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Calcom Vision Ltd Directors Report

Jul 15, 2024|09:48:00 AM

Calcom Vision Ltd Share Price directors Report

Dear Members,

Your Directors are pleased to present the 37th Annual Report on the operations of your Company together along with Annual Audited Financial Statements for the year ended March 31,2022. The financial highlights of the Company for FY 2021-22 are given below:


The highlights of the standalone financial results of your Company along with previous years figures are as under:

Particulars Year ended March 31, 2022 Year ended March 31,2021
Revenue from Operations 10006.43 5768.08
Financial Charges 224.67 169.26
Depreciation 182.29 90.67
Profit/(Loss) Before exceptional items & tax 135.07 105.13
Exceptional Items -- --
Profit/(Loss) before Tax 135.07 105.13
Tax Expense -Deferred Tax 49.69 29.30
Profit/(Loss) after tax 85.38 75.83

The Financial Statements have been prepared in accordance with the Indian Accounting Standards (IND AS) notified under the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015 (as amended from time to time).

Overview and state of companys affairs

During the year under review, the total Sales of your Company were INR 10006.43 Lacs as against INR 5768.08 Lacs for the previous year. The Net Profit for the year was INR 85.38 Lacs as compared to Net Profit INR 75.83 Lacs during previous year.

The sales for the FY22 is increased by 73.47% as compared to the previous FY21. Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 48.2% over last six years.

The EBITDA %age during the last 3 years has been low because of COVID related supply chain disruptions & lockdowns. The EBITDA & Cash Profits in absolute value have been growing over the last 3 years.

During the year under review, there has been no change in the nature of business of the Company.

Detailed information on the operations of the business of the Company are covered in the Management Discussion and Analysis Report, which forms part of the Annual Report.

Share capital

During the year under review, the Company has increased its Authorised Share Capital from INR 11,00,00,000/- (Rupees Eleven Crore) comprising of 1,10,00,000 equity shares of INR 10/- each to INR 15,00,00,000/- (Rupees Fifteen Crores only) comprising of 1,50,00,000 equity shares of INR 10/- each.

The Promoters of the Company came up with an Offer for Sale for 6,88,155 Equity Shares at the Floor Price of Rs. 34 in the open market on August 12-13th ,2021, to enable the Company to comply with the MPS guidelines set out by SEBI.

Further the Company allotted 72,813 Equity Shares of Rs. 10-/ each pursuant to exercise of Employee Stock Options by eligible employees under Calcom Vision Employees Stock Option Plan-2018 ("ESOP PLAN") on September 28, 2021.

Later the Company issued and allotted 13,69,862 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- per share at an premium of Rs. 63/- per share to Non- Promoter on Preferential basis and 684930 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- per share at a premium of Rs. 63/- per share to promoter and promoter group category on preferential basis upon conversion of loan.

Consequently, the Paid up, Issued and Subscribed Share Capital of your Company was increased from Rs. 10,54,34,670 at the beginning of the FY to Rs.12,67,10,720 at the end of the FY.

Further, during the period under review, your Company has not bought back any of its securities / has not issued any Sweat Equity Shares / has not issued any Bonus Shares/ has not issued shares with Differential Voting rights and there has been no change in the voting rights of the shareholders.

Alteration of capital clause of memorandum of association

Pursuant to the increase in the Authorised Share Capital of your Company, as mentioned above, the Capital Clause of the Memorandum of Association of the Company was altered and substituted with a new Clause V to reflect the corresponding changes in the Authorised Share Capital. Members of the Company had approved such alteration in the Capital Clause of Memorandum of Association through postal ballot held on January 8, 2022.

Employee stock option plan

The Company implemented the Employees Stock Option Scheme ("ESOP Scheme") in accordance with the SEBI (Share Based Employee Benefits) Regulations, 2014, read with Securities and Exchange Board of India (Share Based Employee Benefits and Sweat Equity) Regulations, 2021 ("SEBI SBEB Regulations") as a measure to reward and motivate employees as also to attract and retain talent.

During the year under review, the ESOP Scheme was amended by shareholders through Postal Ballot on January 8, 2022 by increasing the ESOP Pool from 5,27,173 to 11,00,000. The ESOP Scheme is in compliance with SEBI SBEB Regulations.

The objective of the said ESOPs is to enhance employee motivation, enable employees to participate, directly or indirectly, in the long-term growth and success of your Company. Also, such tools act as a retention mechanism by enabling employee participation in the business as its active member.

Disclosures on details of options granted, shares allotted upon exercise, etc. as required under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Share Based Employee Benefits and sweat equity) Regulations, 2021 are set out in Annexure XI to this Report.

Further, details of options granted and exercised are included in the notes to accounts forming part of financial statement.

The Secretarial Auditor of your Company, M/s Akash Verma & Associates, Practicing Company Secretary, COP No. 22065 have certified that the Employee Stock Option Plan of the Company has been implemented in accordance with the applicable SEBI Regulations and the resolution passed by the Members in this regard. A certificate to this effect shall also be placed before the members at the ensuing Annual General Meeting.


The Company has not declared any dividend during the Financial Year 2021-22.

Transfer to reserves

Details with regard to amount transferred to reserves are provided in the Notes to Financial Statements forming part of this Annual Report.

Investor Education and Protection Fund

During the year under review, your Company was not required to transfer any funds to Investor Education and Protection Funds (IEPF).


During the year under review, your Company has not accepted any deposits from the public under Section 73 and 76 of the Act and rules made thereunder.

Particulars of loans, guarantees or investments

During the financial year ended March 31,2022, the Company has not given any loans, provided any guarantees / securities or made investments that are covered under the provisions of Section 186 of the Act.

Related party transactions

As per the requirements of the Act and SEBI Listing Regulations, your Company has formulated a Policy on Related Party Transactions which is also available on the Companys Website http://www.calcomindia.com/.

The Policy intends to ensure that proper reporting, approval and disclosure processes are in place for all transactions between your Company and Related Parties. The said policy was amended on w.e.f. 1.4.2022.

All related party transactions are placed before the Audit Committee and also the Board for approval, as per applicable provisions of law. Prior omnibus approval of the Audit Committee is obtained as per SEBI Listing Regulations for the transactions which are foreseen and are repetitive in nature.

There were no materially significant transactions with related parties (i.e. transactions exceeding 10% of the annual consolidated turnover) during the year as per the last audited financial statements. Accordingly, the pursuant to the provisions of Section 188(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rule 8(2) of the Companies (Accounts), Rules 2014 in Form AOC-2 is applicable.

For details on Related Party Transactions, you may refer Notes to financial statements forming part of the Annual Report.

Material changes affecting financial position Directors

i) Cessation

Mr. Bharat Bhushan Jain (DIN: 00241818), an Independent Director of the Company passed away on April 26, 2021 and accordingly ceased to be the Director of the Company with effect from that day. Mr. Jain was associated with the company since 2010 and made valuable contributions during his tenure. Your Directors have placed their deep appreciation and gratitude for the contributions made by Mr. Bharat Bhushan Jain during his long association with Company.

ii) Appointment:

During the year under review, Mrs. Parvathy Venkatesh, who was appointed by the Board of Directors, upon the recommendation of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, as an Additional Director of the Company in capacity of Non-Executive & Independent Director with effect from May 28, 2021 for a term of 5 (five) consecutive years, was appointed as Non-executive and Independent Director by the Members of the Company at the Annual General Meeting of the Company held on September 30, 2021.

Apart from the above, there were no other appointment and resignations of directors and/or Key Managerial Personnel of the Company.

Key managerial personnel ("kmps")

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 203 of the Act, as on March 31, 2022, Mr. Sushil Kumar Malik -Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Abhishek Malik- Whole-time Director, Mr. Pramod Kumar - Chief Financial Officer and Ms. Aayushi Jindal - Company Secretary & Compliance Officer are the Key Managerial Personnel ("KMP") of the Company, pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.

There was no change in the KMPs of the Company during the period under review.

Directors liable to retire by rotation

In accordance with the provisions of the Act, not less than 2/3rd (two-thirds) of the total number of Directors (other than Independent Directors) shall be liable to retire by rotation. Accordingly, pursuant to the Act read with Articles of Association of your Company, Mr. Abhishek Malik (DIN:00085220) is liable to retire by rotation and, being eligible, offers himself for re-appointment.


In terms of Section 149(6) of the Act and Regulation 16 & 25 of SEBI Regulations, the following four Non- Executive Directors are categorized as Independent Directors of the Company:

Dr. Om Prakash Sood (DIN: 06954639)

Mr. Sunder Hemrajani (DIN: 01935048)

Mr. Ashok Kumar Sinha (DIN: 08812305) and Mrs. Parvathy Venkatesh (DIN: 00414603)

The Company has received requisite declaration of independence from all the above-mentioned Independent Directors in terms of the Act and SEBI Regulations, confirming that they continue to meet the criteria of independence. Further, in pursuance of Rule 6 of the Companies (Appointment and Qualifications of Directors) Rules, 2014, all Independent Directors of the Company have confirmed their registration with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) database.

Board of directors, its committees and meetings thereof

As of the date of this report, the Board of Directors of the Company comprises of 7 (Seven) members with 2 (Two) Executive Directors and 5 (Five) Non-Executive Directors out of which 4 (four) are independent.

Mr. Sushil Kumar Malik (DIN: 00085715) Chairman & Managing Director and Mr. Abhishek Malik (DIN:00085220) Whole-time Director of the Company are Executive Directors

Dr. Om Prakash Sood (DIN: 06954639) Non-executive Independent Director, Mr. Sunder Hemrajani (DIN: 01935048) Non-executive Independent Director, Mr. Ashok Kumar Sinha (DIN: 08812305) Non-executive Independent Director and Mrs. Parvathy Venkatesh

(DIN: 00414603) Non-executive Independent Director and Mr. Ajay Kumar Singhal (DIN:00112899) Non-executive Director.

Further, in terms of Section 152 of the Act and the Articles of Association of the Company, Mr. Abhishek Malik (DIN: 00085220) is liable to retire by rotation at the ensuing Annual General Meeting. Mr. Abhishek Malik being eligible has offered himself for re-appointment at the ensuing Annual General Meeting. Brief profile of Mr. Abhishek Malik is annexed to the Notice convening the Annual General Meeting.


The Company has the following committees which have been established as a part of the best corporate governance practices and are in compliance with the requirements of the relevant provisions of applicable laws and statutes. A detailed note on the same is provided under the Corporate Governance Report forming part of this Annual Report.

1. Audit Committee

The Audit Committee met 4 (four) times during the financial year 2021-22, viz. on May 28, 2021, August 14, 2021, October 4, 2021 and January 24, 2022. The Committee, as on March 31, 2022, comprised of Dr. Om Prakash Sood (Chairman), Mr. Ajay Kumar Singhal, Mr. Sunder Hemrajani, Mrs. Parvathy Venkatesh and Mr. Ashok Kumar Sinha.

2. Nomination and Remuneration Committee

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee met 5 (five) times during the financial year 2021-22, viz. on May 28, 2021, August 14, 2021, September 28, 2021, December 8, 2021 and January 24, 2022. The Committee, as on March 31, 2022, comprised of Mr. Sunder Hemrajani (Chairman), Dr. Om Prakash Sood, Mr Ashok Kumar Sinha and Mr. Sushil Kumar Malik.

3. Stakeholders Relationship Committee:

The Committee met once during the financial year 2021-22, viz. on January 24, 2022. The Committee, as on March 31, 2022, comprised of Mr. Om Prakash Sood (Chairman), Mr. Sunder Hemrajani and Mr. Sushil Kumar Malik.

4. Preferential Issue Committee:

The Committee met twice during the financial year 2021-22, viz. on January 21, 2022 and March 4, 2022. The Committee, as on March 31,2022, comprised of Mr. Om Prakash Sood (Chairman), Mr. Ashok Kumar Sinha and Mr. Sushil Kumar Malik.

5. Independent Directors meeting:

The Board of Directors of the Company comprised of four Independent Directors as on March 31,2022 viz. Dr. Om Prakash Sood, Mr. Sunder Hemrajani, Mrs. Parvathy Venkatesh and Mr. Ashok Kumar Sinha. The Independent Directors had a separate meeting on January 24, 2022 which was chaired by Mr. Ashok Kumar Sinha. The meeting was conducted to evaluate the:

(a) Performance of non-independent Directors and the Board as a whole;

(b) Performance of the Chairperson of the Company, taking into account the views of Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors; and

(c) Quality, content and timeliness of the flow of information between the Company management and the Board that is necessary for the Board to effectively and reasonably perform their duties.

Familiarization programme for the independent directors

In compliance with the requirements of the SEBI Listing Regulations, your Company has put in place a familiarization programme for the Independent Directors to familiarize them with their roles, rights and responsibility as Directors, working of the Company, nature of the industry in which the Company operates, business model etc. The details of the familiarization programme are explained in the Corporate Governance Report.

The same is also available on the website of the Company and can be accessed at web link http://calcomindia.com/download/familariasation-programme-for-independent-director/?wpdmdl=18819&refr esh=62eb6d2dae4e11659596077

Performance evaluation of the board

As per the requirements of the Act and SEBI Listing Regulations, a formal Annual Evaluation process has been carried out for evaluating the performance of the Board, the Committees of the Board and the Individual Directors including Chairman.

The performance evaluation was carried out by obtaining feedback from all Directors through a confidential online survey mechanism through Diligent, a secured electronic medium through which the Company interfaces with its Directors.

The directors were also provided an option to participate through physical mode. The outcome of this performance evaluation was placed before the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Independent Directors Committee and the Board in their respective meetings for the consideration of the Board/ Committee members.

The review concluded by affirming that the Board as a whole as well as its Chairman, all of its members, individually and the Committees of the Board continued to display a commitment to good governance by ensuring a constant improvement of processes and procedures and contributed their best in the overall growth of the organization.

Vigil mechanism / whistle blower policy

Your Company has established a vigil mechanism through which directors, employees and business associates may report unethical behaviour, malpractices, wrongful conduct, fraud, violation of Companys code of conduct, leak or suspected leak of unpublished price sensitive information without fear of reprisal.

The directors, employees, business associates have direct access to the Chairman of the Audit committee. The details of vigil mechanism have been shared in the "Corporate Governance Report".

Management discussion and analysis

The Management Discussion and Analysis Report for the year under review as stipulated under SEBI Listing Regulations with the Stock Exchanges in India is presented in a separate section forming part of this Annual Report.

Risk management policy

The Company has formulated a risk management policy and has in place a mechanism to inform the Board about risk assessment and minimisation procedures along with a periodical review to ensure that executive management controls risk by means of a properly designed framework.

Adequacy of internal control system and compliance with laws

Your Company has an adequate and effective system of internal controls commensurate with the nature of its business and the size and complexity of its operations The Companys internal control mechanism aims to safeguard its assets as well as authorise record and report all transactions correctly and on time. These control processes facilitate in safeguarding the organisations assets, preventing and detecting frauds and errors, ensuring accurate and complete accounting and timely preparation of reliable financial information.

Vigil Mechanism / Whistle Blower Policy

The control mechanism ensures that the manual and automated processes for transaction approval and recording are adequately and effectively reviewed. It ensures compliance with various policies, practices and statutes in keeping with the organisations growth and business complexity.

Controls concerning authorization to SAP are reviewed periodically, and are initiated towards function based User access, supported by Governance Risk and Controls module of SAP. Further actions are initiated to effectively utilize the evolving SAP solution around Process Controls and continued monitoring through automations and exception management.

Your Company is in constant endeavour towards IT enablement in all key processes. Major controls under Credit policy, Customer/Vendor management, Procurement, Scheme settlements,

E-invoicing/waybill, etc. are embedded within SAP, assuring accuracy.

In FY22, to supplement the Internal Control process, your Company has engaged the services of M/s Mazars Business Advisors Private Limited to function as an internal auditor.

Every quarter, the Audit Committee of the Board is presented with key concerns and the actions taken by your Company on concern areas. Also, the Audit Committee, provide its observation, suggestions and recommendations.

Annual return

As required under Section 134(3)(a) of the Act, the Annual Return for the financial year 2021-22, is placed on the Companys website and can be accessed at


Auditors & auditors’ report

Statutory Auditors- M/s Suresh Chandra & Associates (Firm registration number: 001359N) were appointed as Statutory Auditors of your Company at the Annual General Meeting held on 29th September, 2018, for a term of five consecutive years.

The Independent Auditors Report given by the Auditors on the financial statement of your Company forms part of this Annual Report. There has been no qualification, reservation, adverse remark or disclaimer given by the Auditors in their Report.

Secretarial Auditors- Pursuant to the provisions of Section 204 of the Act and the Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel) Rules, 2014, the Board of Directors of your Company at its meeting held on 28th May, 2021 had appointed M/s Akash Verma & Associates, Practicing Company Secretaries to undertake the Secretarial Audit of the Company for the Financial Year 2021-22 and onwards.

The Secretarial Audit Report is annexed herewith as Annexure III

The Secretarial Audit Report does not contain any qualification, reservation or adverse remark.

Internal Auditors- M/s Mazars Business Advisors Private Limited, were appointed as Internal Auditors of the Company at the Board Meeting held on 28th May, 2021, to conduct the Internal Audit for the Financial Year 2021-22 and onwards.

During the period under review, M/s Mazars Business Advisors Private Limited., performed the duties of internal auditors of your Company and their report is reviewed by the Audit Committee.

Conservation of energy, technology absorption, foreign exchange earning and outgo

As required under section 134(3)(m) of the Companies Act, 2013, read with Rule 8 of the Companies (Accounts) Rules, 2014, the relevant data pertaining to conservation of energy, technology absorption and foreign exchange earnings and outgo is given in the prescribed format as Annexure I to this Report.

Human resources

We differentiate ourselves through our people-centric approach and inculcate a culture of transparency, inclusion, collaboration and excellence, making Calcom a Great Place to Work. Our policies and practices are aimed at providing a conducive work environment to meet the aspirations of our people, while ensuring their safety and well-being.

Health and safety

We have always strived to maintain the health and safety of our employees and workers, making it an utmost priority for the organisation. We have undertaken several initiatives to prevent and reduce injuries at our plants, and ensuring safety for all.

Raising safety awareness

Targeted safety placards, posters and signboards are placed at strategic locations, to raise awareness and to reinforce that safety is everyones responsibility.

Talent development, engagement and retention

We carry out continuous employee training to upgrade skills and equip our people with the latest technologies in the market. We regularly engage with our employees, with a special focus on ensuring their well-being and retention.

We conducted training sessions for the skill development of our employees.

These sessions included trainings on functional/behavioural and technical topics, in close coordination with our in-house experts. Knowledge-sharing sessions on innovative technologies were also conducted.

Since 2019, we Grant ESOPs to the employees as Wealth Creation Plan. We feel such initiatives will strengthen our employees engagement and ownership within the organisation, syncing their career and life goals, with that of the organisations.

Diversity and inclusiont

Calcom is an equal opportunity employer. We have gender neutral remuneration policies. The ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men is 1:1. 100% of our employees are evaluated based on their qualification and performance.

We are able to attract and retain young talent through a combination of youth-friendly policies and constant engagement with the leadership team.

Particulars of employees

Information in accordance with the provisions of Section 134(3)(q) and Section 197(12) of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 5(1) of the Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel) Rules, 2014, regarding employees is given in Annexure IV.

Disclosures under Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act 2013 Read with Rules

Your Company has always believed in providing a safe and harassment free workplace for every women employee working with your Company. Your Company always endeavours to create and provide an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment including sexual harassment.

Your Company has a zero tolerance for sexual harassment at workplace and, therefore, has in place a policy on prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. The said policy is in line with the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at

Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and the Rules thereunder. workplace. The said policy is in line with the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and the Rules thereunder.

The policy aims at prevention of harassment of women employees and lays down the guidelines for identification, reporting and prevention of sexual harassment.

The following is a summary of sexual harassment complaints received and disposed of during the year:

a. No. of complaints received: 0

b. No. of complaints disposed of: NA

c. No. of complaints pending: 0

Also, the Company had organised sexual harassment training programmes, from time to time, for its employees and staff. The said training programmes and workshop were helpful in creating necessary awareness and to encourage cooperative environment in the organisation.

Compliance with secretarial standards

During the year under review, your Company has complied with the provisions of Secretarial Standards issued by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India ("ICSI") in consultation with Central Government which are mandatory to be complied with by the Company.


The equity shares of your Company are listed on BSE Ltd. Your Company has paid the Listing fee for Equity Shares to the BSE Stock Exchange for F.Y. 2021-22 and F.Y. 2022-23.

Code of conduct

In Compliance with the Listing Regulations and Companies Act, 2013, the Company has framed and adopted a Code of Conduct and Ethics ("the Code"). The Code is applicable to the members of the Board, the executive officers and all employees of the Company. The Code is available on the website, at http://www.calcomindia.com

All members of the Board, the executive officers and senior officers have affirmed compliance to the Code as on March 31,2022. The confirmation from the CEO & MD of the Company regarding compliance with the Code of Conduct by all the Directors and Senior Management is annexed as Annexure VII and forms part of this Report.

Prevention of insider trading

During the year, the company has amended the Code of Conduct on insider trading in the line with the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) (Amendment) Regulation, 2018. This policy includes policy and procedures for inquiry in case of leak of UPSI.

Corporate governance

Maintaining high standards of Corporate Governance has been fundamental to the business of the Company since its inception. As per Regulation 34(3) read with Schedule V of the SEBI Listing Regulations, a separate section on corporate governance practices followed by the Company, together with the following declarations/certifications forms an integral part of this Corporate Governance Reporting:

a. A declaration signed by Mr. Sushil Kumar Malik, Chairman and Managing Director, stating that the members of board of directors and senior management personnel have affirmed compliance with the Companys Code of Business Conduct and Ethics;

b. A compliance certificate from the Companys Secretarial Auditor confirming compliance with the conditions of Corporate Governance;

c. A certificate of Non-Disqualification of Directors from the Secretarial Auditor of the Company; and

d. A certificate of the CEO and CFO of the Company, inter alia, confirming the correctness of the financial statements and cash flow statements, adequacy of the internal control measures and reporting of matters to the Audit Committee.

Directors’ responsibility statement

In terms of Section 134 (5) of the Companies Act, 2013, the directors would like to state that:

i) In the preparation of the annual accounts, the applicable Indian accounting standards (Ind AS) have been followed.

ii) The directors have selected such accounting policies and applied them consistently and made judgments and estimates that were reasonable and prudent so as to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Company at the end of the financial year and of the profit or loss of the Company for the year under review.

iii) The directors have taken proper and sufficient care for the maintenance of adequate accounting records in accordance with the provisions of this Act for safeguarding the assets of the Company and for preventing and detecting fraud and other irregularities.

iv) The directors have prepared the annual accounts on a going concern basis.

v) The directors had laid down internal financial controls to be followed by the company and that such internal financial controls are adequate and were operating effectively.

vi) The directors had devised proper system to ensure compliance with the provisions of all applicable laws and that such system were adequate and operating effectively.

Significant and material orders passed by the regulators or courts

No significant material orders have been passed by the Regulators or Courts or Tribunals which would impact the going concern status of the Company and its future operations.

Material changes and commitments affecting financial position between the end of financial year and date of the report

There have been no material changes and commitments, which affect the financial position of the company, that have occurred between the end of the financial year to which the financial statement relates and the date of report.


Your Directors would like to place on record their appreciation of the contribution made by its management and its employees who through their competence and commitment have enabled the Company to achieve impressive growth. Your Directors acknowledge with thanks the co-operation and assistance received from various agencies of the Central and State Governments, Financial Institutions and Banks, Shareholders and all other business associates.

For and on Behalf of the
Board of Director
S.K. MALIK Place: Greater Noida
Chairman & Managing Director Date: August 13, 2022

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