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Indias real estate market is booming at an exponential rate. After the slowdown for two consecutive years caused by the global Covid-19 outbreak, the sector is making a phenomenal comeback - registering unprecedented growth. Currently, real estate is one of Indias most prominent industries in terms of generating revenue and employment opportunities. Industry experts view 2023-24 as a boom year for Indias property market. Various reports suggest that 2023 year is a very good year in respect of real estate market and 10% to 15% hike is expected in total sale across the India.

We hope that the system will change so 2023-2024 is going to see a boom year for real estate as concerned a 15% growth across the board and commercial real estate will see exceptional growth and occupancy. So, all in all looks like a positive boom year in the financial year 2023-24.



As India awaits policy reforms to pick up speed, your Company firmly believes that the demand for Real Estate in a country like India should remain strong in the medium to long term. Your Companys well accepted brand, contemporary data, well designed projects in strategic locations, strong balance sheet and stable financial performance even in testing times make it a preferred choice for customers and shareholders.

Your Company is ideally placed to further strengthen its development potential by associating new properties, vendors and customers.


While the management of your Company is confident of creating and exploiting the opportunities, it also finds the following challenges:

• Concerns due to pandemic situation

• Increased cost of manpower


The Company is doing exceptional under the brand Brantford and looking forward for growth in the future.


Leading experts in the Indian property market is viewing 2023 as a booming year for the industry. According to them, in the next some months, there will be great hike in sales collectively in residential, commercial, and retail segments. In 2023, we expect the sector to leverage the governments continued focus on infrastructure development and industrial growth. Capital values across both the mid-end and high-end residential segments are expected to witness an uptick in 2023 due to factors such as robust sales momentum and rising input material cost that could force developers to pass on the increase to homebuyers.

With the employees return to office is commercial real estate demand is continuously increasing and likely to increase with higher numbers in current fiscal.


Sales Volume - The volume of business depends on the ability to find best propoerties that will meet customer preferences, getting various approvals in time, general market factors, project launch and customer trust in entering into agreements well in advance of receiving possession of the property.

Pandemic Risk- The outbreak of a novel strain of coronavirus (i.e. COVID-19), which commenced in December 2019 had spread across the world and India being no exception. The COVID-19 outbreak became more severe and result in a more widespread health crisis and/or result in a global recession because of disruptions of economic activity. Any of these type of factors may have a material adverse effect on your Companys financial condition and results of operations.


The Company has a proper and adequate system of internal controls to ensure that all assets are safeguarded and protected against loss from unauthorized use or disposition, and that transactions are authorized, recorded, and reported correctly. The internal control system is supplemented by extensive programme of audit, review by management, and documented policies, guidelines and procedures.


During the year under review, the Company has achieved turnover of Rs. 120 Lakh as against no turnover in the previous year. After deducting total expenditure aggregating to Rs. 14.96 Lakh, the Company has earned profit after tax of Rs. 81.66 Lakh as against loss of Rs. 0.02 Lakh of the previous year.

The financial summary for year ended is as follows: (Rs. In Lakhs)

For the current year ended 31st March, 2023

For the previous year ended 31st March, 2022

Revenue from operations



Other Income



Total Income






Profit / (Loss) for the year Before Tax



Less: Provision for Taxation



Net Profit/(Loss) After tax




The Company enhanced its no of employee and is looking to expand its working force in year 2023 by employing more suitable candidates to accelerate its projects planning, execution and sales.


Please refer notes of financial statement for the year ended 31.03.2023 for Key Financial Ratio.


The net worth of the Company increased to Rs. 253.86 lakh against Rs. 172.20 Lakh in last year. CAUTIONARY STATEMENT

This management discussion and analysis contain forward looking statements that reflects your Companys current views with respect to future events and financial performance. The actual results may differ materially from those anticipated in the forwardlooking statements as a result of many factors.