Management Discussion and Analysis


Operating in an industry that has the power to change the very lives of people, EdServis poised as a noticeably upcoming player in this technology driven learning. It takes inthe vast industry of education in India and firmly places its focus on empowering the'Real India' with its cutting-edge designed products and learning aids.


With more than 500 universities and deemed universities, over 15,000 colleges andhundreds of national and regional research institutes and with the Indian higher educationand research sector being the third largest in the world in terms of the number ofstudents it caters to, higher education in India is yet to attract the recognition itshould rightfully deserve. This is more so at a time when India is aiming to be animportant player in the emerging knowledge economy.

It's true that there is no company or institute in the world that has not benefited byIndian graduates, post-graduates or Ph.D.s- be it NASA, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Intel,Bell, Sun, Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Cambridge or Oxford, and not all those students areproducts of our IITs, IIMs, IISc/TIFR or central universities, which cater to barely oneper cent of the Indian student population. This goes to suggest that Indian highereducational institutions have not been able to achieve the same status for themselves astheir students seem to achieve elsewhere with their education from here these veryinstitutions. This is exactly where Edserv believes it should step in to remedy thesituation by helping the students slake their thirst for knowledge right here in India andthus stanch the brain drain that denies these campuses of its brilliant research minds.


EdServ offers career solutions from a virtual online placement campus-EdCampus, byextending a value driven consultancy services to its job seeking candidates and employeesearching clients. It endeavors to provide highly promising career avenues by focusing onspecific employment opportunities in high growth areas while at the same time competentstaffing solutions for the employer. With quality being the key element of its commitmentto deliver value for its candidates and customers, today it's blazing its trail by housingmore than two lakh live jobs that cuts across a plethora of verticals including retail,BFSI, telecom, manufacturing, BPO & IT.


Sharing knowledge is not about giving people something, or getting something from them.That is only valid for information sharing. Sharing knowledge occurs when people aregenuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action. It is aboutcreating learning processes. In fact, the only irreplaceable capital an organizationpossesses is the knowledge and ability of its people. The productivity of that capitaldepends on how effectively people share their competence with those who can use it. is a first of its kind knowledge sharing product developed for the Indianmarket by EdServ in association with Samsung. By foraying into the mobile applicationspace with its wide range of educational contents, it has taken on the whole gamut oftuition, academics, skill development & test prep services. Launched in June2011, -a unique mobile based knowledge sharing apps made available across allSamsung smart phones through their Java Apps Stores in India, literally symbolizes theidea that knowledge is power and therefore, controls all access to opportunities andadvancement. Not surprisingly, this apps will provide area wise services covering over20,000 pin codes pan India. It will enable students to instantly access its educationalservices even when they are on the move, anytime anywhere. Just the pilot phase of theroll out got more than 50,000 students enrolled, who have already started accessinghumthum mobile apps in a big way. EdServ is targeting a user base of ten million in thenext 18-24 months and revenues of Rs. 200 crores over the next 3 years. By foraying intothe mobile application space with its wide range of educational contents, it has taken onthe whole gamut of tuition, academics, skill development & test prep services.

Launched in June 2011, - a unique mobile based knowledge sharing apps madeavailable across all Samsung smart phones through their Java Apps Stores in India,literally symbolizes the idea that knowledge is power and therefore, controls all accessto opportunities and advancement. Not surprisingly, this apps will provide area wiseservices covering over 20,000 pin codes pan India. It will enable students to instantlyaccess its educational services even when they are on the move, anytime anywhere. Just thepilot phase of the roll out got more than 50,000 students enrolled, who have alreadystarted accessing humthum mobile apps in a big way. EdServ is targeting a user base of tenmillion in the next 18-24 months and revenues of Rs. 200 crores over the next 3 years.


The company has acquired the businesses and contents of a UAE based firm as an on-goingentity out of GDR proceeds. This is part of its strategy to expand its business providingon-line learning and career solutions through mobile and tablet platforms. With thispurchase and acquisition, the company is confident of penetrating deeper markets in Asiaand Middle East, which would help the company to develop more greatly.


Partners are essential for the development of an organization. needed someone who wasnot afraid to force issues, confront us, and, if necessary, drive us where we needed togo.

At EdServ, we just decided to grow them as our partners in progress organically insteadof buying them and drive us where we needed to go. Giants in their own game who will helpaccurately assess situations and help address critical issues. So that we maximize thebenefit of the various education services that we offer our customers. With this view inmind, we took the strategic decision to tie up with Corel Corporation, Sreeram CoachingPoint, Samsung & Blackberry to help EdServ achieve the magnitude of change that weneeded.

Corel e-Training Partnership

In a significant initiative for training through e-learning, EdServ has struck a globale-training partnership in August 2010 with Ottawa, Canada headquartered COREL Corporation.By this strategic tie up, EdServ has become the first and only authorized online trainingpartner of Corel with rights to train and certify students on the Corel technology,graphic design, and desktop publishing space. EdServ will develop exclusive e-content forvarious tools of COREL which will be marketed worldwide as the authorized e-content forbecoming a certified COREL professional.

Sreeram Coaching Point, Partners In CA Coaching

In January 2011, EdServ has struck an eLearning partnership with Chennai based SreeramCoaching Point, a CA training institute established in 1989. This partnership will enableEdServ to provide online CA coaching for students through its education This marks EdServ's foray into the estimated Rs. 2000 crore charteredaccountancy training market in India and this association is expected to provide onlineaccess to expert classroom videos and assessments modules to an estimated one millionstudents aspiring annually to clear CA-CPT, inter, and final exams.

Samsung humthum Mobile Educational Apps

In a first of its kind product developed for the Indian market, EdServ has forayed intothe mobile application space with its wide range of educational contents- the whole gamutof tuition, academics, skill development & test prep services. In June 2011, EdServhas launched a unique mobile based knowledge apps made available across allSamsung smart phones through their Java Apps Stores in India. Just the pilot phase of theroll out got more than 50,000 students enrolled and EdServ is targeting a user base of tenmillion in the next 18-24 months and revenues of Rs. 200 crores over the next 3years.

Aircel Mobile Apps and EDI launches

EdServ has successfully launched its Mobile Apps in AIRCEL appstore. It is a landmarkopportunity for your company to have entered into Indian mobils apps space. Further, thecompany also entered into Brick and Mortar training center model with EDI.

Akaash Tablet Sign-up

The company has signed up with Akaash tablets, a prestigeous sign-up for the company interms of a leading tablet collaboration. By this arrangement, every Akaash tablet willhouse our apps in their store.


The company is investment smart and information smart at the same time by exploitingcontent-on-lease model as a key risk management option. With its modest start up costs,assured fresh content, high leverage and containment of corporate resources, it wasdecided that this is the way to go. The Risk Management Committee shall provide assistanceto the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibility to the shareholders, potentialshareholders and investment community by assessing, and providing oversight to managementrelating to the identification and evaluation of not only content leasing but also allmajor strategic, operational, regulatory, information and external risks inherent in thebusiness of the company.

The Vigilant Watch Dog-Internal Control Systems

By having in place an adequate internal control system, that is commensurable with thesize and nature of its business. The system is supported by documented policies,guidelines, procedures to monitor business and operational performance aimed at ensuringnot only business integrity but also promoting operational efficiency. Regular review ofthe reports of the internal auditors by the Audit Committee Meetings. The Audit Committeeof the Board reviews the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control systems andsuggests improvements for strengthening them on an on going basis.


Chairman & Managing Director

Place : Chennai

Date : 26.11.2012

Discussion on financial performance with respect to operational performance

Financial Condition

A summary of our financial position as on 31st March 2012 and 2011 are as follows:

(Rs.) in Lakhs

2012 % 2011 %
1) Shareholder's Funds
a) Share Capital 2,623.30 17.60 1,557.72 10.45
b) Reserves and Surplus 23,239.88 155.92 10,458.83 70.17
c) Money received against share warrants





2) Non-Current Liabilities
a) Long-term borrowings 1291.018 8.66 255.44 1.71
b) Long term provisions 1293.17 8.68 417.06 2.8
3) Current Liabilities
a) Trade payables 474.14 3.18 756.12 5.07
b) Other current liabilities 34.46 0.23 0.60 0
c) Short-term provisions










1) Non-current assets
a) Fixed assets
i) Tangible assets 1771.67 4.05 1260.42 6.68
ii) Intangible assets 10520.73 24.06 837.97 4.44
iii) Intangible Assets under Development 275.42 0.63 1753.46 9.29
b) Non current investments 9.50 0.02 9.50 0.05
c) Long term loans and advances 308.91 0.71 43.87 0.23
2) Current assets
a) Trade receivables 2920.65 6.68 7137.44 37.84
b) Cash and cash equivalents 12626.13 28.87 2695.51 14.29
c) Short-term loans and advances 2005.32 4.59 556.39 2.95
d) Other current assets 644.23 1.47 610.54 3.24
31082.56 71.08 14905.10 79.01

Sources of Funds

1. Share Capital

At present we have only one class of shares Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each fully paidup.

Our Authorised Capital is Rs. 4000 Lakhs divided into 400 Lakh Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each. The issued, subscribed and paid up capital as on 31st March 2012 Rs. 2623.30and as on 31st March 2011 is Rs. 1557.72 Lakhs.

2. Reserves & Surplus

(Rs.)in Lakhs

As at 31 March, 2012 As at 31 March, 2011
Reserves and Surplus
Security premium reserve
Opening balance 8613.52 - 2040 -
Add: Addition / (reduction) 13366.95 - 6573.52 -
Closing balance 21980.47 21980.47 8613.52 8613.52
General reserve
Opening balance 180.20 - 180.20 -
Add: transfer from profit & loss account - - - -
Closing balance 180.20 180.20 180.20 180.20
Surplus from Profit & Loss account
Opening balance 1665.11 - 1442.56 -
Add: Current year surplus -585.90 - 222.55 -
Less: Transfer to general reserve - - - -
Less: Proposed dividend - - - -
Less: Dividend tax provision - - - -
Closing balance 1079.21 1079.21 1665.11 1665.11
- 23239.88 - 10458.83

3. Fixed Assets

Statement of movement of Fixed Assets are as follows:

(Rs.) in Lakhs

2012 2011 Growth
Computer Software & IP Rights 10,841.75 926.14 1070.64
Plant & Machinery 11.88 10.03 18.44
Office Equipments




Furniture & Fixtures




Vehicles 28.97 28.97 -
Computers 1,776.97 992.26 79.08
Gross Block 13,194.15 2,491.43 429.58
Less: Accumulated Depreciation 901.77 393.04 129.43
Net Block 12292.38 2098.39 485.80
Add: Capital Work in Progress 275.42 1753.46 -84.29
Net Fixed Assets 12567.8 3851.85 226.28

4. Investments

There is no change in the investment during the year.

5. Sundry Debtors

Sundry Debtors amount to Rs. 2920.65 lakhs as on 31st March 2012 and Rs. 9052.44 lakhsas on 31st March 2011.

Sundry Debtors 2012 2011
Debts outstanding for a period exceeding 6 months - 3463.95
Other Debts 2920.65 5588.49
2920.65 9052.44

6. Cash & Bank Balance

The summary of the cash and bank balance are as follows

(Rs.) in Lakhs

2012 2011
Cash and cash equivalents
Balance with banks in current account 31.00 2228.36
Cash in hand 0.60 -
Other Bank Balances:
in Deposit account (having maturity period more than 12 months) in foreign account 12,149.10
in Fixed deposit & Margin money 436.68 409.17
Others 8.75 30.56
12626.13 2668.09

7. Long Term Provisions

The details of the Long Term Provisions are as follows

(Rs.) in Lakhs

2012 2011
Provision for Deferred Tax 1262.27 403.29
Others - Gratuity Mgmt 30.90 13.77
1293.17 417.06

8. Trade Payables

(Rs.) in Lakhs

2012 2011
Trade Payables 474.14 756.12
474.14 756.12

9 Short Term Provisions

(Rs.) in Lakhs

2012 2011
Provisions for employee benefits 37.43 97.57
Others (Professional Tax) 1.08 1.49
Provision for income tax 299.27 228.47
Provision for Sales tax - -
Provision for PF 6.83 2.05
Provision for ESIC 0.64 0.79
TDS Collection & remittance 47.61 20.77
Others (Service Tax) 245.72 233.08
638.58 584.22

Results of Operations

The following are the summary of financial operations.

(Rs.)in Lakhs

2012 % 2011 % Growth
Reimbursement of Vocational Training 2,000.00 19.43 4,152.73 38.53 -51.84
Application Fees 5,505.15 51.08 2,277.52 21.13 141.72
Student Registration Fee 1,030.18 - 24.83 - -
Brand License Access Fee - - 1,171.35 10.87 -100
Consultancy service 7.10 - - - -
Export Income - - 3116.02 - -
Other Income 1,753.27 - 34.84 - -
10295.70 70.51 10777.29 70.53 -4.47
Purchase of software - - 5157.33 47.85 -100
Employee benefit expense 590.11 5.73 467.07 4.33 26.36
Selling, Adminstration & other expenses 3278.08 31.84 2425.55 22.51 35.12
Financial costs 90.33 0.88 39.61 0.37 128.05
Depreciation and amortization expense 508.72 4.94 180.01 1.75 182.61
Miscellaneous Expenses 5484.58 53.27 1950.47 18.94 181.26
Total Expenses 9951.82 96.66 10220.04 99.26 -2.62
V. Profit before exceptional and extraordinary items and tax 343.88 3.34 557.25 5.41 -38.30
VI. Extraordinary Items (prior period expenses) - - - - -
VII. Profit before tax 343.88 3.34 557.25 5.41 -38.3
VIII. Tax expense:
1) Current tax 70.80 0.69 133.34 1.30 -46.90
2) Deferred tax 858.98 8.34 201.36 1.96 326.59
IX. Profit(Loss) from the period from continuing operations -585.90 - 222.55 - -

The Company has only one segment of business.

1. Income

(Rs.)in Lakhs

2012 2011
Reimbursement of Vocational Training 2,000.00 4,152.73
Application Fees 5,505.15 2,277.52
Student Registration Fee 1,030.18 24.83
Brand License Access Fee - 1,171.35
Consultancy service 7.10 -
542.43 7626.43

2. Expenditure

a. The company has incurred the following administrative expenses

(Rs.)in Lakhs

2012 2011
Rent 73.73 66.46
Advertisement Expenses 295.76 636.37
Electricity & Maintenance 11.71 10.40
Printing and Stationeries 18.61 10.59
Repairs and Maintenance-Building 38.66 3.80
Repair and Maintenance -Others 3.07 35.60
Telephone and Fax Charges 34.36 47.35
Commission to Executive Directors - 80.00
Commission to Non Executive Directors - 21.53
Postage Telegram & Couriers 3.42 5.48