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Mirae means the future in Korean.

The role of Mirae Asset Financial Group is to safeguard the assets of the future by applying the basic principles of discipline, ethics, and transparency today.

Our organization was established in Korea in 1997 amid the turmoil of the Asian financial crisis.

Founder and Chairman Hyeon-Joo Park realized at the time that no Korean asset manager was truly independent of the government or the powerful business groups. He foresaw the need for an asset manager that could conduct business in a transparent and financially responsible manner.

Mirae Asset Financial Group soon prospered by introducing clients to innovative investment products that met their specific needs.

Today, Mirae Asset Financial Group continues to flourish in Asia. We are determined to bring the principles behind our success to bear to assist investors around the world.

Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. is the holding company of the AMC and holds more than 90% of the share capital of the AMC.

Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. came under the spotlight in 1998 as it introduced the first mutual fund in Korea. Our pioneering spirit and strong commitment has translated into consistent and steady returns, which in turn catapulted us to the top of Korea's indirect investment market.

Sponsor: Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd
Trustee: Mirae Asset Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd.
Investment Manager: Mirae Asset Global Investments (India) Private LimitedStatutory Details: Mirae Asset Mutual Fund, a Trust registered with SEBI under the Regulations, vide Registration No: MF/055/07/03 dated November 30, 2007.

Summary of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Schemes

No of schemes : 65
Corpus under management : Rs. 78138.5269 crs. (as on 30-Jun-2021)

Top 5 Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Funds

Scheme Name NAV(Rs.) 1m % 3m % 6m % 1y % 3y %
Mirae Asset NYSE FANG+ ETF 53.38 0.15 0 0 0 0
Mirae Asset Arbitrage Fund (G) 10.45 0.15 0 0 3.59 0
Mirae Asset Savings Fund-Reg Savings Plan (G) 1,814.16 0.17 0 0 3.74 0
Mirae Asset Short Term Fund - Regular (G) 12.71 0.22 0 0 4.62 0
Mirae Asset Money Market Fund (G) 1,003.94 0.22 0 0 0 0

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund - AUM Trend(Change)

Change in trend of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund year on year

Contact Information of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

Details of Registered office and service center of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

Registered Service Centre
Unit No.606,6th Flr,Windsor Bldg,
Off. CST Road,Kalina,
Flat No.812,Kailash Building,
26,Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
New Delhi-110001
Phone : 022-67800300 Phone : 011-44227777
Email : customercare@miraeasset.com Email : customercare@miraeassetmf.co.in
Website : www.miraeassetmf.co.in Website : www.miraeassetmf.co.in

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