Trans Asia Corporation Ltd Management Discussions.


The Company is primarily engaged in Plastic Products & other Commodities like Chemicals which in India is growing rapidly catering to both domestic and International Markets.

During the current year the Market has not remained in favour of the Company. Best possible efforts are made to explore the Global Markets for Companys existing products. Efforts are also on to diversify range of products for global market. Your Directors are very positive towards future growth.


The Company is confident that it is well positioned to capture the opportunities in the field of Plastics & Chemical products and continue to grow the business in a prudent manner. Continuous introduction of various value added products, expansion of market, evolution of organised retail market and consolidation of business will provide tremendous opportunity for plastic business.


In the existing circumstances, the Company does not foresee any commercial or other threats, which could disrupt the operations of its business exceptional the usual or normal ones affiliated to any business.

The world is undergoing Economic reforms and your Company has been in the process of tie up with other entities. Because of adverse situations, the Company has not been able to perform during the year, as was expected. The Company is further planning to initiate the business of Plastics, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Bio Diesel are the areas where company is keen to compete.

While taking into the account all the above it is expected that the growth in profitability would be a challenge but concrete plans and strategies which are afoot, should see growth in turnover and profits in the years to come.


The financial and operational performance of the Company as on 31st March, 2020 in comparison to 31st March, 2019 is as given below:

(Rs. in Lacs)

Particulars 31.03.2020 31.03.2019
Sales & Other Income 0.00 0.00
Net Profit After Interest, Depreciation & Tax (8.24) (131.40)

Your Company is Zero Debt Company and it does not have any liability for loans and interest burden thereof.


The Company has a well established procedure for internal control systems. The Company has Internal Control and Audit System commensurate with its size and nature of its business. The weak areas are being reviewed for further strengthening.


The Company firmly believes that quality people are the prime movers of the business. In this pursuit Company attracts talents and retain the best talents in the industry through various HR processes and initiatives. The Company has also implemented a well designed performance management system to leverage the people performance in order to achieve organizational goals and move forward to build a culture of excellence.


The Management Discussion and Analysis made above are on the basis of available data as well as certain assumptions as to the economic conditions, various factors affecting raw material prices, selling prices, trend and consumer demand & preferences, governing and applicable laws and other economic and political factors. The Management cannot guarantee the accuracy of the assumptions and projected performance of the Company in future. It is therefore, cautioned that the actual results may differ from those expressed and implied therein.