Golden Tobacco Company Summary

Golden Tobacco Ltd (Formerly known GTC Industries Ltd) was established in the year 1930 by Narsee Monjee. The company was changed to a private concern in June, 1955 and went public in the year 1970. The name of the Company was changed from GTC Industries Limited to Golden Tobacco Limited effective from 23 July, 2008. Golden Tobacco, the flagship of Dalmia group is one of the prominent players in the cigarette market. The companys principal activity is to manufacture and market cigarettes and processed tobacco. They manufacture various categories of cigarettes, namely full flavor, lights, ultra lights, menthol, menthol lights and extra menthol lights. The company later diversified into petrochemicals, additives, paper, marine products, etc.The company has world class manufacturing units, located at Mumbai in Maharashtra & Vadodara in Gujarat. They also own fully equipped printing press to produce all their packaging material. Some of the major cigarette brands owned by the company include Panama, Flair, Chancellor, Esquire, Legend and Burton.In the year 1972, the company established their full-fledged manufacturing unit at Vadodara in Gujarat.In the year 1979, the company was taken over by the Dalmia Industries. The company diversified their business into Petrochemicals, additives and paper and hence the name of the company was changed from Golden Tobacco Company Ltd to GTC Industries Ltd with effect form August 20, 1985. In November 1985, the company started paper production in collaboration with Raigarh Paper Mills. In the year 1993, they commenced operations in their additives division. During the year 1994-95, the company co-promoted DSS Mobile Communication Ltd, the Nations most widely located paging operation.During they year 2004-05, the company subsidiaries, namely Panama Investment & Finance Ltd, Rajnigandha Investment & Finance Ltd, Olive Investment & Finance Ltd and GTC Investment Ltd merged with Western Express Industries Ltd, the wholly owned subsidiary of the company.During the year 2007-08, the company launched a new category of cigarette, DIET BLUE in the King Size by using their Patented Technology, ECOTINE which is less toxic. In October 2007, the company entered into an agreement for the joint development of property situated at Hyderabad.