Bal Pharma Ltd Summary

Bal Pharma (BPL), a member of the Mcro Laboratories group, was incorporated as a private limited company in May 87. In Mar.90, BPL took over a pharmaceutical products manufacturing unit located in Bangalore through the Karnataka State Finance Corporation for a consideration of Rs 25.18 lac following which, BPL commenced manufacturing formulations.BPL manufactures and markets pharmaceutical formulations -- paracetamol, aluminium hydroxide, povidone iodine, alprazolam, gliclazide, griseofulvin, lactobacillus, rifampicin, piroxicam amoxycillin, etc. The company promotes its products through the common sales force of the group but proposes to induct its own soon. It came out with a public issue in Feb.95 for manufacture of bulk drugs and expansion of pharmaceutical formulations.During 1997-98, the formalities of takeover of the unit from Lakme Limited have been completed and effective from 23rd July, 1997 the unit has become a division of Bal Pharma Limited. The companys product range has been expanded with the introduction of AZIWIN, CAFIMOL & CORTIDERM.The company has added further product range Zanovid, Aziwin, Dry Syrup, Meloxi, Ocium - M, Progit - MPS in its ethical division during 1999-2000. As part of the expansion of the product range, the company has introduced Cardiac Specialities Products. To market these products, a new division named SERVETUS has started functioning during 2001. New products like Amiloride,Benzydamine and Ebastine were rolled into the market during 2002.