Flawless Diamond (India) Ltd Management Discussions.


Gems and Jewellery has been part and parcel of Indians since ages, both for its aesthetic and as well as investment value. The Indian Gem and Jewellery can be classified into various segments like diamond, colour stone, silver jewellery, pearls, and Gold studded jewellery. Looking at the trends in India it is still gold and diamonds is the preference for any occasion like birthday, wedding anniversary, weddings and many festivals where Indians have sentimental values.

The all of sudden rise in demand for gold in the country has led to various restriction by the government to curb the import of gold in the country to maintain the CAD (Current Account Deficit)

The depreciation of rupee against US $ is also likely to effect the jewellery sector. The demand for gold is likely to remain unchanged in the country because of love for gold on the occasion of marriages and good liquidity value of gold in case of emergency.