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Director Sanjeev Jain
Independent Director Gulab Gupta
Independent Director Deepak Chaudhuri
Independent Director Mohan Chandra Pant
Director Ravindra K Raje
Whole-time Director Ashok K Kapur
Company Secretary Mahesh Verma
Director Drushti R Desai

Narmada Gelatines Ltd., formerly known as Shaw Wallace Gelatines was incorporated on 13 Jan.61 as Leiner-Knit Gelatin Company. In 1978, the original promoters P Leiner & Sons fully divested in favour of Shah Wallace & Company and the name was changed to the Shaw Wallance Gelatines.The company manufactures gelatine, ossein, dicalcium phosphate and bone meal. Gelatine is basically a protein derivative of collagen, with a wide variety of end users. It is mostly used in the pharmaceutical, food and photographic industries.The company came out with an issue of PCDs in Dec.94 to part-finance the expansion of existing capacity of production of gelatine from 1500 tpa to 2000 tpa. In 1994-95, the company made a breakthrough in exports of gelatine of pharmaceutical grade to developed countries, and edible grade to Japan and the Netherlands. Crushed bones of different sizes are washed, de-greased and processed for de-mineralisation. In de-mineralisation, the bones are treated with chilled dilute mineral acid in wooden vats to remove calcium phosphate from the bone pieces. This results in soft bones which are called ossein. After acid-free wash, this goes through alkaline treatment to remove unwanted proteins, fats and sugars, improving the purity of the collagen. The resultant product after refining is gelatine.Company consolidated its position in exporting pharmaceutical and edible grades of Gelatine to developed countries. Company has projected aprox. 134% Export, taking efforts to enter into the Japanese market to export of Ossein. Company has accredited with ISO-9002 Certificate by BVQI.The company is planning to improve the gelatine quality parameter in order to export more value product.


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