Nilkanth Engineering Ltd Management Discussions.

Industry Structure and Development

Although Financial Services Industry is amongst the oldest industries in India but it is not growing very rapidly, it is an industry, which has evolved into a highly competitive and innovative driven industry, characterized by the presence of various sizes of players varying from solo-operators to small to medium sized niche players as well as established big players operating in different spaces in the entire spectrum of services.

Opportunities and Threats

Revival of stock markets and bullish sentiments appears to be opportunity for the company. The volatility in the market indices in the financial year under report represents both an opportunity and challenge for the Company. With the stability of Government at the Centre, the capita! market segment would significantly improve

Tough competition, slow economic growth and depressed stock markets seem to be the biggest threats to the industry. The Capital market activities in which most of our activities depends on is also influenced by global events happening in the US, UK and China, hence there is an amount of uncertainity in the near term outlook of the market.


Your Company operates only single segment which is making long term investment and letting out of the immovable property).

Future Outlook

Looking at good market sentiments steep rise is expected in near future. As a result, stock market will boost up and the Company is expected to show a better performance in the years to come.

Your Company continue to see the significant opportunity in the market and wili use periods of interim weakness as investment opportunities on long term.

Risk and concerns

Tough competition, slow economic growth, rapid changing statues and regulatory framework, etc. are the major risk areas in the Companys business. By using our experience, we hope to perform better in the year to come in spite of these risks.

Internal Control System & their adequacy

The Company had adequate internal control system commensurate with its size and nature of business. Your companys internal control procedures are adequate to ensure compliance with various policies, practices and statutes.

Financial & Operational Performance

The company has adopted Ind AS for reporting financial results for the year under review against previously India GAAP. During the year under review, the Company has incurred total compressive Loss after Tax of Rs 119.77 Lakhs (Previous Year total compressive Loss after Tax Rs. 161.58 Lakhs).

Human Resources and Industrial Relations

The Company recognizes the importance of Human Resource as a key asset instrumental in its growth. The Company has well developed management information system giving dally, monthly and periodical information to the different levels of management. Such reports are being analyzed and effective steps are taken to control the efficiency, utilization, productivity and quality in the Company.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Niikanth Engineering Limited

Place: Mumbai Nitin Agrawal G. M. Loyalka
Managing Director Director
Date : 5th September, 2020 (DIN: 08186528) (DIN: 00299416)