Transcon Research & Infotech Ltd Management Discussions.

TRANSCON RESEARCH AND INFOTECH LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011 MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS FINANCIAL RESULTS During the year under review, the total Income of your company is Rs.19079587/- Particulars 2010-11 2009-10 Profit/(Loss) Before Depreciation -1046841 1334370 Depreciation 127862 -233717 Profit/(Loss) for the Year after Depreciation -1174703 1100653 Provision For Taxation (-) -208019 Provision for Deffered Tax -410048 2684867 Profit/Loss After Tax -764655 3577501 Balance brought forward -32597878 -36175379 Profit/(Loss) carried forward to balance sheet -33362533 -32597878 OPERATIONS: Company is not having any software or GIS/CAD/CAM projects in hand. Income is arrived from stock market activities and interest on inter corporate deposits, loans and advances given by company.