Ambani Organics Ltd Management Discussions.


Ambani Organics Limited is a manufacturer, processor, importer, supplier and exporter of water based speciality chemicals used in Paper Industry, Paint Industry, Textile Industry, Carpet Industry, Adhesive Industry, etc. Our Company was incorporated in the year 1987 and is engaged in the business of speciality chemicals for more than 3 (three) decades. We are an "ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System" certified company and we have also obtained GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards) certification for some of our textile industries chemicals.

Over the years we have developed good standing with our customers from various industries to whom we have supplied speciality chemicals such as Textile Auxiliaries, Acrylic Polymers, Binders and Paint Dryers. We have dedicated industry based marketing managers who market our products to the specific industry which has been allocated. Our overseas marketing headed by Mr. Rakesh Shah and the domestic marketing is headed by Mr. Sharad Kothari.

We have a dedicated in-house Research & Development and Quality Assurance/Quality Control Team which undertakes rigorous testing and quality management. Our R&D Centre is located at Plot No. N-55, MIDC Tarapur Boisar, Thane, Maharashtra - 401506. Our dedicated R&D team tests the raw materials procured and the products manufactured. The R&D team is instrumental in maintaining the high quality of our products.


The chemical industry captures a wide variety of companies that serve to provide products and services that keep the everyday consumer engaged. There are a number of segments within the industry, each of which provides a different form of services to consumers around the world. Thus, Chemical market is highly competitive and fragmented, and we face competition from leading Chemical and Dye Industries, that are expanding their traditional offerings (in India) to include research and development (R&D), product development, and other niche services. We compete with our competitors on a regional or product line basis. Some of our competitors may have greater financial, marketing, sales and other resources than we do. We believe that the principal factors affecting competition in our business include client relationships, reputation, the abilities of employees, market focus and the relative quality and price of the services and products. We propose to create awareness of our products by participating in award functions, fairs, conferences, etc. Moreover, as we seek to diversify into new geographical areas, we face competition from competitors that have a pan- India presence and also from competitors that have a strong presence in regional markets.

Significant Developments after March 31, 2018 that may affect our Future Results of Operations

The Directors confirm that there have been no events or circumstances since the date of the last financial statements which materially or adversely affect or are likely to affect the profitability of our Company, or the value of our assets, or our ability to pay liabilities within next twelve months except as below:

Our Company has entered into a leave and licence agreement with our Subsidiary Omega Woven Mills Private Limited from May 04, 2018 renewable each year. The premises taken on leave and licence is used for our Research and Development purposes. If we are unable to renew the agreement after one year or the agreement is cancelled mid-year, it may affect our future results of operations.

Factors affecting our Result of Operation

The following important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from the expectations include, among others.

(a) Revenue Generation

We earn our revenue from manufacturing varied speciality chemicals catering to various industries. Our Company is engaged in manufacturing of chemicals such as Textile Auxiliaries, Acrylic Polymers, Binders and Paint Dryers.

Since we continuously endeavor to provide quality products to our customers, our revenues have been impacted by such quality products. We have a marketing team allocated for the same, each handled by well trained personnel. We aim at increasing in operational output through continuous process improvement, Quality Assurance (QA) and QA activities, customer service, consistent quality and technology development.

(b) Our Financial Expenses

We have term loan and working capital facilities from our bankers. Our profitability is significantly impacted by our financial costs. For the fiscals 2019, 2020 our financial expenses were Rs. 24,894,824/-, and Rs. 23,643,152/- respectively. Our financial growth depends on how well we manage and service our debts.

(c) Our ability to successfully implement its strategy and its growth and expansion plans

Our revenue and our business operations have grown in recent years. Although we plan to continue to expand our scale of operations, we may not be able to sustain these rates of growth in future periods due to a number of factors, including, among others, our execution capability, our ability to maintain customer satisfaction, macroeconomic factors beyond our control such as decline in global economic conditions, availability of cheaper imported products, competition within Indias speciality chemicals industry from players in the organized and unorganized segments, the greater difficulty of growing at sustained rates from a larger revenue base, our inability to control our expenses and the availability of resources for our growth. There can be no assurance that we will not suffer from capital constraints, operational difficulties or difficulties in expanding existing business operations. Our development and expansion strategies will require substantial managerial efforts and skills and the incurrence of additional expenditures and may subject us to new or increased risks. We may not be able to efficiently or effectively implement our growth strategies or manage the growth of our operations, and any failure to do so may limit future growth and have an adverse effect on our business.

(d) Market Conditions and Demand for our Products and Services

Our results of operations depend on the continued existence, success and growth of, and demand for, our various product. Developments in the global and Indian economy influence the decisions of enterprises to determine their pricing strategy, market based factors and quality standards thereby affecting the demand for our products and services.

Our revenues have a mix of domestic and export sales; so consequently, our operating results depend on general economic conditions not only in India but also our export market. With no entry barriers in the industry, the area for exposure and exploitation of the opportunities provides benefits in terms of expansion and revenue to the company.

With the global economy showing varied patterns, Indian economy showing signs of recovery and the Indian Governments focus on financial inclusion, we expect the demand for our products and services to grow.