ANI Integrated Services Ltd Management Discussions.

1. Global Economy

Global growth remains subdued at 3.2 percent in 2019. In many developed countries, growth projection has been steady to its potential with rising unemployment rates. On the other side, few developing countries show strong growth amid rising demand. Global scenario looks weak on the account of uncertain trade disputes, adverse climate conditions, nuclear issues and crude prices remain a concern.

2. Indian Economy

India has emerged as the fastest growing economy in the world, with a GDP growth of 6.8 percent during the year. As India moves forward on a robust growth path, the economy is expected to expand at 6.9% in 2019-20. India is becoming attractive place for manufacturing supported by various government initiatives, Make in India campaign, augmented fiscal consolidation and increasing foreign investments. Growth forecast have been reduced amid liquidity crisis and there seemed to be a downside in investor sentiment due to some big corporates struggling with high debts. The Government has introduced a variety of initiatives and associated budget allocations for each and every section of the population over the previous few years to promote all-inclusive economic growth and sustainable development.

3. Technical Staffing Solutions

Due to robust private consumption and powerful FDI inflows, India is attracting talent. In addition, around 100 million fresh jobs in the manufacturing and service industries are expected to be created by 2030. The government is taking countless measures to fulfill this, such as widening the gap in abilities, increasing skill, raising the participation of women in the workforce, and simplifying the labor law. All initiatives focus on helping organizations to predict and meet their talent expectations, employee firms can enable them navigate incoming changes efficiently and concentrate on their key objectives. There is an undeniable need for organizations today to focus on innovation, maintain an ideological commitment to achieving results, so they look for hiring technical experts from outside. The technical staffing sector in India is emerging with these dimensions for fulfilling all industrial requirements.

4. Company Overview

The Company has over 30 years of experience in delivering industrial solutions to the organized sector. ANI is continuously adding value by providing technical staffing solutions, qualified engineers to various verticals like electrical-instrumentation services, erection & commissioning, operation & maintenance etc. ANI is best reckoned among manpower outsourcing agencies supporting temporary staffing into diversified Industries like EPC companies, power plants, oil & gas, refineries, chemicals & petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement, FMCG, breweries, fertilizers, hospitality, construction, infrastructure projects and F&B sectors, metals, airports etc. These services are highly effective and affordable.

As a value addition to the existing services they also provide Manpower Outsourcing Support for project management services, construction, supervision, electrical testing & commissioning and temporary staffing services to all kind of industries. These services are timely executed as per the varied demands of customers globally.

It has leveraged its track record in India to successfully expand its operations internationally, and have provided a wide range of engineering services on various international projects, particularly in the UAE, Thailand and Saudi Arabia to esteemed clients like, Larsen & Tourbo Limited, Tata Consulting Engineers Limited, Reliance Industries Limited, Nestle India Limited, Engineers India Limited, Mondelez India Foods Limited, GAIL (India) Limited, etc. ANIs inherent strength is Manpower supply into technical, skilled and unskilled staff with qualitative background.

ANI overall staffing remains on powerful momentum. Because of altering sector dynamics and increased penetration of flexi-staffing in India and overseas, it is at the cusp of experiencing greater development.

5. Service provider to various industrial requirements

One of the direct effects on businesses of a emerging business ecosystem has been on their requirements for talent. This has meant that in the years to come, the Indian technical staffing sector will have a greater role to play. ANI is best reckoned among Manpower Outsourcing agencies supporting temporary staffing into diversified Industries.

Manpower Operation & Projects Engineering
Deputation Maintenance
Bank on 2500+ technical experts to help complete projects on time Provide safe, reliable, cost- effective services for any up & running plant after periodical shutdowns with minimum fuss. Provide expert assistance in starting up a plant/project on time, supported by trusted installation solutions for eliminate losses due to poor calibration, on-site or in lab. Engineering Support and Project Management for Plants


EPC companies Power Plants Oil & Gas, Refineries Chemicals & Petrochemicals Pharmaceuticals
Cement FMCG Infrastructure Projects Fertilizers Hospitality
Construction Metals Airports

6. Human Resource

Indian recruiting market has grown significantly. Indian businesses - domestic and multinational corporations have resorted to the idea of temporary hiring and have started outsourcing to numerous technical service providers or employee firms. Today, after China and the US, India has the worlds third largest contract manpower workforce. Service providing companies have the instruments, resources and connections they need to find the most suitable talent for an organization. Discovering high-skill talent can be very difficult within a brief period of time and within a defined budget, but manpower services firms can readily source such applicants from their current talent pool.

Our people have always been our most valued resource and their development is our prime focus. We support our people with continuous in-house and external trainings and boost their morale & performance through employee engagement activities like Awards, Family Connect Program, Sports Activity & Town Hall meetings etc.

7. Research & Development

E volving technologies in the staffing world, forcing component manufacturers to offer high level of technical skills. ANIs team continuously stay abreast with the latest developments & works to provide solutions for the new challenges. Team has developed various processes for servicing its customers across the globe to meet enhanced requirements, which will open new avenues for business growth both in India and overseas markets.

8. Risk Management

Considering the changing economic dynamics, it may not be easy to find the right resource for the job although there are many job market vacancies. This availability of the right resources becomes a company challenge unprecedented. The legislation on personal data security is becoming more restrictive as both the company and the client can be at stake without appropriate safeguarding of personal information. New and complex regulations can expose businesses to a greater danger of non-compliance, resulting in potential allegations, fines, company suspension and reputational harm. Technological disturbance threatens to shift the traditional business model of recruitment and staffing.

Compl ex Changes in the labor market, delay in payment from the client or customer bankruptcy, investment risk impairment, reconciliation risk or payment in any kind of fraudulent instruments can lead to greater use of working capital and higher interest costs. This poses substantial financial and reputational risks. The Companys day-to-day activities can also be affected by deviation from normal processes, absence of automation, input and invoice mistakes, etc. People are the companys most significant asset, and talent in a competitive industry is difficult to get through. Failure to attract, create and maintain the correct individuals or even make timely partnership payments could have a adverse effect on the activities of the company including its brand image.


Company is focused to set the new industry standard for service delivery by adopting technology. In order to attain higher customer satisfaction and income development, local companies have the autonomy to react to changing market circumstances. Successful talent management enriches quality and strengthens loyalty of employees. Improved potentialfordataprotectionandcompliancewithappropriate receiving legislation and regulations, reinforce applicants and customers confidence in the service level of the Company.

In addition, regular training and exposure decreases worker likelihood of being exposed to unfavourable working circumstances and increases awareness, workplace satisfaction and reputation of individual and company as a trusted partner. Enhanced safety capacities protect the information assets of the Company, including candidate data, and guarantee continuous service delivery to all customers. This improves the trust of customers in the business and team. Having large reputed corporates including public sector companies, and MNCs help in reducing the financial risk to the Company.

9. Growth Driver

Improving asset base and efficiencies Focus on domain depth and operational excellence Diversifying service offerings across the engineering service value chain Focus on consistently meeting quality standards and compliance
Attract and retain talented employees Increasing geographical Presence

Develop and maintain relationships with Customers