Ador Multi Products Ltd Management Discussions.


This report contains forward-looking statements based on certain assumptions and expectations of future events. The Company, therefore, cannot guarantee that these assumptions and expectations are accurate or will be realized. The Companys actual results, performance or achievements can thus differ materially from those projected in any such forward-looking statements. The Company assumes no responsibility to publicly amend, modify or revise any forward lookingstatements, on the basis of any subsequent developments, information orevents.


The company manufactures and distributes cosmetic and personal care products in the world with an innovative suite of technologies designed to improve the effectiveness of raw material, formulation, safety and quality control testing. The developments within the industry in India and globally is more towards safer ingredients, enhanced certifications and state of the art innovation for skincare. The industry is also going through a surge with new entrants into the market and a heavier focus on D2C and digital platforms for distribution.


Ador Multi Products Limited is an India-based contract manufacturer in the personal care industry. The company has two facilities, in Bangalore and Pondicherry. Each of these factories are well equipped with a variety of machines and facilities to cater to the needs of the personal care industry. The company also has all the required certifications and capacities to grow exponentially.

Over the past eighteen months, the company has invested heavily to transition the company to the next stage of growth. The company over the FY 18-19 invested in setting up a clean room, state of the art facilitiy in Pondicherry and is now well equipped to cater to all kinds of high end products.

The Company offers a range of personal care products, including hand sanitizers, hand wash, skin care products and face wash. The Company offers personal care products to various brands, such as Himalaya Drug Company, Bdel, Apollo Pharmacy Company, Aditya Birla Group and Future Group. With an enhanced alcohol capacity your company is a leader in the hand sanitizer segment.

The company is also investing heavily into own brands for further wealth creation. The company is an investor in 1908 eventures Pvt. Ltd. and is confident of the growth of the brand partnerships and distribution partnerships of that company. The company also has partnerships with Anatomicals, UK and Cocomo, India and is working closely with Amazon India for further brand partnerships / ownerships. These partnerships and investments, integrated with manufacturing capabilities enables the companys strategy to grow exponentially with healthier margins and stronger value creation in the coming years.


The Company has already set up a good marketing team and we focus on b2b marketing for our facilities. More recently the company is also regularly selling its own products through institutional sales and online.


Our strength is our determination, weakness is the low equity base, opportunities are multiples and threats are practically none.


The Company has an internal control system, commensurate with the size of its operations. Adequate records and documents were maintained as required by laws. The Companys audit Committee reviewed the internal control system. All efforts are being made to make the internal control systems more effective.



Your Companys Personal Care Products business, continued to gain consumer franchise during the year aided by a slew of new products launches in the Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wash, Skin Care, Face Wash, etc. The business continues to leverage the umbrella brands, namely, "Himalaya Drug Company", "Bdel", "Apollo Pharmacy Company", "Caremate" etc., segments and is focused on addressing various consumer benefits with the introduction of new variants. Buoyed by increasing consumer franchise for your Companys brands, it is expected that the accelerated growth of the Brand businesses will be sustained in the years ahead. Your Company will continue to rapidly scale-up product partnerships, invest in manufacturing and distribution infrastructure to support larger scale growth in view of the growing demand for their products and maximize the benefits of clients synergy. Apart from expanding the Companys existing in-house domain solution capabilities, specific development continued to enhance and strengthen globally.

Going forward, the Company will continue to review and reinforce its strategies and action plans to rapidly scale up its global foot print. It has built contracts with international clients and that should bear fruit in the coming year.


In any business, risks and prospects are inseparable. As a responsible management, the Companys principal endeavoris to maximize returns. The Company continues to take all steps necessary to minimize losses through detailed studies and interaction with experts.


During the period under review the revenue from the operations of the company has increased to Rs. 727 Lakhs as compared to previous years Revenue of Rs. 692 Lakhs. Your company has recorded significant increaseof 5.14% in the revenue from operation during the current financial year as compared to the corresponding financial year due to discontinue of trading business.


The Company believes in the adage "If you want to build your business, build the people first." Ador understands that the employees are the greatest strength and a foundation for long-term success. The Company has strongly embedded core values and all employees are encouraged to use these values as the basis upon which decisions are made and policies and practices defined, The Company has always laid focus on employee engagement and employee development. Company has very cordial relations with its employees.


Statement in this Managements Discussion and Analysis detailing the Companys objectives, projections, estimates, expectations or predictions are "forward- looking statements" within the meaning of applicable securities laws and regulations. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied. Important factors that could make a difference to the Companys operations include global and Indian demand-supply conditions, finished goods prices, feedstock availability and prices, cyclical demand and pricing in the Companys principal markets, changes in Government regulations, tax regimes, economic developments within India and the countries within which the Company conducts business and other factors such as litigation and labour negotiations.