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Your company is a leader in Global Education established 33 years ago to make higher education available to all the students, thus fulfilling their dreams to pursue their higher education overseas. Your company has pioneered and made the whole process simple for students aspiring to reach their dream destination for higher education.

Your company is a brand name in overseas education and No.1 choice for students for taking specialized coaching to appear for pre-requisite test like GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. Your company gives immense confidence and faith to Students and parents. This is the driving force of our success.

A report on Management Discussion and Analysis Report is given below:


During the year, the economic activities showed encouraging improvements, the advanced economies are estimated to have grown by moderately future. The deceleration in developed economies impacted the developing economies through trade and financial channels directly besides weakening the business and investment sentiments.


Education & Training Industry:

Global Education Sector

The year has witnessed a good growth and contributed to the global sector. The education sector comprises of preschools, schools, colleges & Universities (Higher / Tertiary education), Technical, Management & Professional Institutes (Vocational), eLearning, education gaming, coaching and test preparation. Education sector globally continues to be the largest segment. During the year, the thrust on improving the standards of education continued globally, with countries increasingly adopting the modern technology and communication tools to create an interactive and engaging learning environment. Globally, entire education spectrum from pre-school, higher education, vocational education to teacher learning to school infrastructure is being re-evaluated to create a more knowledge driven environment than the earlier content driven one. Globally, the economic slowdown has once again highlighted the key role of educated workforce in achieving a sustainable long-term economic growth. Despite reducing budgetary support, countries are striving to maintain spend on education as it helps them to boost their productivity and competitiveness.

The education sector is fastest growing sector in India with promising future ahead. With the increase in number of educational institutions, the student community is finding multiple choices to achieve the desired career. This growth is further expected to accelerate in multiples upon approval of bills pending in parliament related to accreditation and skills. Enormous increase in global opportunities for education as well as employment, education sector undoubtedly has tremendous future especially coming generation between age group of 5-15 years who have started focusing international avenues. This is the reason why Educational sector has the prospects of becoming the fastest growing sector in years to come. Foreign investment is also showing signs of entering into education sector in a big way in India in recent years and beyond.

The rapid growth in the sector is a consequence of access to trained English speaking professionals, cost competitiveness and quality telecommunications infrastructure.

Companies operating in e-business e-commerce is carrying out business on the Internet; which includes selling, buying and serving customers and collaborating with business partners.

India is able to leverage the advantage of the Indian time zone to offer 24 x 7 services to their global customers. Several world leaders including Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Cognizant, HSBC, General Electric, British Airways, American Express, and Citibank, have outsourced call centre operations and BPO operations to India


Company has strong belief in technology penetration in the education sector especially in higher education. Company is fully geared up in providing world class training and guidance to the student community with aspiration to land in any nation for higher education. The raising hopes in the present generation to reach the final entry level into the best universities and institutions around the world has become easy and economical in every aspect. The Company currently has eighteen centres providing services to students. The company with its vast experience and expertise in education and training industry could open various opportunities in foreign countries to the Indian student community.

The Company has extended its operations to a number of smaller cities and other parts of the country by establishing a network of business associates. The company is now synonymous with global education amongst Indian students who are planning and preparing for higher studies abroad. The Company provides lab, library and other online facilities to its students and possesses an experienced team of software developers working with academics producing interactive training/guidance and course content for various university admissions and entrance tests.


In India, education system is undergoing transformation and in future, India will be one of the largest education hub in the world. India’s higher education system is the third largest in the world, after China and the United States. The main governing body at the tertiary level is the University Grants Commission (India), AICTE, which enforces its standards, advises the government, and helps coordinate between the centre and the state. Accreditation for higher learning is overseen by 12 autonomous institutions established by the University Grants Commission.

The mushroom growth of small domestic players is a concern. The major risk envisaged is large Corporate and Independent investments by the big players from foreign and domestic market could be a big threat to the Company.


Education worldwide is at the brink of transformation forced by wave of new technologies in all the core sectors and powerful social shifts. The emerging forms will be learner-centered. The current education hierarchies will be of the past and new innovations to meet the challenges of the future will emerge. This will also influence in Higher education and the K12 schools, which account for nearly 80% of the total consumer spends in the market. The Indian higher education sector is expected to grow at an 18% CAGR till 2020, considering the Government initiatives through the ‘PPP’ model, and the industries boom in the years to come it seems to be natural consequence – increase the revenue, by high spending propensity and population growth will be active contributors to the economy.

The Company has now grown to a network of 18 offices spread across Hyderabad, A.P, Chennai, Bangaluru,etc., and continues to rapidly expand in the financial year 2016-17 in other Tier 1 and 2 Cities of India as well in abroad locations. Your Company in the one of the world’s leading test preparation service provider for GRE, GMAT, SAT,TOEFL & IELTS, The company uses the stringent recruitment processes and training TOEFL, programs for its staff, course material and delivery mechanism. Your Company unique Admission Counselling division offers expert services at each step of the application process for studying abroad.

The company reputation has earned us the privilege of being the ETS (Educational Testing Services) preferred vendor for promoting ETS products in India. Your company has been instrumental in successfully guiding its students through some of the most remarkable academic journeys they have undergone. Your company was set up with the vision to provide the best services in test preparation and admissions counselling to the Indian student who dreams of studying abroad. Since then, Your Company has firmly established itself as the ultimate destination for premium educational services in India. A definite leader in premium educational services, Your Company International Limited is India’s largest and best study-abroad enterprise. Since the company’s inception The company has five pronged approach that includes years of experience perfecting strategies that work, effective course structure, score improvements and guaranteed satisfaction, passionate and well-trained instructors, and ongoing research and development gives it the leading edge, internationally.. You company also partners with several universities helping students make strong applications to the partner universities and get admitted. Your Company has a large number of partner universities in all popular study abroad destinations such as USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia and Singapore.

Rapidly growing family of education centres, excellent Human-ware, great grass-root level Infrastructure, intensive and continuous R&D, a penchant for Speed and cutting edge delivery methods. All this is supplemented by a never ending Quest for Standardization of operations, to ensure consistency of quality across the length and breadth of the nation. This is our present.

We envisage a bright, successful and prosperous future for Team and aspire to achieve it primarily through a mix of strategic goals.

• Delivery of Quality Services

• Strict delivery standards

• Leveraging great talent

• Your Company’s future expansion plans in India and overseas.

We fully understand that with the changing times, our product and services portfolio will also need to be constantly upgraded. Well, we are ready for the challenges to evolve with times. Use of newer Technology platforms coupled with a fast growing grass-root infrastructure is what we will focus on. We have already introduced technology programs for Engineering Students under the brand name ADP (Accelerated Development Program) and also specialised enhanced skill development programs for Indian youth. A series of Management Programs are on the anvil. A new focus on these programs will make your company to expand further to deliver higher quality and never ending support to our student community.


Your company has adequate internal control systems commensurate with the size of its operations and for the purpose of exercising adequate controls on the day-to-day operation systems are regularity reviewed to ensure effectiveness.


The human relations in the organization have been cordial. Your company believes that manpower is its greatest asset and endeavours to improve employee welfare at all times.