IZMO Ltd Management Discussions.

Industry Structure and Developments

Your company continues to operate in an environment of continuous innovation, Enterprises that stay ahead of business trends and make big bets on the possibilities of emerging technology reap disproportionate rewards. izmo has successfully launched several such cutting-edge technology solutions, including the Parts Gorilla Vehicle Visualizer and Accessories platform, FrogData data analytics platform, and more.

Technological innovation and content expertise have enabled your company to successfully explore new markets and become market leaders in a few years. For example your company remains the online solutions market leader in the auto dealer segment, in countries like France and Mexico.

Opportunities and Threats

Presently izmo is aggressively promoting the izmocars suite of online solutions for auto dealers, globally.The key difference between izmo and others in the market is that izmo owns the entire auto retail ecosystem, which enables dealers to get all their offerings from one online partner.

Simultaneously, izmo is introducing new technology products into the market, creating consumer excitement and market disruption with virtual accessorizing, virual vehicle drives, predictive analytics, and more.

Simultaneously, izmo is expanding its multimedia division. In addition to vehicle images covering allmajor model releases in the U.S. and Europe, high technology products like CGI is now gaining market-traction with OEMs.

Your company has built formidable entry barriers in our markets which alley competitive threats to a significant extent.

Segment wise or Product wise Performance

North America


Your company continues to be the #1 provider of automotive imagery and visual marketing solutions in the US as well as globally. Additionally, new business ventures like social marketing is gaining traction.


Your company continues to be the #1 automotive website provider in the country, adding more automotive OEMs to its existing portfolio. izmo has already launched its new visualizer platform with a prominent OEM in this fast-expanding market.



izmo continues to be the #1 provider of automotive retail websites in France with more than 30 automotive brands in its portfolio.

Other EU Nations

Your company continues to expand operations in other key EU territories. We have added several new clients to our Brussels based studio operations. izmo was also able to consolidate gains in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Italy.



In India we further consolidated our near-total domination in the enterprise products segment, improving business by 50% in just one year. In addition to the izmoweb business and professional website offerings, we also made significant strides in auto dealer website and marketing.

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