AI Champdany Industries Ltd Summary

AI Champdany Industries Limited is an India-based company. The Company is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of jute products. It operates in two segments: jute/jute diversified products and flax products. The Companys products include linen products, ramie, viscose and wool. The Companys subsidiaries include Landale & Clark Limited, West Bengal Multifiber Jute Park Ltd, Champdany Constructions Limited and AIC Properties Ltd. AI Champdany Industries Ltd formerly known as THE CHAMPDANY JUTE CO LTD was established in the year 1873. At present, with the farsightedness of the management the Wellington Jute Mill has been extensively modernised so as to produce value-added diversified Jute products aimed at export with the production capacity of 100 tonnes per day.1n 1983, the company set up a 100% EOU at the same location for the manufacture of Fine Jute Yarns with a capacity of 35 Tonnes per day. 1n 1984, it has setup another 100% EOU at Narayanpur, West Bengal for manufacture of Jute & Jute Blended fabrics with a capacity of 10 Tonnes per day.In the Year 1993 a Carpet manufacturing unit with a capacity of 1.5 million Sq, metres per annum and 100% EOU for manufacture of fine Yarn with a capacity of 20 Tonnes per day has been set up at Orissa. In 2006 FLAX UNIT was established to produce 720 MT of Flax item with limited weaving facilities.By 2007 WOOL COMBING SPINNING with supporting bleaching dying facilities are being commissioned with capacity 1500 MT to be followed by weaving facilities for entire gamout of weaving different natural fiber yarns produced by the Co. i.e. Linen, Wool, Ramie, Viscose etc. either on their own for each fiber & / or in blends with one or more of them.During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010 (fiscal 2010), the Company produced 45,170 million tons of jute/jute diversified products and 416 million tons of flax products. During fiscal 2010, it had an installed capacity to produce 113,486 million tons of jute/jute diversified products and 1,235 million tons of flax products.