Retirement Planning

Enjoy a financially independent life post-retirement with our retirement planning solutions.

  • Combination of products like mutual fund, life insurance, NPS, etc.
  • Continuous cash flows during your retirement years
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Private Client Group (PCG) of IIFL Securities

  • IIFL Securities is one of India's top brokerage houses & financial services companies.
  • Private Client Group (PCG) of IIFL Securities caters to the very unique & specific needs of some of the most valuable clients of the company.

Retirement Planning - For a richer life after retirement

Key features of Retirement planning at PCG:

Our retirement planning products are designed keeping in mind the following:

  • Unique needs of each customer during his or her retirement years.

  • Your current level of income.

  • Your expected level of income in future years.

  • Number of years to your retirement.

  • Your unique risk tolerance.

Our unique value proposition

  • Our retirement planning products may enable you to maintain the same standard of living, as you have currently, in your retirement years.

  • Our retirement planning products are based on our extensive research.

  • They are based on our expertise in giving investment advice.

Benefits of taking our retirement planning products

  • The most important thing that you can do for your future is retirement planning.

  • In this high inflation scenario, it is important to preserve the real value of your income during post-retirement years.

  • Our retirement planning products will be tailored to take care of your unique cash flow needs during your retirement years.

  • They are based on our extensive research, analysis and expertise.

  • Our retirement planning products will combine a mix of mutual funds, life insurance products, national pension system products etc.

  • This will ensure that you have a diversified retirement nest egg.


How can PCG of IIFL Securities help you in better Retirement Planning?

Private Client Group (PCG) of IIFL Securities can recommend retirement planning solutions that can increase your assets and income during your retirement years. A team of retirement planning experts work in PCG. The retirement planning investments that will be recommended for you will be based on a number of factors such as number of years to your retirement; your current level of income; your unique risk tolerance; your special needs during your retirement years etc.

What is the right age to start retirement planning?

The earlier you start retirement planning, the better. Because more the number of years you save and invest for your retirement years, the bigger will be your nest egg at the time of your retirement. You will be able to enjoy more comfortable retirement years.

What is retirement planning?

Retirement planning is planning for investments & savings so that you can get enough cash flows during your retirement years, that can maintain your current standard of living. You also need cash flows during retirement years for meeting any special needs such as healthcare.

Terms & Conditions

Investments in securities are subject to market risks. Please read all related documents carefully before investing. There is no guarantee or assurance that investment objectives will be achieved. IIFL does not guarantee any assured return on any investment recommendation.