Amber Fabrics Ltd Management Discussions.


(Forming part of Directors’ Report)

1. Overview:

The financial statements have been prepared in compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 1956, guidelines issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in India. Our Management accepts responsibility for the integrity and objectivity of these financial statements, as well as for the various estimates and judgments used therein. The estimates and judgments relating to the financial statements have been made on a prudent and reasonable basis, so that the financial statements reflect in a true and fair manner the form and substance of transactions, and reasonably present our state of affairs, profits and cash flows for the year.

2. Industry Structure and Developments:

The earlier trend of smaller companies being marginalized has continued in the year under review. Another distinct trend during the year has been the preference of foreign companies to outsource their entire IT needs to the larger companies and get them to setup large offshore operations to support these contracts.

3. Opportunities and Threats:

Though the overall scenario for the smaller companies is extremely competitive, there are some niche areas where there are some opportunities for growth. The management is exploring these areas to consider entering these areas and develop expertise in such areas.

4. Segment wise or Product wise Performance: Not applicable

5. Outlook:

The management is doing its best to forge relations with other companies and take the company forward in the new business lines. However, the outlook of the management is cautious in view of the competitive nature of the market.

6. Risks and Concerns:

While venturing into new business lines, the company would need access to funds. The risk of not being able to raise funds at the timer needed is the biggest risk that the management foresees.

7. Internal Control Systems:

The Company has adequate internal control systems commensurate with the size and the nature of business of the Company.

The internal control system is constantly assessed and strengthened with tighter control procedures. The internal control systems ensure effectively of operations, compliance with internal policies and applicable laws and regulations, protection of resources and assets, and accurate reporting of financial transactions.

The audit committee periodically reviews the adequacy and efficacy of the said internal control systems. All the issues relating to internal control systems are resolved by the audit committee.

8. Business performance and Segment Reporting:

During the year under review, the company has earned a Net profit of Rs. 6.68 lakhs as against Net profit of Rs. 5.77 Lakhs during the previous year. The performance of the company is expected to improve during the coming years which years with increasing efforts being made in the direction of improving the working efficiency of the company.

The company is engaged in the development of software, which as per Accounting Standard 17 is considered the only reportable business.

9. Risk Management:

Risk evolution and management is an ongoing process in the company

10. Human resources and Industrial relations:

Your company continues to have cordial relations with its employees.