Shree Mahaganga Sugar Mills Ltd Management Discussions.

SHREE MAHAGANGA SUGAR MILLS LIMITED (FORMERLY KNOWN AS ELTROL LIMITED) ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011 MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS The Management of the Company is pleased to present this report covering the activities of the Company during the period 2010-11. Operation: The financial year there have been no operations in the Company for the year under review. Outlook: The long-term outlook for the business of the Company looks positive and ever growing. Opportunities: Due to globalization and entry of various Multi National Companies (MNCs) into India for closer Business operations, our Company requires to do more struggle to keep it standing. Risk Management: The Industry in which the Company operates is highly competitive since there are no entry barriers. The Company does not perceive any risks or concerns other then those comes to industry such as regulatory risks, exchange risks, and other commercial and business related risks. Internal Control Systems and their adequacy: The company has adequate systems of internal control covering all financial and operational activities. The internal control are designed to provide reasonable assurance with regard to maintaining proper accounting controls, protecting assets form unauthorized losses and ensuring reliability of financial and operational information and proper compliance with regulations. Human Resources Management: The Company has harmonious employee relations and there is close interaction between the management and employees to facilitate smooth functioning of our organizational activity. The Company facilitates consistent improvement in performance, productivity and effectiveness by setting targets through an interactive process and continuous and regular staff training programmes. Human resources are being recognized as one of the critical area to the success of our organization.