LWS Knitwear Management Discussions


1. Industry structure and development

Ludhiana is a leading producer of woolen and acrylic garments. The industry caters largely to domestic market; it is also exporting hosiery goods which is around 10% of total production. Main export markets till early 1990s; it was former USSR and Middle East and now in recent years it has expanded to other markets in Europe and USA.

2. Opportunities and threats

The company is engaged in the manufacture garments which is a consumer product and has a ready market in India and abroad. However, the company faces competition from other manufactures.

3. Segment wise or product wise performance

The company suffered losses in past some years and there were some financial constraints which led to the closure of production. However, company has come out of all the constraints and now Company is earning some profits.

4. Outlook

Company is all set to export readymade garments and it is expected to earn good profits in the coming years.

5. Risks and concern

Management does not foresee any significant risk to the industry.

6. Internal control systems and their adequacy

The company has a qualified and independent audit committee which reviews the adequacy of internal controls.

7. Discussion on financial performance with respect to operational performance

The gross block of assets of the company stood at Rs. 1.34 Crores and net worth of the company is Rs.10.78 Crores as at 31.03.2023.

8. Human Resources

The Company provides a fair and equitable work environment to all its employees. The Company is continuously working to create an atmosphere which is highly motivated and result oriented.