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a) Structure and Developments, Opportunities and Threats, Performance, Outlook, Risks and Concerns

The real estate industry is moving beyond what it perceives as cyclical headwinds i.e., rising interest rates, declining gross domestic product (GDP), sinking deal flows and taking a long-term approach to real estate assets. The mood among the real estate professionals we interviewed for this years Emerging Trends is cautious optimism. Their plan: Ride out the current slump and reposition their firms for another period of sustained growth and strong returns.

We find it striking that so many people in the industry are willing to look beyond cyclical headwinds. As one real estate professional told us, "Well look back in 10 years, and the prices that seem astronomical today will seem like a bargain."

This years Emerging Trends also reconfirms two sometimes contradictory property market trends: Aspects of the industry are "normalizing" (reverting to pre-COVID patterns), while others appear to have permanently changed as the pandemic has altered how and where we use different types of properties. These patterns are playing out in how real estate professionals view prospects in the 80 markets we tracked. No matter the trends, we believe companies must be flexible and adapt quickly to market changes.

PVV Infras Business Overview


To carry on an do the Business as Land Developers, Town Ship Developers, Satellite Town Promoters, developers of Housing Colonies, Real Estate Dealers by Developing laying out, turning to account any land acquired by the Company or in which it is interested or may get interested constructing buildings thereon providing conveniences like road drainage, play grounds, recreation facilities and other convenience selling then on ownership basis hire purchase basis or letting them out on lease or rental basis. 2. To design construct, build, buy, sell lease lease-put hire hire-out maintain operate dispose off, deal and otherwise transact in Technology Park, Export Processing Zones, Malls, Multiplexes Shopping Complexes, Office Complexes, Commercial Complexes of all kinds, special exports processing zones Residential Complexes, super Structure Hi tech Parks, Infra Structures of all kinds including real estate. 3. To carry on the business of farming, agriculture and horticulture in all their respective forms and to grow, produce, manufacture, process, prepare, refine, extract, manipulate, hydrolyze, deodorize, bleach, hydrogenate, buy, sell or otherwise deal in all kinds of agriculture, horticulture dairy and farm produce and products including food grains, cereals, seeds, oilseeds, plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, vegetable and edible oils and food products and preparations of any nature or description whatsoever. 4. To purchase lease of otherwise acquire develop and improve lands, plots, construct and erect houses, buildings, flats of all description, Holiday homes, resorts of all kinds townships and to sell such houses buildings, flats, holiday home, resorts townships and all other properties of the company either by hire purchase, installment or otherwise.


The prevailing 2 year developed altogether new set of challenges in the midst of the next wave of COVID- 19 pandemic along with economic impact of war situation in Ukraine. The management is conserving available resources and looking out for available opportunities and threats involved. As Covid-19 pandemic results into extended lockdowns and has generally resulted in negative impacts on the business of the companies worldwide in the past year and War situation bring rise in prices and shortage of resources. However, Company was able to generate revenue in the current financial year despite facing 2 covid waves. Further we are confident of emerging from the current situation stronger and more determined to achieve growth during the current financial year in our existing line of business. Further, the Company is in process of identifying opportunities in other line of business, leveraging the expertise of its Promoter

b) Internal Control Systems and their Adequacy

The management has designed internal control systems commensurate with the size and complexity of the business. These systems have been designed to provide reasonable assurance with respect to recording and providing reliable financial and operational information, complying with applicable statues, safeguarding its assets from unauthorized use or losses, executing transactions with proper authorization, prevention and detection of fraud and compliance with policies and procedures.

The Audit Committee reviews internal audit reports submitted by the internal auditors. The action taken tracker is also reviewed for implementation of the suggested corrective actions. The Audit Committee also meets the statutory auditors to ascertain their views on the adequacy of internal control systems

c) Human Resources Development and Industrial Relations

The Company believes that the quality of its employees is the key to its success in the long run and is committed to provide necessary human resource development.

Industrial relations during the year were cordial and the Company is committed to maintain the same in future.

d) Outlook

We have adopted the best infrastructure in our work. Most of the building Designs are developed in India. India has a capability to build infrastructure to solve some of its biggest problems such as shortage of healthcare facility, roads, eco-friendly buildings etc. It is not possible to meet the target with the present infrastructure.

For and on behalf of the Board of Pvv Infra Limited

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Hebbagilumane Nagaraj Ravinder Terala

Date: 30-08-2023

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