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Indian GDP growth continued its downward trajectory in every successive quarter of FY 2019-20, and expanded by 3.1% in thefourth quarter. The global economies are facing a synchronized slowdown, resulting from a variety offactors affecting the world. The outbreak of Corona Virus 2019 (COVID19) has globallydisrupted peoples lives, interrupted businesses and jeopardized decades of developmentprogress.

COVID-19 has significantly impacted business operation of the Real Estate companies, byway of interruption in production, supply chain disruption, unavailability of personnel,closure / lock down of production facilities etc.The ongoing Covid19 outbreak and its impact on economy have pushed sentiment in realestate to its all-time lowest level in the present times. Both residential and commercial realestate sectors are expected to be hit in term of launches, sales and prices.Further, due to extension of Lockdown due to community spread during the period there hasbeen significant volatility in property rates, resulting in reduction in property rates.

While the pandemic outbreak could temporarily disrupt the sector, there are certain greenshoots in this adverse situation, the current situation is expected to open up a lot of businessdevelopment opportunities for well capitalized developers, also Company expects to do wellin the coming years.

Major central banks across the globe shifted to an accommodative stance by effecting policy rate cuts to stimulate economicactivity. Central banks also pumped in liquidity to increase money supply and decrease rates. As a result, the Output which hadcollapsed in March 2020, started a slow recovery in April/May, and accelerated in June.


The Company has adequate internal control procedures conm1ensurate with the size of theCompany and nature of its business. The internal control system is continuously reviewed bythe management to ensure orderly and efficient conduct of business.


The Companys overall performance have been average during the Financial Year 2019-20. The financial results have been disclosed in the Financial Statements annexed herewith.


All the Statements in Management Discussion and Analysis Report with regard to projections, estimates and expectations are forward looking statement, based on certain future assumptions and expectations, which could vary from the actual envisaged. The company assumes no responsibility in any way to modify or revise such statements based on subsequent events or developments.