Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd Management Discussions.

Managements Analysis

The FY 2018-19 has been quite challenging. Our effort to revoke the suspension of trading on the BSE is still pending with the authorities and we are still hoping for a favourable outcome in due course. The company management have also worked out a plan to revive the company with a completely new business model to retain and retrieve the hidden value for all its stakeholders. But some of these plans can be put into operation with partners who are looking to deepen the engagement with the company only when they have an assurance that the company will be a fully functional and live entity on the exchanges. We are hoping this gets fructified soon.


We are still primarily dependent on the combined skill and experience of the promoter and executive directors who have decades of experience in the multilingual software field, the management has identified three main emerging areas to apply these skills to new areas namely (a) Multilingual e-Commerce Portal for B2B (b) Internet of Things (IOT) application in agriculture for crop harvesting, storage and transit with multi-lingual interface (c) IOT enabled food vending products and services using the new platforms of cloud and mobile based computing, again with multi-lingual interactivity.


The main plank of our revival strategy is dependent on being able to pull in partners and potential collaborators to have confidence in our technical abilities and the Intellectual Property assets and leverage them with financial and human resources from partners to turn these potentially money spinning ideas into actual products and services which will generate a steady revenue stream. But our continued status as a company under suspension by the BSE is weakening our position and not giving confidence to potential partners to invest their resources in realizing the locked up value in our IP assets.


We still believe firmly in our deep IP assets and that there are huge opportunities in using our latent IP in multilingual computing and re-adapting it to voice-recognition and OCR (Optical

Character-Recognition) to address the language hurdle that is confronting the E-commerce and E-Retailing industry and preventing widespread adoption among the masses comfortable in vernacular. In the farming and agriculture sector which is shrinking primarily due to high cost and unavailability of reliable labour, application of the latest IOT enabled and easily operable, vernacular interface enabled gadgets can replace drudgery of labour at fractional costs is a great opportunity. So too vernacular interface enabled food vending kiosks which can provide ready to eat nutritious, healthy and hygienic traditional food deploying IOT technology can circumvent the high costs of skilled and semi-skilled labour.


Vernacular language interface enables hi-tech products which are low cost and high volume products in relatively underserved or unpenetrated areas like B2B, agri-automation and food vending. But to develop these high amounts of capital and long gestation is required. Big multi-national backed entities with deep pockets can muscle-in and take away business by subsidizing losses for very long periods just to undercut the market Though they may be late entrants and not nimble enough to create new markets or ideas, they can very well hijack ideas and/or human resources using their enormous clout to kill competition.

Financial scenario

The total income of the company has risen from Rs. 2.93 lakhs in 2017-2018 to Rs. 24.78 lakhs in 2018-2019 and the company has a net loss of Rs. 94.29 lakhs as compared to a profit of Rs. 63.94 lakhs in the previous year. The companys bottom line is still weak but should improve in the coming years with the new initiatives yielding results.

Human resources

We still are heavily dependent on the promoter directors who using their long experience and valuable skills to create new ideas for services and products which can be converted into steady revenue streams for our company in future. The independent directors provide us networking and advisorial support to help attract strategic partners to revive the company. We are indeed deeply appreciative and obliged to them for this help.