Antariksh Industries Ltd Management Discussions.

To avoid duplication between the Directors Report and the Management Discussion and Analysis Report for the year, we present below a composite summary of performance of the various business & functions of the Company.

Industry Overview:

The trend in slowdown in global growth continued during the year. India was the fastest growing large economy with a stable currency that performed better than the most emerging market currencies. If the industry players manage to restructure their operations as per the new realities, success will not be very hard to find now. The Company has already achieved decent turnover of Rs. 2937.18 lacs during year under review and company expects the decent increase in turnover and profit margin in upcoming time.

Business Overview:

The main business activities are into real estate & trading activities, especially in the close proximity of Mumbai and nearby suburban. The management was confident of business potential in this new venture and hence we achieved decent turnover in current year. Company has already started taking various labour contracts for construction of warehouses, Godowns etc and also company has started trading in various materials which required for construction of warehouses/downs etc. Initially, these activities are carried in and around Mumbai.

Adequacy of Internal Control:

An appropriate and adequate system of internal controls exist in the company to ensure that all assets are safeguarded and protected against loss or from misuse or disposition, and that the transactions are authorized, recorded and reported suitably. Internal control systems are ensuring effectiveness of operations, accuracy and promptness of financial reporting and observance with laws & regulations.

The internal control is supplemented on an ongoing basis, by an extensive program of internal audit being implemented throughout the period. The internal audit reports along with management comments thereon are review by the Audit Committee of the Board comprising of independent and non-executive Directors, on a regular basis. Implementations of the suggestions are also monitored by the Audit Committee. The internal control is designed to ensure that the financial and other records of the company are reliable for preparing financial statements and other data, and for maintaining accountability of assets.

Human Resource Development:

The Company recognizes the importance of Human Resource as a key asset instrumental in its growth.

The Company believes in acquisition, retention and betterment of talented team players. With the philosophy of inclusive growth, the Company has redefined its performance management system. The new system focuses on progression of individual employees together with organizational goals. Under the new system increased thrust will be on job rotation and multi- skilling.


The company recognizes the importance of human value and ensures that proper encouragement both moral and financial is extended to employees to motivate them.

Segment-Wise Performance:

The Company is into single reportable segment only.


The Compliance function of the Company is responsible for independently ensuring that operating and business units comply with regulatory and internal guidelines. The Compliance Department of the Company is continued to play a pivotal role in ensuring implementation of compliance functions in accordance with the directives issued by regulators, the Companys Board of Directors and the Companys Compliance Policy. The Audit Committee of the Board reviews the performance of the Compliance Department and the status of compliance with regulatory/internal guidelines on a periodic basis.

New Instructions/Guidelines issued by the regulatory authorities were disseminated across the Company to ensure that the business and functional units operate within the boundaries set by regulators and that compliance risks are suitably monitored and mitigated in course of their activities and processes.

Cautionary Statement:

Investors are cautioned that this discussion contains statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Words like anticipate, believe, estimate intend, will, expect and other similar expressions are intended to identify "Forward Looking Statements". The company assumes no responsibility to amend, modify or revise any forward looking statements, on the basis of any subsequent developments, information or events. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied.