California Software Company Ltd Management Discussions.

Dear Shareholders,

We are presenting our Report on the Business and Operations of your company and its working results for the Financial Year 2018-19.


We live in an innovation driven world where traditional business and technology approaches no longer provide companies with a lasting competitive edge. Exponential advances across technologies innovations like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, IoT, augmented and virtual reality would continue to transform every aspect of human life. The association of these technological innovations creates a cyber-physical environment that results in completely rethinking the way assets and industrial processes work. The industry of the future will be an industry in the era of the digital revolution, capable of producing more smartly, more efficiently, more quickly, more safely, and more cleanly.

Tomorrows organizations have already started moving closer to peoples lives, focusing on a human-centered, end-to- end Digital Transformation. In doing so, these enterprises are achieving new levels of growth, and in the process, redefining the very role of the enterprise in our societies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) become core to business transformation in 2019, especially smart machine learning algorithms and advanced robotics. AI adoption will strengthen further, with smart, autonomous machines leveraging the new technology to perform tasks traditionally accomplished by humans. Drones and autonomous cars will continue transforming supply chains and logistics. Enterprises that can optimally leverage the power of such disruptive technologies will gain a competitive advantage across business functions. The growth of augmented analytics, expected to represent the third major wave for data and analytics, will be a crucial determinant in this direction, with over 40% of data science tasks projected to be automated by 2020.


Calsoft recognized that the technology revolution would significantly disrupt companies and entire industries globally. Calsoft began moving aggressively and strategically to further differentiate - Calsoft in the new digital world to help clients disrupt rather than be disrupted, and to capture new growth opportunities in a very competitive environment.

Today, Calsoft business is focused on providing end-to-end capabilities at scale across the full spectrum of professional services spanning strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. By combining calsofts capabilities across these businesses, Calsoft uniquely positioned to drive large-scale transformation for clients by delivering cutting-edge technology solutions and running operations providing an unmatched capability to integrate services and commit to tangible client outcomes

Calsofts value chain works across the companys industry-aligned business segments, are:

• Calsoft Digital Business, which helps clients apply digital technology to transform their products and customer experiences, driving new levels of revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

• Calsoft Digital Operations, which helps clients infuse their business processes with agility, intelligence, and automation.

• Calsoft Digital Systems and Technology, which enables clients to build the adaptive, cloud-enabled, secure, and efficient technology backbone needed to run a modern digital enterprise.


Calsoft focused on developing Digital and Analytics services, Big data analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, digital engineering and connected products, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, intelligent process automation, industry and platform solutions, and interactive customer experiences.


Calsofts Digital & Analytics (D&A) services continues to build on its leadership position in driving digital transformation through scale execution for our enterprise customers. This year, Digital & Analytics continued its growth across all industry verticals and geographies. The growth is driven by the robust trend of enterprises across industries moving beyond digital transformation proof of concepts (POCs), and by adopting scale digital for wider impact on their customer engagement and operational efficiencies.

We have introduced and enhanced several industry/domain specific capabilities this year, including,

• Cognitive procurement solutions for calsofts E Commerce applications.

• Data science model manager platform to ease and accelerate the adoption of data solutions.

• New competencies in Agile and Organization Change Management.

• Machine Learning-driven Fraud Detection solutions for the Insurance Industry.

• Zero Touch KYC solutions for the Financial Services industry.

Digital & Analytics within Calsoft as successfully geared up the internal organization through a focused reskilling and up skilling program to equip our practitioners with the skills necessary to participate in and drive next-gen digital transformation programs.


Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover patterns, relations and insights for future decisions. The concept of big data has been around for many years. In the past, it is time consuming to gather information, run analytics and unearth information that could be used for future decisions. With todays technology, its possible to analyze data and get insight from it in short period of time. The most remarkable benefit of big data analytics is efficiency. With big data analytics, we can identify insights for immediate decisions, with cost reduction, faster and better decision and ability to identify new opportunities.

Data analytics might be useful to different types of companies such as travel and hospitality, health care, government, retail and ecommerce etc. Several types of technology work together to get the most value from the data. With data mining software, we help our clients to examine large amounts of data to discover the pattern, get the most relevant information to assess likely outcomes and accelerate to get the informed decision.

Calsofts Predictive analytics, which use data, statistical algorithms and machine-learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. Its all about providing a best assessment on what will happen in the future, so our client can feel more confident that theyre making the best possible business decision.

MACHINE LEARNING - While artificial intelligence (AI) is the broad science of mimicking human abilities, machine learning is a specific subset of AI that trains a machine how to learn. With data analytics and pattern recognition, theres a theory that computers can learn without being programmed to perform specific tasks; researchers are interested in artificial intelligence and wanted to see if computers could learn from data. The iterative aspect of machine learning is important because when the models are exposed to new data, they can independently adapt. They learn from previous computations to produce reliable, repeatable decisions and results.


Cloud computing solutions and cloud services enable enterprises increase revenue by saving time and costs or adding value to end customers. Calsoft offers cloud services such as PaaS (Platform as a service) and SaaS (Software as a Service), including consulting, system design and development, implementation, maintenance and support. The services are available on demand and the flexible business model helps enterprises to respond dynamical operation challenges.

Cloud Migration, Consulting and Operation Services

The company has been carrying out technical services including light cloud migration, independent host migration, data backup, data transfer and system configuration. Cloud computing helps to simplify IT, push innovation, increase returns on IT investments, and increase efficiency in operations. The company entered into a strategic agreement with Indian cloud computing companies, to provide cloud consulting and customized services. Innovation is treated as a standard today, including rich social experience, mobile payment, friendly user interface, structured and unstructured instant search data and regularly and upgrade without interference.

Cloud Identity, Mobile and Management

Identity management improves end-user productivity and secures access to cloud, mobile, and on-premises apps via single sign-on, user provisioning and multi-factor authentication. Manage apps, mobile devices and web portal via Active Directory, Single Sign-on (SSO) for Cloud and mobile apps can provide a one click access to users cloud, mobile and on-premises apps. Forgotten passwords and user confusion will be eliminated. Our Identity Service provides turnkey SSO access to thousands of popular apps.


The companys big data, Artificial Intelligence, sales channel management and marketing support have a clear market leading position. For securities business, the company has established technological advantages in important and innovative fields such as the formulation of industry data standards, core clearing, bills and interest rate swaps, next-generation transaction monitoring, risk control, and big data infrastructure, and supporting data management and control.


Next-generation, data-driven, cloud-native companies innovate faster and are beating you to market. They empower their engineering teams to learn quickly and make decisions fast. They attract the best and brightest. Calsoft is experienced in developing IoT solution with devices, mobile app and cloud platform for different purpose and industry. From data analysis, UI design, application development to SQA testing, we offer a one-stop solution to clients and helping the clients to launch their product carefree.

The company focuses on services such as application software development, system maintenance and system optimization. The companys service teams in application environments such as mainframe computers, client servers, internet and mobile internet, as well as a variety of platform software programs including various mainframe system, Windows series, Linux/Unix and Android, Symbian, IPhone OS, etc. Many enterprises are beginning to turn towards mobile application usage as mobile technology improves. Corporations can now take full advantage of mobile devices by creating custom applications for their employees that enhances communication effectiveness and maintains market competitiveness.

Calosft experienced in developing software incorporating many internet technologies, including Web Services, XML, AJAX, ASP.NET, as well as J2EE on Windows platforms and iOS platforms and also experience with USB device handling and interface (mass storage, barcode readers, etc.), Flash/Director application programming based on Macromedia, graphical user interface design and integration, software updates and digital rights management, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Kerberos, LDAP, SSPI, and MMC supported platforms. Our products are compatible with Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux, Sun Solaris 9, 10, HP-UX, IBM AIX, along with more than 190 kinds of popular platforms, with multi-language support development.


Increased regulations aimed at improving patient outcomes have made compliance a hot-button issue, while scientific advances coupled with new digital technologies drive the shift towards a more patient-centric model. Strong cost and pricing pressures, increased demand for innovation and demonstrated value, need to focus on patient engagement, and an ever changing regulatory and risk environment are part of the shifting landscape facing life sciences companies. Quality and regulation issues have become paramount, while biotech and smart health solutions offer rich new potential for growth.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical companies must develop real-world evidence capabilities to demonstrate value, adapt to patient-centered models through advancements in technology and enhanced collaboration within the Healthcare ecosystem.

Through the Internet of Things era, healthcare devices are getting smarter and connected. Most importantly, they are getting less expensive and affordable in the recent years. With the rich experience in building cloud-based software solution and integrating with hardware devices. Calsoft developed an integrated smart healthcare solution for elderly and improves the quality of life by letting them stay at home and stay healthy.

Our end-to-end Implementation services include:

• Consulting

• Implementation and Customizations

• Integrations

• Data migration

• Data warehousing and Analytics

• Application Development Maintenance, administration and support

Hosting and Managed services on the following applications:

• Argus Safety Suite and Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS)

• Oracle Clinical / Remote Data Capture (RDC) /

• Thesaurus Management System (TMS)

• Oracle Inform EDC / Central Designer / Central Coding

• Life Sciences Data Hub (LSH)

• Oracle Data Management Workbench (DMW)

• Oracle Clinical Development Analytics (CDA)


The financial services industry is entering an era of transformation shaped by three major factors: heavy regulation, subdued profitability and increased competition. The financial services industry will have to make significant investments in digital and leading-edge technologies to comply with regulations, compete with Fintech companies and deliver competitive return to shareholders. A great challenge.

Besides doing application and Apps development for finance company, we provided a total SQA testing solution to insurance companies. Calsoft provide SQA service on functionality and performance test on web portal, mobile Apps and related core system in different development stages.


Mobile application together with a web platform can serve an enterprise in various ways. Calsoft is experienced in software development and SQA Testing for consumer electronics and mobile products. Calsoft is capable to develop applications which enable interaction of PC, mobile and the product via different connection such as USB, Bluetooth LE etc. We have an internal design team and able to offer UI design service. All applications can be tailor made to best fit clients purpose. For unexperienced clients, we will provide consulting sections and help customers define what they wish to achieve and fully understand the feasibility, cost and outcome.


Vertically integrated business models are a thing of the past. In the competitive new telecom ecosystem, customers are forcing operators to boost network capacity and connectivity. Traditional telecoms operators are at a crossroads. On the one hand, they have seen new OTT services develop lucrative new markets using their networks without sharing the corresponding economic gains. On the other, the cost of maintaining those networks will soon be multiplied with the deployment of the new 5G standard and IoT support. Increasingly, industry players are seeking to develop additional revenue sources in the unfamiliar domain of applications and software services.


In the face of new driver behavior, diverse powertrain technologies, stricter environmental regulations and a booming demand for connectivity, automotive players need to reinvent their role - focusing on core activities and creating efficient eco-systems with strategic partners.

The automotive industry is facing a revolution. New players are entering the car market, empowered by innovative and disruptive technologies. Younger generations with different expectations are fostering new business models and drive an extreme differentiation of the product portfolio with a multiplication of vehicle variants. Meanwhile, stricter environmental and safety regulations are imposing significant new investments on manufacturers. This requires new technology breakthroughs such as electrification of powertrains and new electric/electronic architecture.


Aeronautics leading players need to address their chronic production backlog and embrace the possibilities of digital technologies. Altran deep cross-industry excellence enables them to tackle their R&D, production and business challenges.

In this rapidly evolving environment, players need to address a wide range of challenges from the transition towards incremental development to the production ramp up issue and the development of new services. This fosters new approaches and new activities, calling for brand new skills.


The power and utilities industry must invest in cleaner energy sources, optimize assets and client interaction and capture value from the digital disruption. Equipment manufacturers need to adapt their product portfolios and geographic reach, while improving operational efficiencies.

Low oil prices have led to limited exploration and production in Oil and Gas and impacted the revenues of traditional producers. Attention is increasingly turning to renewable sources like wind and solar. At the same time, nuclear investments are increasing across the globe both in terms of new installations and the huge potential market in decommissioning. Meanwhile, digital transformation is disrupting the entire Energy value chain and challenging players to improve performance and generate new revenue streams.


To achieve new growth, industrials and electronics players need to invest in new technologies and boost their competitive advantage to reclaim market share from their rivals. In a fiercely competitive environment, we help you come out a winner. Industrials and Electronics are entering a new age, driven by IoT and global connectivity. All industries are now adopting Industry 4.0 capabilities like automation, robotics and 3D printing while Big Data and Analytics offer new potential for improving quality, reducing costs and boosting competitiveness. In high-tech, the western economies provide the front end for an industry whose back office now extends right across the planet.


Our products and platforms strategy involve a combination of organic and inorganic IPs, along with partnership led innovations. We continue to see client needs for product and platforms that automate operations and drive agility, solve business challenges end to end through flexible investment models, create value out of data and protect technology investments. Calsoft continues to look out for opportunities to grow this portfolio to create a complete suite of offerings in the chosen areas.

The large-scale deployments of these products provide us with a great opportunity to reach and serve thousands of global enterprises across a wide range of industries and markets. Products and Platforms continues connecting the dots between the existing strengths while looking beyond tomorrow and aligning with the trends shaping the future. We are building a world-class software products business, committed to bringing speed, insights, and innovations to create enduring value for our customers. The details are mentioned below.


Increasing competition in all industries has led to loyalty programs becoming increasingly significant. CLPM is a unique IT Platform for management of a successful loyalty program. It contains all modules required for a next generation loyalty program and brings long-term profitability to an organization.

CsIoT Internet of Things

CsIoT, the dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) business unit of CALSOFT enables organizations to maximize effectiveness, and returns on their asset investments by co- creating best-in-class IoT driven solutions. These solutions help our customers drive business transformation by creating efficient processes, new revenue streams and effective models that deliver measurable outcomes.

At Calsoft we believe that the transformative impact of IoT is realized by IoT-izing the dark ‘things, connecting the assets to a ‘data platform, and then using the data to derive actionable business ‘insights. This is followed by business decisions that ultimately lead to a change in enterprises ‘processes and people practices.

CsIoT provides end-to-end IoT services for organizations across three phases, Define-Build-Run by helping organizations design enterprise IoT strategy, develop and run the IoT systems for realizing real business value. CsIoT is Calsofts next-gen innovation space to co-create an IoT-led transformation roadmap with Clients.

Each roadmap is custom-created to solve a business challenge, and results in key business outcomes like increased productivity, minimized inefficiencies, creation of new revenue streams and innovative business models.

CsDigital: "Share the Same Boat"

The emergence of the CsDigital platform aims to ease the software-driven enterprise transformation and promote industry upgrading. CsDigital provides an alternative delivery model than the traditional ITS delivery model. During the delivery process, CsDigital helps the vendor and the buyer to find a satisfactory price. CsDigital is integrating the idea of shared economy and crowd sourcing into the ITS market.

The company pushed out the cloud software parks and used CsDigital as its vehicle to expand new industries, provide new services, and bring in new technologies and ideas. There are many paths to cloud adoption. However, to gain the efficiency, scalability and agility required to drive innovation, organizations need an anchor partner with cloud-first experience. From selecting the right cloud vendors, cloud architecture, to cloud security solutions, CsDigital provides the full spectrum of cloud strategy services required to design, deploy and manage cloud environments.

CsDigital works closely with clients to understand their complete business environment. We build a framework for cloud approaches (public, private, and hybrid), cloud types, reference architectures, security policy and cloud management platform. With the help of our strategic partnerships, we assess current state of applications and infrastructure and recommend the most efficient and optimal to-be state.

This new model will be an O2O model (Online to Offline) running on platforms and sharing, leasing, research and development, and other services that are based on the Cloud. Calsoft plan to launch CsDigital Software Park in Indian cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and as well as globally, Middle East, USA, Canada and Europe.

By 2020, Calsoft envisages to achieve 10-time growth in this field. The goal is to "share the same boat" with technology driven companies and continue to improve end customers satisfactions.

CsBigData"Breakthrough in Bottlenecks"

As the data application demand and requirements from enterprises are increasing, the Big data and analytical market will grow from USD130 Billion to USD203 Billion from 2016 to 2020. In the Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Bigdata driven decision makings are bringing cultural changes in the Global market.

In 2017, the Calsoft quickly established CsBigData and service team engaged in cross industry consulting and implementation methodology, end to end solutions there by helping the customers to Plan and design rational scientific Big data structures and operation risk control management. In the future, CsBigData will continue to thrive in financial regulatory institute, banking, insurance, securities, transportation, logistics, energy, manufacturing, public security, healthcare, media and other fields. Technologically

CsBigdata will be the companys new growth engine.

CsCLOUD "Sail on the same boat"

As technologies improve, it is essential that by 2020

25% of the Digitals GDP will be digital economy. Cloud computing is an important technology to help enterprises digitalize and thereby lowers enterprises operating costs significantly and increases enterprises managerial efficiency. Calsoft has been working on Cloud services since 2010 and has created a team of technical staffs. The company has launched its "intelligent manufacturing cloud" called CsCloud.

CsCloud will help the manufacturers to realize a smart manufacturing transformation. In the next three years, the Calsoft will accelerate its push to help Indian manufacturers to achieve smart upgrade "Sail on the Same boat


Clinical Data Management team comprises of Data Managers, Quality Review personnel, Database administrators, Clinical programmers and Medical Coders. They have considerable experience having managed several projects for several Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies for Phase I to IV clinical trials.

Our infrastructure includes Oracle Clinical Data Management System, MedDRA and WHODRUG for Coding, Crystal reports for report generation, WinNonlin for Pharmacokinetic Analysis. We also provide services for any client specific CDMS on an ASP model.

Our production servers are hosted at a Level III data centre with redundant IT infrastructure such as power and internet connectivity, regular scheduled backups and disaster recovery.

Our CDM services include:

• CRF designing to capture Data based on Protocol

• Robust database design and set up

• Effective Validations for a smooth database closure

• Meticulous manual review of data

• Medical coding by appropriately trained medical personnel

• Scheduled report generation to get a feel for Data quality

CLIDAC - Clinical Data warehouse and Analytics Console Data warehousing

Clinical Data warehouse and Analytics Console - CLIDAC is a secured, regulatory complaint Clinical Research Data Warehouse and Analytics System.

CLIDAC provides solutions with fact-based insights into clinical trial data, in order to assist your organization making informed business decisions, thereby helping your organization in increasing productivity and developing drugs in an effective manner, at a faster pace.

CLIDAC helps in

Standardization including

SDTM transformation

Safety monitoring and signal detection

Single data storage for data mining and visualization

CLIDAC has out of the box integration capability to Connect and Load Data from

Clinical Systems

Oracle Clinical / RDC


Open Clinica


Safety Systems



Other Clinical or Safety Systems which runs on

Oracle database

SQL server database

File based data such as

Text / CSV

SAS SAS datasets, XPT and CPT

CASP - Conversation Assistance BOT with state of the art pretraining

(in association with TeamAI,

CASP is a chat-based AI assistance system along with voice support for general purpose information retrieving, querying specific data from database and triggering scheduled tasks with Voice authentication.

CASP is a modified Deep Neural architecture (BERT) open sourced by Google-research, which is trained on enormous text in understanding the context.

Aids in
• Information Extraction, Conversational assistance. • Triggering the repetitive processes.
• Retrieving stats and day to day progress from data base. • Securing information with voice authentication.
Access Control • Information Retrieval
• Physical facilities • Customer information for call centers
• Data and data networks information • Audio indexing (speech skimming)
Transaction Authentication • Personalization
• Bank wire transfers • Query solving in Call center
• Fraud Detection • Voice sample matching
• Remote time and attendance logging


Patients safety is given prime importance for ongoing medical support at the site. Serious Adverse Events and Adverse Drug Reactions are all monitored, documented and reported within the defined timelines. Our team consists of several Physicians and Doctorates in Pharmacology with experience in Pharmacovigilance practices for trials across a wide array of therapeutic indications.

• Providing medical monitoring/support to sites

• Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Management

• Assessment of Causality and Expectedness of Adverse and Serious Adverse Events

• Preparation of Alert letters

• Medical Writing Authoring of clinical study documents (Protocol, Investigators Brochure, Summary reports and Publications and authoring of medical communications

Our team consists of several Physicians and Doctorates in Pharmacology with experience in medical writing for trials across a wide array of therapeutic indications

• Argus Safety consulting and Implementation services

• Implementation and customizations

• Validation

• Data Migration

• Upgrade

• Hosting / Cloud computing

• Maintenance and Support

• Oracle Partnership and Oracle Certified/Specialized team

• ICSR Processing

• Training

Chronscrapper (in association with TeamAI,

Chronscrapper is an automated Data extraction tool used in structuring the data of PDF and scanned documents with advanced Image processing OCR (in hand written recognition) method followed by Deep Neural Architecture

in segregating data.

It will understand the pattern, posture and related key value features in data segregation with enough training data.

Helps in:

• Reading large number of documents in Limited time.

• Hand written text recognition.

• Automated email and other information reading and scheduling the tasks with the info.

• Application

• Process Automation

• Automating Sale order reading and exporting the data to data base.

• Data and data networks information

• Advanced Optical Character recognition

• Text recognition from images

• Hand written text recognition.

EYWA (in association with TeamAI,

EYWA is an AI assistant for Doctors, state of art technology that redefine the way people access healthcare. Now the doctors can have virtual consultations with laser focus that can improve patient care. It uses deep-learning methods to diagnosis disease for various use case. We Team AI, make preliminary diagnosis of various medical conditions simple and efficient in a click away. We indent to build our AI to save life around the world.

Eywa -Phenomena detection

Pneumonia accounts for 15% of all deaths of children under 5 years old, killing 808 694 children in 2017. Our AI equipped with deep learning architecture for detecting the presence of pneumonia clouds in chest X-rays (CXR) images with higher accuracy which is very challenging and time-consuming task.

Eywa - Breast cancer detection

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, nearly 1.7 million new breast cancer cases were diagnosed in 2012. With our evolving AI, even a greater exclusion of normal mammograms seems possible since the majority of the cancers with low risk scores were clearly visible for both black and white women.

Eywa helps in:

• Preliminary diagnosis

• Segmentation and Tracking the disease

• Evolving with the disease transitions

• Diagnosing med-citations with very low cost

• Easily accessible and reliable health care and capable of automating the tasks


By 2020, more than 80 percent of Ecommerce applications would be integrated with AI. YeshGeeCom is an open and flexible framework to keep up with this growing list of emerging capabilities with AI integrations.

YeshGeeCom can be used to trade B2B (business-to-business) and B2C(business-to-customer) segments.

In B2B segment, more than 1.4 million international buyers, including 95 of the worlds top 100 retailers, use their services to obtain product and company information to help them source more profitably from overseas supply markets. YeshGeeCom can manage B2B eCommerce sites for multiple brands, channel partners, or key accounts. Business to business customers can self-manage their company accounts and set up multiple tiers of buyers with specific roles and permissions. They can also track quotes, view detailed order histories, and manage their credit online, reducing the need to call for support.

We implemented major features step by step according to clients priority. The client wanted buyers and suppliers to communicate with the mobile app in their exhibition, so we implemented RFI (Request for information) and RFQ (Request for quotation) feature in the first phase, so the buyers could send enquiries and suppliers could send information/quotation to buyer directly through the mobile app. As a result, the client increased buyer and supplier stickiness to the system by providing to them an easy and efficient way to manage their enquiries/messages and thereby minimizing complaints, also a better tracking and market intelligence by obtaining more insights on the sourcing (buyer) and selling (supplier) behavior.

With issues like data control, privacy, and security top of mind, its important to consider which deployment options best fit your business needs. You can choose from on-premise; commercial co-location; on cloud with AWS (direct); partner hosted; and fully hosted SaaS.

YeshGeeCom can assign custom catalogs and price lists to customers and target content and promotion to specific segments. Customize payment options to maximize sales and convenience with support for payments on account, credit cards and alternative payment methods.

Smart Order Management and Inventory - Improve operations with a single solution for managing orders from all sales channels. Provide customers with accurate, real-time inventory from across your supply chain and use automated business rules to optimize your fulfillment costs and delivery times.

Friction-Free Ordering- Boost sales with fast and convenient purchasing options. Buyers can quickly place orders online by entering SKUs, uploading CSV files, or choosing items from pre-set requisition lists. Your sales team can assist customers by creating orders on their behalf and can quickly respond to online quote requests with a full set of quote management tools.

Engaging Experiences on All Devices - Create engaging, mobile-optimized experiences to empower your customers and sales staff to place orders on any device, at any time. And, increase sales with B2C-tested merchandising, content management, and promotional capabilities that differentiate your brand and make products stand out.

YeshGeeCom E Commerce platform can create authentic, localized brand experiences across multiple websites and handle day-to-day tasks with ease. Stage and preview content, and quickly customize your merchandising by location with drag-and-drop categorizing.

The vast global ecosystem ensures that you have expert local knowledge in any region. From 150+ language packs to local system integrators and regional extensions, can integrate almost any local business or custom system.