The Indian Luxury Expo Announces first of its kind Luxury Expo in Hyderbad

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai |

The Indian luxury industry being niche, the overall market in is likely to grow three-fold to reach a whopping $14.7 bn in 2015

Over the last few years, India’s has witnessed a significant revolution in the luxury domain, drawing accolades and attention from across the globe in recent years. Owing to a steadily advancing economy and globalized industrial environment, India has rapidly transformed into a large market for luxury goods. In view of the increasing importance of the country in the global luxury industry, Jukebox Media will launch an expo, dedicated to uniting stakeholders from the community on a single common platform called “The Indian Luxury Expo 2012” that will showcase some of the most prominent brands that will cut across 20 lifestyle segments to cater to an elite and discerning target audience. The expo will travel to Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore ensuring a brand participating in all the five editions will get an implausible mileage across the five ‘high-luxury’ zones of India apart from an exclusivity factor attached to participation where not more than three/four brands will represent a similar segment. In a country where luxury brands are significantly in demand but aren’t equally present in every single market, The Indian Luxury Expo endeavours to make the brand-market-consumer chain more effective and expansive in nature.


The  expo will be one of the most prevalent properties of its kind in Asia within this sector catering to an esteemed “only by invitation” gathering of 1000 plus delegates each day comprising of celebrities, industry experts, marketers,  bureaucrats, corporates, luxury brand owners and connoisseurs.  In addition it is aimed at integrating and upgrading the level and connotation of famous preferred brands, whilst also establishing a promotional and learning platform for potential brands and independent connoisseurs and experts. It will draw up first hand experiences of established brands to craft signature experiences that expose audiences to the finer aspects of luxe.


The expo will be tailor-made to suit a broad selection of luxury categories including travel, private clubs, home fashion, accessories, apparel, personal care, wines and spirits, gastronomy, household appliances, art, real estate, concierge services, hospitality and banks. It will be an exhaustive and exceptional property that will travel from city to city, covering five major cities in India across a span of 12 months.  With the objective of enabling emerging markets to understand and apply the strategic business requirements that are essential in developing sustainable luxury brands and properties, the expo will feature presentations, 1-to-1 consulting sessions and workshops on business tactics, systems and policies, industry insights and marketing strategies  in the ever-evolving global luxury sector. Major challenges and key success factors will also be tackled on both the business and creative aspects of luxury apart with assistance from a host of local and global speakers.


The expo will embrace a panel of distinguished advisory board members consisting of handpicked personalities from different walks of life such as politics, fashion, media, performing arts, business, sports, banking and the likes, who will represent the annual extravaganza as closet brand ambassadors owing to their experience and expertise of indulging in luxury in its finest form. They would be closely involved with the screening process for participating brands, calibre of invitees and overall execution of the expo and would be reshuffled after two years. It will be a plush three-day black and white tie affair with luxury evenings completing the perfect setting for a lavish affair. Apart from browsing through the repertoire of brands displayed elegantly, the guests would be given an opportunity to indulge in an assortment of entertaining happenings every evening from mesmerising jazz performances to witty stand-up comedians to intellectual theatre, adding a cultural zing to the three-day programme.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Karan Bhangay, CEO, The India Luxury Expo states, “Despite the Indian luxury industry being niche, the overall market in is likely to grow three-fold to reach a whopping $14.7 bn in 2015. With a booming economy that is poised to become the 5th largest consumer market in less than 15 years, India is the newest target for luxury products and services worldwide. Today the term ‘luxury’ embraces a broad range of service and product. We aim to make the expo a permanent fixture on the global luxury map by catering to the crème da le crème and opening avenues for newer audiences. The Indian Luxury Expo is designed to showcase the finest luxury brands across various verticals under one single roof which in turn will facilitate traders and consumers with the opportunity of choosing the best amongst the best in the luxury market. In a country where luxury brands are still wondering how to reach their core consumer among this vast Indian population, The Indian Luxury Expo promises to make that task easier for all.”


With the advent of the novel concept of The Indian Luxury Expo, India will have another significant coup d'état in its kitty. Meet your 5 star within the comforts of your city. All luxury connoisseurs must watch this space for more to know more about The Indian Luxury Expo 2012 that will be coming to your city soon for an exclusive sojourn.




Five City Tour

TILE is going to be held across five cities in India – Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi – during December 2012 –2013. Commencing with Hyderabad on the 17th, 18th and 19th of December at N Convention, the event will give equivalent focus to South India. This event, thus, will give luxury marketers a chance to gauge the initial response their brands get from the southern Indian luxury community! Apart from that, a brand participating in all the five editions will also get an incredible mileage across the five ‘high-luxury’ zones of India.



TILE plans to highlight 20 luxury segments with only about few brands from each segment allowed to participate in the event. Brands, therefore, need not worry that they’ll be pitted against competitors. The participating brands will get an implausible mileage across the five ‘high-luxury’ zones of India apart from an exclusivity factor attached to participation where not more than few brands will represent a similar segment.


Advisory Board

TILE will embrace a panel of distinguished advisory board members consisting of 30 handpicked personalities from different walks of life. Some of the confirmed names include the below personalities while negotiations are on with others for inclusion in the list.


  • Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung – Descendant of the Late Wali-ud-Dowla Amir-i-Paigah from Hyderabad, a cricket batsman who is also the nephew of Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, the former Indian cricket captain. Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung comes from a family of great wildlife enthusiasts.


  • Jwala Gutta – Left-handed Indian badminton player, who has proudly won the National Badminton Championships thirteen times until 2010. She won a gold medal in Women Doubles in Commonwealth Games 2010 making worldwide history of winning the 1st gold medal in women doubles.


  • Malini Agarwal – Of Miss Malini fame, she has established herself as a leader, innovator, and trendsetter in the Indian blogging industry apart from being a successful radio jockey and columnist.


  • Uzma Irfan – She joined the Prestige Group in January 2007 at a crucial juncture when the brand was undergoing rapid expansion and diversification. Uzma Irfan then took on the role of Director, Corporate Communications in an effort to streamline all branding and communication related initiatives. Other milestones include the conceptualization and design of the widely-popular ‘Falcon News’. She has also successfully established a media-buying house ‘Sublime’ to help manage the diverse and voluminous advertising needs of the Group. Uzma is also currently the Editor of ‘The Collection@UB City’


  • Capt. Arun Sharma –Managing Director of a well-known aviation company which he started 17 years ago under the name of Aviators. Amongst his achievements is the prominent launch and promotion of Pilatus PC12 aircraft in India. He also publishes an aviation and lifestyle magazine “Aviators”.


  • Kartheek Raju – Executive Director of SKANDA Group, his family overall generally operates more as an holding company with significant share in Peepul Capital Advisor, Chintalapati Holdings, Sri City Pvt Ltd, Megasoft Ltd. and TV9


  • Rahul Kapoor – With great passion for luxury, Rahul has combined the selling of a range of top products with informed business knowledge and strong entrepreneurial drive. He has now built companies in more than ten countries including India, UK, America, Russia and Switzerland. In 2009 Rahul went on to win the Britain’s Business Elite Award received from WHO'S WHO.His main business focus is now with RRS Enterprise Investments.


  • Shiraz Gidwani- Chief Executive of Iktara World, comprising Iktara Hospitality, Iktara Productions, Iktara One, HuitNeuf Chocolatier, NainaIktara, Iktara Design Studios and the SapnaIktara Foundation.


  • Farhan Azmi – Farhan Azmi is the son of Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi, Farhan is also a well known restaurateur and owns. Incepted by entrepreneur Farhan Azmi, Infinity Hotels Pvt Ltd today, has under its umbrella restaurants like Koyla,Café Basilico. Basilico House, Chai Coffi etc., He married film actress Ayesha Takia in 2009.


  • Nisha Jamwal–An award winning interior architect, multitasking luxury consultant and well known columnist. She is quintessentially a renaissance woman in the arts whose design sensibility and work and study in countries like France, Japan and Australia have taken her into the world of design and luxury in different facets. An avid blogger she enjoys multitasking myriad roles.


  • Lakshmi Manchu- is an Indian film actress, producer and a television host. She has acted in the American Television series Las Vegas and Desperate Housewives. She has won- The Hyderabad Times Film Awards 2011-Best Actor in a Negative Role in (Anaganaga O Dheerudu). 


  • Shilpa Reddy- is the winner of 2004 Gladrags Mrs. India contest. She is a renowned model from Hyderabad, who also featured in the Kingfisher Calendar. She is a fitness expert and also a fashion designer. She involves in cancer awareness workshops.


At present, there are 12 highly respected and valued individuals present on the advisory board. The Indian Luxury Expo is currently engaged in discussions and will be including more to the board in the coming year.


Guest List

The brands will be exposed to a guest base which will be carefully selected by the members of the advisory board. Invited via personal invitation, these guests will definitely have the purchasing power. But apart from that, they’ll also be a healthy mix of mature luxury consumers and those who are willing to explore and experiment with new brand options.


Luxury Evenings

Apart from browsing through the repertoire of brands displayed elegantly, the guests would be given an opportunity to indulge in an assortment of enjoyable activities every evening. TILE will also include presentations, 1-to-1 consulting sessions and workshops.



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