Aartech Solonics Management Discussions

Our Company was originally incorporated as "Aartech Solonics Private Limited" on August, 24th, 1982 under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 vide Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Later on, the company got converted into public limited company and the name of the company was changed to - "Aartech Solonics Limited" and fresh certificate of incorporation dated April 23rd, 1992 was issued by the Registrar of the companies, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

Aartech Solonics Limited is a system solution-oriented R&D enterprise in the field of specialized and selected energy appliances. The company is involved in the manufacturing of electricity distribution & control apparatus [electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits (e.g. switches, fuses, voltage limiters, surge suppressors, junction boxes etc.) for a voltage exceeding 1000 volts; similar apparatus (including relays, sockets etc.) for a voltage not exceeding 1000 volts; boards, panels, consoles, cabinets and other bases equipped with two or more of the above apparatus for electricity control or distribution of electricity including power capacitors

Our history of being in the Energy sector goes back to 1982, and as a Limited company, it was registered in the year 1992. Since then, we have been providing technical expertise to all our customers in expanding energy market across the globe. The company is known for its rich credentials in the highly specialized field of fast bus transfer systems for medium voltage installations in power plant & process industries. Aartech BTS - 2000 Microprocessor based fast bus transfer system, sets the highest international benchmarks for providing critical process continuity solutions to the industry.

We aim to be a multi-product, multi-technologist company which provides a platform for technologists to step on and contribute effectively to technology development without having to inordinately deal with business setup issues. Also, to be an efficiently structured, IT enabled, delegated and organized outfit. To be optimally resourced for growth, and to use resources optimally for growth. To maintain an ethical corporate environment both within and without. To be a responsible corporate citizen and follow universally accepted ideals.

"Revised Vision & Mission Statement of Aartech Solonics Limited 2019"


To be a leading Financially stable & strong group of enterprising companies operating in the field of either selected or specialized or Innovative Engineered products or services or solutions in a wide arena comprising of Technology based Multi Domain Business Activities.


To develop and run profitably a strong & resilient, multilevel, multi locational, multi structured, multi-cultural, multinational, Aartech promoted & Aartech inspired, group of companies, carrying Aartech values to achieve & excel the Aartech Vision.

The first leg of the Vision & Mission Statement will have a period of 6 years starting 1st April 2019 finishing at 31st March 2025 and shall comprise of following major Goal Posts.

1. Net Turnover of Group companies: Excess of Rs. 100 Cr.

2. Net profits of Group companies: Excess of 20 Cr growing @ an average rate of 15-25% year on year.

3. Aartech becomes an established Small / Medium level script on the Main stock exchanges in India and attempts to list at least on one of the exchanges abroad.

4. The listed average script price quotes around a multiple of 10 times the initial listed price of Rs. 34 per share.

5. Aartech establishes on its own or in partnership at least one manufacturing set up and at least two or more sales and services setups abroad.

6. Establishes a sound Board of Directors including Independent Directors, with at least 3 -5 eminent personalities from different facets of society comprising of Industry, Startups, Incubation, Social Innovation, Cultural, Finance, Economics, Advertising, Arts, Armed Forces, Judiciary etc.

7. Establish a practise of at least one Employee representation on a rotational basis based on the Best Employee of the year as selected by a committee consisting of a Director, CEO, CFO, COO & a Departmental head selected by the M.D. The committee shall be headed by an Independent Director of the company.

Tenure of the Vision & Mission Statement:

The tenure of this Vision & Mission statement shall remain unchanged till 31st March 2025, except for minor modifications additions etc.