Aaron Industries Ltd Summary

Aaron Industries Limited was incorporated as a private limited company with the name Aaron Industries Private Limited on October 23, 2013. The Company was converted from a private limited company to a public limited company and name of the company changed to Aaron Industries Limited on January 29, 2018. The Company was founded by Mr. Amar Chinubhai Doshi in year 2013 as a separate entity for elevator industry to provide exceptional design in elevator cabins and started its own journey as group Company of MOTI Group. The Company believes that within short span of time it has changed the elevator industry from simple cabins to extra-ordinary designer cabins. Moti Group started its journey with manufacturing of Iron Clad Switches at Surat in 1961 by Mr. Chinubhai Doshi, father of Promoter, Mr. Amar Chinubhai Doshi. Moti Group believed in Growing through Quality from day one. MOTI started its operations more than five decades ago. As years passed, MOTI gained popularity and experience in Manufacturing Switchgear Products. This leads to addition of Distribution boxes, Busbar chambers and Loom switch. It has also introduced Cable Tray & Building Hardware material such as Z perline, slotted channel and etc to the range. Encouraged by the progress, Mr. Amar Chinubhai Doshi has started new venture named as Aaron Industries Private Limited in the year 2013 for manufacturing and trading of Elevator products and other elevator parts with continuation of existing business also. Currently the company is providing all Elevator product and parts under one roof. It includes Elevator cabins, doors, frame, Header, Traction Machine and etc. From designing ultra-modern, up-to-the-mark cabins for luxurious properties-residential as well as commercials, the company gives its customers as artistic edge that enhances their property and provide customer satisfaction. The Company is also engaged in manufacturing of various electronic equipment like Distribution boxes, Busbar chambers, Loom switch, cable tray, building hardware material such as Z perline and slotted channel.