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Statements in the Management Discussion & Analysis Report which seek to describe the Companys objectives, projections, estimates, expectations or predictions may be considered to be "forward-looking statements" and are stated as required by applicable laws and regulations. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied.

Many factors including global and domestic demand-supply conditions, prices, technological changes, changes in Government regulations, tax laws and other statutes may affect the actual results, which could be different from what the Directors envisage in terms of future performance and outlook.

Financial Performance and other details have already been mentioned in Director report under State of affairs of company heading.

Forward-looking Statements

This document contains certain forward-looking statements based on the currently held beliefs and assumptions of the Management of the Company, which are expressed in good faith, and in its opinion and judgment, are reasonable. For this purpose, forward looking statements mean statements, remarks, or forecasts that address activities, events, conditions, or developments that the Company expects or anticipates which may occur in the future.

Because of the inherent risks and uncertainties in the social and economic scenarios, the actual events, results, or performances may differ materially and substantially from those indicated by these statements. Alexander Stamps And Coin Limited disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect future events or developments.

Onnortunities. Threats. Risk and Concern

Philately, the collection and study of postage stamps and related materials, offers numerous opportunities for enthusiasts to engage in a fulfilling and diverse hobby. Here are some opportunities for philatelists:

Stamp Collecting: The most common aspect of philately is stamp collecting. You can focus on collecting stamps from different countries, specific time periods, thematic collections (e.g., animals, space, sports), or even by specific printing errors or varieties.

Postal History: Study the historical aspects of postal services, including postmarks, cancellations, and postal routes. This field allows you to explore the evolution of mail delivery and communication.

Exhibitions and Competitions: Participate in philatelic exhibitions and competitions where collectors can display their collections to a wider audience and compete for awards and recognition.

Philatelic Clubs and Societies: Join local or online philatelic clubs and societies to connect with fellow enthusiasts, exchange stamps, and gain valuable insights from experienced collectors.

Stamp Authentication and Appraisal: Develop expertise in stamp authentication and appraisal, providing assistance to fellow collectors or buyers seeking to determine the value and authenticity of their stamps.

Philatelic Education: Share your passion for philately by conducting workshops or presentations at schools, libraries, or community centers to introduce others to the world of stamp collecting.

Online Presence: Create a blog or social media accounts dedicated to philately, where you can showcase your collection, share interesting stories, and connect with a broader community of stamp enthusiasts.

Collaborations with Museums and Institutions: Work with museums, libraries, or other institutions to showcase your collection or contribute to philatelic exhibits and displays.

Philatelic Conservation: Promote and engage in the preservation of stamps and philatelic materials to ensure their longevity and historical significance.

These opportunities offer philatelists a chance to delve into various aspects of stamp collecting, share their knowledge, and contribute to the preservation and growth of the philatelic community. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced collector, philately can provide a fulfilling and enjoyable lifelong pursuit.


While the economic outlook still looks uncertain, some signs of revival are visible. With most market participant expecting the coming of decade to represent after subbed environment for both, financial return and transaction activity, the industrial growth is positive on years of double-digit returns/ volume.

Adequacy of Internal Controls

The Company has a proper and adequate system of internal controls to ensure that all assets are safeguarded and protected against loss from unauthorized use or disposition, and that transaction are authorized, recorded and reported correctly.

The internal control system is designed to ensure that the financial and other records are reliable, for preparing financial statements and other data, and for maintaining accountability of assets.

Segment wise Reporting

As there is neither segments nor has different products, requirement of presentation of segment wise performance is not applicable to the company.

Human Resource Development

The company intends to give required training to its personnel to have personnel development of the employees contributing to the growth and development of the company, as and when required.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

As the Company operates in an increasingly resource-constrained world, being environmentally conscious and efficient are keys to its operations. Ever since Covid pandemic has erupted, the entire world has moved towards virtual office.

Alexander is no exception. Employees are used to virtual office through "Work from Home" system. It has reduced Company overhead without affecting productivity. Paperwork has reduced significantly, leading towards greener world.

Cautionary Statement

Statement in the Directors Report and The Management Discussion & Analysis describing the Companys objectives, projections, claims, disclaims, estimates, achievements are forward looking statements and progressive within the meaning of applicable security laws and regulations. Actual results may vary from these expressed or implied depending on the economic conditions, global recessionary trends, Governmental policies, cost inflations, crude oil price movements and all other incidental factors affecting the performance of your company. Industry information contained in the Report, have been based on information gathered from various published and unpublished report and their accuracy, reliability and completeness cannot be assured.

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