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Money may not buy happiness, but it does protect dreams. Here's how!

Max Life Insurance | Mumbai | October 09, 2015 15:32 IST

Though loss of life is emotional setback and cannot be undone, being adequately insured ensures that our dependents are provided with the much-needed funds to be financially independent without having to compromise on their standard of living.

Money Management: Interest rates slide, should investors look at NCDs and tax-free bonds?

Mumbai | October 07, 2015 09:55 IST

With the central bank slashing policy rates by good 50 basis points, and FD rates on a slide, experts note investing in NCDs or tax-free bonds could be looked at, weighing pros and cons.

Money tips for stay at home moms

CreditVidya | Mumbai | October 05, 2015 23:42 IST

If you have crossed the bridge, you would know. Choosing to stay at home for your baby, is one of the most difficult and important decision of your life. A lot of sacrifices are involved and time and money are at stake. So what is it that you can do, when it comes to financial planning as a stay at home mom?

Taxation issues concerning HNIs

Mumbai | September 28, 2015 12:49 IST

India has been taking efforts towards renegotiation of old tax treaties to bring the Article on Exchange of Information to International Standards and expansion of Indias treaty network by signing new tax treaties and Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs) with many countries to facilitate exchange of information.

Want to be a millionaire? Start saving early!

CreditVidya | Mumbai | September 14, 2015 14:18 IST

When you are young, age and outgoing expenses, both are less. As life progresses there is a gradual increase in both which brings along with it a whole bunch of limitations.

Filing of Return by Salaried Employee in case of Dual Employment

Mumbai | September 07, 2015 10:27 IST

Total number of tax filers in the country is close to 3.5 crores, of which around 2.4 crores are individual taxpayers of whom most of them are salaried.

Money Management: A relook at your portfolio as interest rates fall

Mumbai | September 05, 2015 12:08 IST

With interest rates heading downwards, investors could look at investing in instruments like company fixed deposits, stocks and debt mutual funds, depending on the time horizon.

Tax Filing to be done by Sept 7; few tips to simplify E-filing process

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai | September 04, 2015 16:37 IST

If that thought passed by you then be aware that all incomes accruing from the bank accounts or fixed deposit should be properly recorded while filing taxes. Aggregate interest income up to Rs 10,000 is exempt under the section 80TTA.

Loan against Life Insurance Policy: Is in an affordable option?

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai | September 04, 2015 16:30 IST

Loan eligibility applies to all insurance policies except term plans, reason being, term plans do not carry any cash value with it. Mostly, you can borrow up to 70-75% of the paid up value of the unit-linked policies.

How to reap rich rewards from your Credit Card

IIFL | Mumbai | August 26, 2015 11:08 IST

Always consider the cost of annual fees charged by credit card companies in evaluating the benefit of reward points. No point enrolling for a card with a hefty annual fee just to avail of reward points which you may or may not use.

When and why should you invest in Debt Mutual Funds?

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai | August 20, 2015 23:49 IST

Debt mutual funds safety is measured from their investment portfolio. With systematic analysis, investors can choose debt mutual funds, which carry a low credit risk and comes with high credit rating.

Seven basics to get your Financial Planning Right

Max Life Insurance | Mumbai | August 10, 2015 09:57 IST

The first step in managing the finances is to prioritizing the goals and needs and working towards them. Prioritizing helps to be financially prepared for all needs through a comprehensive and time bound planning.

Insuring a smooth ride: A closer look at insurance riders

IIFL | Mumbai | July 23, 2015 12:17 IST

If you are planning to buy a health insurance policy or already have one, chances are you have heard of terms like add-on covers and riders which refer to additional benefits offered with the basic plan.

How to protect yourself from credit card frauds?

CreditVidya | Mumbai | July 20, 2015 14:01 IST

Credit cards have evolved as one of the most revolutionized methods of payment over last few decades. Yet it has been subject most forms of abuse. But the convenience of credit card use takes precedence over the disadvantage.

Why are tax-free bonds a better investment opportunity for retail investors?

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai | July 17, 2015 11:46 IST

These bonds are reported to be issued to raise Rs. 40,000 crore this FY by top-notch brands in public sector including Indian Railways Finance Corporation, National Highways Authority of India, and Housing and Urban Development Corporation.

Sitting on profits in a stock? Decide right when to sell it

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai | July 17, 2015 11:40 IST

There is no thumb rule as to when to sell a stock and when to buy one. Some suggest the safest bet is to sell a security when it advances 10 per cent from its recent bottom and buy it when it declines 10 per cent from its recent top.

Harvesting better returns on Income Funds

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai | July 17, 2015 11:34 IST

The long-term income and gilt funds that offered average returns of 14 and 17 per cent, respectively in January 2014, are now offering only 10 and 12.5 per cent returns, respectively.

Arbitrage funds shining, but should you follow the herd?

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai | July 17, 2015 11:28 IST

The asset under management of equity funds hit a record high of Rs 4 lakh crore at the end of June, with the month seeing an addition of 4.9 per cent or Rs 18,711 crore additional investments.

ITR Forms for Salaried Individuals: a handy guide

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai | July 16, 2015 09:50 IST

This form is for those who draw a fixed salary income and own one house property. If an individual earns income from other sources such as capital gains or from lotteries, this form wont be applicable.

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