Achal Investments Ltd Management Discussions.

Management Discussion And Analysis Report

Industry Structure

Achal Investments Limited has focus on Small Finance and is also in the business of providing term loan and working capital support to traders and medium sized enterprises. Achal Investments Limited has a full spectrum of customized financial solutions to help you formulate a more innovative and structured approach to your financial needs, which means better returns and safety for your investments with minimum tax liabilities. Our Depository and Stock Broking Services, an epitome of convenience, speed & safety, have an unblemished record of timely fulfillment of all their obligations towards the customer.

Achal Investments Limited welcomes all the Investors to a highly committed & dependable financial services organization that strives to deliver the best of Investment related Services. We believe & dare to do what other players in the financial services & Stock Broking Houses fail to achieve in terms of customer service & satisfaction. We use the best brains, some of the best software & technologies that helps in giving our clients maximum returns.

Internal control and their adequacy

The Company has proper internal control systems for the various functional areas. The check and control measure are effective and adequate. The detail of Financial Performance and operational performance is mentioned in the Directors Report.

Cautionary statement

Management Discussion and Analysis Report detailing the company’s objectives and expectation may have forward looking statement within the meaning of applicable securities law and regulations. Actual result may differ from those expressed or implied depending upon the government regulation, change in government policies, Tax implications, economic development within India and Overseas.


The Company yet to work out its future working strategy. The management will strengthen its working force to keep pace with the market condition as and when it plans to start activities at certain level.


The Company is mainly exposed to market risk (including liquidity risk), interest risk and credit risk.

Company’s Outlook

The Company intends to start its activity in near future.

Risk Management

The management ensures that all the moveable assets of the company are adequately secured.

Human Resources

Material development in human resources/ industrial relations front has been dealt with in the Directors’ Report, under the head ‘Operations’ and ‘Industrial Relations’, which should be treated as forming part of this Management and Discussion Analysis.

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