscientists and activists, movers and shakers are coming up with someunexpected, even crazy solutions to the problems we all face.  They are all looking at better ways ofconserving our environment.


Commenting on the series, Rahul Johri, senior vice president andgeneral manager, India,Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “Faced with the possibility ofirreversible climate change, the world desperately needs new ideas to sustainlife on the planet. Tackling issues with a light-hearted approach yet takingthe matter seriously, CHANGEMAKERS: ASIA travels to the frontlines of climatechange to meet the inspirational characters who, through pioneeringearth-friendly technologies, are trying to save the planet by helping us changethe way we live our lives.”


The series looks atthree important areas – Energy, Waste and Lifestyle – in the fight against climate change, and explores theextraordinary work of Asia’s trailblazers. Comealong on an eco-friendly trip across the Asian landscape and meet an eclecticmix of scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs who are bringing the winds ofchange, for the sake of their own emerging nations, and to show the old world anew trick or two.


Changemakers:Asia episodedescriptions:

Episode 1: Energy

Energy looks at how peopletackle the issue of sustainable energy. In India, a crop that grows on wastelandbecomes a vital source of biofuel, and an ashram makes it possible to retrieveelectricity from cow dung. In Japan,a load of green slime turns out to be an efficient biofuel producer and someonehas come up with the idea of converting noise into usable energy. In steamy Singapore, asmall company installs systems in which hot exhausts from air conditioners areused to heat water, saving massive amounts of energy; and there’s a high-techsea-bed generator that could sadly remain a dream due to a lack of funding.


Episode 2: Waste

Waste takes us around greenwaste management in Asia. In India, anentrepreneur tackles the plastics mountain by manufacturing edible cutlery. In Japan, find outwhat goes on behind the scenes before the launch of a new Japanese satellitethat will chart carbon dioxide emissions more accurately than ever before, journeyhigh into the mountains to visit the ultimate recycling village, and discoverhow an electronics giant learns to recycle the very products it makes. A bigcomputer corporation in Taiwanpromotes its green image by developing wooden notebooks. Crowded Singapore is makingnew land out of garbage, and an archetypal mad scientist has built a gadgetthat takes organic waste and makes it disappear!


Episode 3: Lifestyle

Lifestylesheds light on the green home of the future. In India, an engineerguides us around his self-sustaining and eco-friendly home, and a companydevelops a way of cooling server centres intelligently. A Japanese dreams oftechnology that saves the world, and a complicated Japanese gizmo allows us togenerate clean power within the comforts of our home. In Taiwan, a tribe of aboriginal people leads theway in eco-tourism; a Taiwanese scientist has come up with a miraculouscombo-glass that insulates skycrapers from the tropical heat yet generateselectricity for the building from the sunlight, and two professors aredetermined to turn ultra urban Taipeiinto a haven for streams and wild plants. Last but not least, a world-famousarchitect explains the technicalities behind building a modern, green buildingin Singapore.


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