Ahmedabad Steelcraft Ltd Management Discussions.




The revenue of the company from operation for FY 2019 was र 1028.64 Lakhs, higher by 18.29 percent over the previous years revenue of र 869.61 Lakhs in FY 2018. The Profit After Tax (PAT) attributable to shareholders for FY 2019 was 124.37 Lakhs registering a growth of 509.65 percent over the Profit After Tax (PAT) of 20.4 Lakhs for FY 2018.


The Management is positive about the future operations of the Company. The steel outlook and demand looks encouraging in domestic and global market. The Company is continuously in search of newer market and expect new business opportunities from the same. The Company maintain steady progress on its LLP related activities.

This Outlook will increase the net worth of the Company bearing unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the management, and it is likely that in future there will be capital appreciation in Investment and Net worth. The management is also hopeful to enhance the quantum of dividend, beneficial to the stakeholder of the Company. In the current year the dividend is retained without any enhancement for the purpose of deploying it for the benefits which will be utilized for exploring the market of the Company.


The trading activities of the Company mostly comprises of export of Mild Steel Window Section (Non-Alloy) and other steel items which are subject to Government policies and other Global factor which has direct effect on the operational activities of trading. However the Company has good standing in global market and has enough capacity to face the uneven situation in the course of its operation which is within its control.

The Company has also made capital contribution in Limited Liability Partnership engaged in real estate and may independently start these activities. Considering the fact that the demand for private capital for real estate investment and supporting infrastructure has increased enormously, the outlook is bright.

(Rupees in Lakhs)

Date: 17-05-2019 For and on behalf of the Board
Place: Ahmedabad
Darshan A Jhaveri.
Managing Director
(DIN: 00489773)