EMI Calculator

EMI is a fixed payment amount a borrower has to make to the lender at a specified day of the month on monthly basis.


Home Loan Calculator

Home Loan EMI is a fixed amount of payment that a borrower pays to a lender every month as a repayment for it.


Personal Loan Calculator

Personal loan EMI is a fixed monthly amount that a borrower needs to make in order to repay the loan amount.


SIP Calculator

SIP is an organized approach to investing in which a small pre-decided amount is invested at regular intervals in the market.


Mutual Fund Calculator

A mutual fund calculator helps investors determine the return value of their mutual fund investments for a given tenure.


NPV Calculator

The net present value calculator or NPV calculator shows the present value of your investments.


Dividend Yield Calculator

A dividend yield calculator is an automated computation tool that calculates dividend payout quickly and accurately.


EBITDA Margin Calculator

The EBITDA margin calculator computes EBITDA margin. It is the measure of company's profitability calculated as earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation & amortization.


Compound Interest Calculator

The compound interest calculator is a simulation that shows how much your money can grow using the power of compound interest.


Future Value Calculator

The future value calculator is a simple tool that shows the future value of an investment.


SWP Calculator

The systematic withdrawal plan calculator takes into consideration the returns from your investment to provide you the total value of your investment at the end of SWP tenure.


CAGR calculator

The compounded annual growth rate calculator is a tool that calculates the compound annual growth rate of your investments over a period of time.


Lumpsum calculator

A lump sum calculator is a tool that helps investors estimate the returns on a lump sum investment.


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