Has Lifestyle Ltd Management Discussions.

a. Industry structure and developments:

Given the strain on the economic scenario, your Directors are trying their best to maximize the profits of the Company and the stakeholders as a whole.

b. Opportunities and Threats:

The slowdown economy could have an impact in the market.

c. Segment wise or product-wise performance:

Your Company is into Food & Beverage Company engaged into Retail Chain of Outlets in the Food & Beverage industry. Product ranges from variety of Fresh & Exotic Fruit Juices with high fiber and nutrition content, Smoothies & Milkshakes to Sandwiches and other food products. The main objective is to achieve a Brand Positioning of a recognized and famous Food & Beverage Store. During the year under review, the comparative from the last financial year 2017-18 is as under:-

Particulars F. Y. 2018-2019 F. Y. 2017-2018
(In Rupees) (In Rupees)
Total Income 12,11,56,465 10,11,79,409
Total Expenses (12,63,83,150) (10,09,37,181)
Profit/Loss xbefore Tax (7,75,056) 2,42,228
Total Tax Expenses (Including deferred Tax) (-3,84,686) (-276549)
Profit/Loss for the year (3,90,370) 5,18,777

e. Outlooks:

The current challenging market environment necessitates increased dynamism. The company is focusing on better services to our customers and opening of more and more and outlets to enhance visibility of our brand Has Juices & More. While the predominant business of the Company has been confined to providing fresh & healthy juices to our customer where it continues to face intense competition, the outlook for industry is positive given the size of the opportunity. The Company believes that through a combination of powerful marketing strategies, innovative products and market development and expansion activities, the health- freak market in India and the Companys business will continue to grow strongly in the next several years.

e. Risks and concerns:

Growth of individual categories is linked to the overall economic growth. Primary risk to the business will be on account of adverse changes to the economy.

f. Internal control systems and their adequacy:

The Companys defined organizational structure, documented policy guidelines and adequate internal controls ensure efficiency of operations, compliance with internal policies, applicable laws and regulations, protection of resources and assets and accurate reporting of financial transactions. The Company continuously upgrades these systems in line with best available practices.

g. Discussion on financial performance with respect to operational performance:

Particulars F. Y. 2018-2019 F. Y. 2017-2018
Gross Income (Sales+ others) 12,56,08,093 101,179,409
Profit/Loss for the year (3,90,370) 5,18,777

The Company has incurred loss of Rs. (3,90,370)/- during the year as compared to Rs. 5,18,777 /- previous year. The Gross Income of Rs. 12,56,08,093/- during the year as compared to Rs. 101,179,409/- previous year. Percentage wise there has been tremendous increase of 24.14% in gross income to previous year. h. Material developments in Human Resources / Industrial Relations front, including number of people employed:

Your Company considers Human Resource as key drivers to the growth of the Company. The Company has performance-based appraisal system.

By order of the Board For Has Lifestyle Limited

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Hemang Bhatt Niru Kanodia
Managing Director Director
(DIN: 01353668) (DIN: 02651444)
Place: Mumbai
Date: 26.08.2019