Grand Foundry Ltd Management Discussions.


Our Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing Bright Steel Bars and wires and is in the market to sell domestically and in exports since 1974. The Quality control and manufacturing process consist of in-house treatment and has standard quality name for more than 2 decades. Due to financial constraints, the company is been depending on business of processing steel on job work basis to maintain better economics and has successfully been able to achieve job work production. The Company also has indulged in the special heat treatment job in order to establish future market of Hardened & Tempered steel for exports as well as domestic, which will pave the path of revival and re-instating the strength of the company.


There has been a substantial change of steel requirement in the domestic as well as international market for the consumption of Bright Steel Bars and wires. Majority of Bright Steel Bars and wires are used for making the various kinds of components for Automotive industry, Machinery manufacturing industry, Dairy & food processing industry, chemical and fertilizer industry, electronics and electrical appliances industry along with computer industry. Due to global interaction and industrial change in domestic market, various companies have invested especially in automobile industry and electrical appliances industry along with computer industry. As your company has been well versed with international business, quality specifications, end market trends, which will be convenient and easy for the company to capture such trends. Various trial orders and sample approvals and certain bulk supplies have been established during the year to continue the pace with domestic market.


The Company is well established for selling and marketing Stainless Steel Bright Bars internationally in most of the developing countries and has maintained their market share. In the international scenario for Stainless Steel Bright Bars business has been on the greater recessionary trend for few years due to which the company has to go through the constant survival problems. But, at the same time, due to long term standing in the market, the company has been able to maintain its market outside India for Stainless Bright Bars and capturing orders and executing the same with the various financial arrangements. Short term spurts of improved demand has been affecting the company to regain its position from time to time in the international market, but the consistent improvement has been lacking in the international market since long time. The company has still been able to remain in the market even with these trends as well recessionary trends. As known worldwide, Indian steel has faced a lot of anti-dumping suits for Bright Steel Bars from European Community, U.S.A., Canada, the company has successfully being able to fight such anti-dumping petition and retain reasonable supplies to these countries and struggle to retain its position even at low profitability.


• The Company is engaged in the business since more than forty-five years and has expertise for marketing and quality maintenance of international quality standards for more than 2 decades and enjoys the market share in developed countries like United States and European market.


• As the major product of the company is made of Stainless Steel carrying high nickel (metal) which is a sensitive item quoted in LME (London Metal Exchange), the fluctuation may affect the business opportunities and its profitability.

• As companys major business is depending on exports the fluctuation in foreign currency may also affect the profitability.


The Company has in the last few years developed various heat treatment processes and successfully supplied commercial lots of heat-treated bars to specific standards in the international market in American, German standards. The scope of business is huge and normal, as this product is utilized and acceptable for various applications in the Engineering industries including Petro Chemical, Oil & Natural gas and Automotive industries worldwide. The company is looking for better profitability business and this kind of supplies keeping the edge over the other competitors. Stringent quality standards and method of processing has been introduced to achieve better reliability and traceability for these kinds of products which is mandatory for extending marketing. The international players and competitors for such products are from Italy, Spain and Korea, but with such renowned and established competitors, the company has been able to stand in the international market, establishing its product range internationally.


The Company takes pride in the commitment, competence and dedication shown by its employees in all areas of business. The companys belief is that its people are the primary source of its competitive advantage and consistently puts emphasis on Human Resource Development, which remains vital and strategic to the company. The Company is committed to nurturing, enhancing and retaining talent through Learning & Organizational Development to support the organizations growth and its sustainability in the long run. Cordial employee relations, in keeping with tradition, are being pursued vigorously. Industrial relations have continued to be harmonious throughout the year. This has been possible by creating a performance driven culture against the backdrop of care and concern for all employees. Objective appraisal systems based on Key Result Areas (KRAs) are in place.


The manufacturing facility of the company has been now fully in operation. The Company is currently earning income from outsourcing, manufacturing & marketing exports and earning commission income from the same & doing dedicated job processing for M/s Sunflag Iron & Steel Ltd well-known Manufacturer of Alloy & Special Steel.


The Company has proper and adequate systems of Internal Control to ensure that all the assets are safeguarded from loss, damage or disposition. Checks & balances are in place to ensure that transactions are adequately authorised and recorded and that they are reported correctly.


During the previous year the major source of income consisted of exports /sales whereas in the current year commission has been derived from the exports/sales passed onto fellow industries to maintain the marketing strength of the company.