Iykot Hitech Toolroom Ltd Management Discussions.

Industry Structure and Developments

Since your companys paid up Equity capital and Net worth is less than Rs.10 crores and Rs.25 crores respectively, hence not applicable to the company.

Opportunities and Threats:

Our Company project has resulted in high quality output which has resulted to tie up long term contracts with the customers. Our main concern is, continuous competition from other manufactures in the same line of production.

Segment wise performance:

Risks and Concerns:

Our main concern is, continuous competitive from other manufacturers in the same lien of production by reducing the price in the market due to which the Company has to reduce the price to retain its share in the market.

Internal Control system and their adequacy:

The Company maintains its adequacy internal controls to have efficient operations. Also the Company maintains all statutory rules, regulations, laws as applicable from time to time and protection of resourced and assets.

Financial performance with respect to operational performance:

Summary of statement of profit and loss account is given below.


Your Company net revenue decreased by Rs. 168 lakhs due to decrease of sales while comparing the previous year and other income has increased by Rs. 2.55 lakhs.


Purchase of stock in trade, no change in this expenses

Change in inventories inceased by Rs 5.69 lakhs due to change in the production cycle

Employees benefit expenses increased by 5% due to salary increase existing employees and new recruitment of staffs.

Depreciation cost decreased by Rs 1.56 lakhs due to change of accounting policy as per the Companies Act, 2013 and inputs of capital assets.

Finance cost increased by Rs 1.38 lakhs due to increase of Bank interest on borrowings and repayment.

Power and fuel decreased by Rs.6.66 lakhs due decreased in productivity.

Other expenses increased by Rs 11.40 lakhs due to cost increase of other overheads

Total expenses decreased by Rs. 98.28 lakhs which is reasonable while comparing the production and cost escalation of variable and fixed overheads.

Material developments in human resources / Industrial relations front:

Training on all sectors are given to its employees periodically and motivated to work in line with the development of the industry.

The willingness and Commitment of the employees help the Company to stand tall among its customer in quality and service. The Company has the total employee strength of 112.

Listing with Stock Exchange

The Shares of the Company are listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange.